Welcome to the cheats and secrets page. Here you'll find odd stuff that can't normally be accessed through play. So look below for the intresting, yet odd secrets of Sinister Six Arcade.


Play as Iceman Red

This is more of a game glitch actually. Some of the Sinister Six Arcade machines do not have the glitch, and some do. What you do is have a friend play along with you. One person chooses Iceman, and another chooses Fireman. Both characters have to be registered at the exact same time. So both parties must press start at the same time. The person controling Fireman must use the joystick and press up for 30 seconds during the introduction phase. When the game starts, the person controlling Fireman will be replaced with a red version of Iceman. This Iceman uses all of Fireman's attacks, and his power rating will be an exact duplicate of Fireman. So it's a red pallete swap of Iceman with all of Fireman's powers. Since the game reads this character as "Fireman" you can't have Fireman and Iceman Red on the same screen. But you can have Iceman and Iceman Red together. An odd glitch.

Differences in the game. Although the game reads the character as "Iceman Red", the other characters in the game refer to him as "Fireman." Cut scenes that appear will not show Iceman Red, but continue on as normal. When you beat the game with Iceman Red in the party, the game will not show him at the end either. When Iceman Red is eliminated, the person controlling him can get him back in the game if he continues the game. However if he lets the character die, then decides to play, he'll lose him and Fireman will appear. It's a fun glitch and paraody at the same time. So Iceman Red really hasn't been left out.

Iceman Red in Action

Treasure Chest Trick

Those annoying enemy Treasure Chests blend in with the ones that give power ups. How the hell do you tell them apart? Obviously if you get to close, it'll attack you! The best way to tell them apart is to use Super Attacks. Super Attacks will destroy the enemy Treasure Chest, but the power up ones will still be on the field after the attack. It's a wasted move, but it's the only way to tell them apart without getting damaged by the enemy ones.

VS Mode

Unlike most other Arcade games, there is a hidden Vs Mode Option that you can play. To access this secret mode, you have to beat the entire game on the regular difficulty setting. After that there will be a option to play against each other in a duel melee. When choosing this game, you can change several options. One, how many lives the players have (Make it zero lives for a Sudden Death match). You can change how many Super Attacks you have. And also make it where the winner can be the last one standing, or how many points you can rack up in a set time peroid. It's a fun game.

If you've beaten the crap out of everything in normal game, come here to beat the crap out of each other. Now that's entertainment for you! You can also select different stages to compete in. There is a maximum of only four players for each match. But if it's just you and you're feeling lonely, you can smash against the computer too! So it's every man and woman for themselves. It's a fun mode to play, and a good break from the normal game itself, so if you'd like to challenge your friends, this is the place to do it!

Vs Mod at its finest!Vs Mode Rocks!

Unused Sprites

Some Enemies in the game had intresting attacks but where cut out later on. Volter is an example. Below lists an attack that the enemy was going to use. He would cling to the ceiling and swing around. Hitting the player. But time was restricted, and instead Volter only got a walking sprite.

Volter's deleted attack

Neptune also had some extra attacks. Mostly where he could shoot out spines from his back to hurt the player. But it seemed that this move was cut as well. Probably due to the fact that the enemy is hard enough on his own.

Neptune's deleted attacks

Another enemy with a deleted attack. The Fire Metool's entire bottom half had changed! He gained an attack where it could shoot the fire on his head straight up, causing some sort of chain reaction. The move was left out apparantly. Probably due to it not being very effective for the game.

Fire Metool's deleted attack

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