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From Metools, to those annoying Rhino bots, this is the place for the perfect enemy strategy to beat them all! Read up on the baddies you find in the

Aqua Joe
A marine variety of the Sniper Joe who comes in a aqua blue color. His main mode of attack is to shoot out bursts of water from his cannon. It travels a long distance, so the best course of action is to come at him from above or below.

Boomerang Joe
These guys can be identified by their yellowish gold color. They tend to enjoy sitting back and throwing boomerangs at a distance. They travel straight ahead, and return to their owner the same way. So watch out for the 2nd trip. It's best to come at them from an angle.

Bomber Joe
This purplish Sniper Joe has no arm cannon. Instead he'll throw bombs at you from a distance. The bombs can be set off if you are to close. However The enemy can only a few bombs on the field at once, so watch where they are to get in close.

Bubble Bat
A common enemy in almost every stage. They usually hang from the ceiling then fly down towards you. Two punches will usually whipe them out, but they like to charge in swarms sometimes, so beware.

Cannon's tend to sit in one place and fire a predictable stream of cannonballs. Time the shots carefully and you shouldn't have much trouble with these guys. Sometimes they'll stick on the far right end of the screen, and fire their shots while you're contending with other enemies.

Cannon 2
The Purple Cannon's are tricker, as they have no set pattern of attack. They can also pop out of holes and surprise you. Be on your toes with this guy, he's a tricky customer to get up close to. Try your Normal or Super Attacks to finish off groups of them quickly.

Chimps are mischievous little buggers. They like to hide in trees, then jump down and try to pounce on you. You gotta be quick, cause they strike pretty fast. A couple of twacks and they should fall apart. Watch for big groups of them. Some also stick to the trees and throw coconuts.

Elec Traps
You cannot destroy Elec Traps. They are souly there for annoyance. They are usually placed in areas where you have to navigate hordes of them to try to continue on to the next area. You can use Iceman to Freeze them temporarly, but that's about it.

Created by the mid-boss Torchman. They fly around the area and self destruct when they hit you. However when they do, they instantly burn you. If you try to punch or kick them, the same will result. It's best to just stay the hell away from them and take down their leader, Torchman. Once he's gone, so are these guys.

Fire Metools
Only appearing in Stage 3, Fire Metools are pretty easy to beat. They linger around and sometimes leave a trail of flames behind them. A few simple punches will do the trick. Just don't step on the trail they leave, or you'll get a burn status.

Flame Towers
Annoying Fire based traps set up in some stages. They are invulnerable to attack, so don't bother trying to kill them. They can be set vertically or horizontally, depending on the stage. The key here is to learn when they'll spew out their flames, and then pass safely when they are recharging. Again Iceman can temporarly freeze them.

Flame Joe
A tricky customer. This Red colored Joe can spew fireballs. They travel long distances, and can burn you. At close range, they'll fire a Flame Thrower. They can be tricky to come at, so try using a Normal Attack to get a strike in when their shields are down.

Gater Trap
Difficult to spot, until it's to late. They hide in holes along the ground, and can blend in with empty holes to fool you. You can't destroy these buggers, heck they are even immune to Iceman's Ice Slasher, so you have to contend with them no matter what. Just keep a sharp eye out for them. Sometimes you can see their eyes popping out before they clamp their jaws.

Ice Metool
Like the Fire Metool, they are rare, and can only be found at the end of the 2nd stage. They walk slower, and leave a trail of ice shards behind that can actually freeze you. So be careful. Like their fiery brotheren, they are kinda doopey, so just dispose of them normally.

Jumper Bot
Jumper Bots love to hide in dark places and jump out at you. They are very good jumpers, and can jump across the entire screen to get at you if they wanted. To do this though, they have to charge up, so use this opportunity to smash them into bits. Like Metools and Bubble Bats, they come in swarms.

Laser Eye
Laser Eyes are very dangerous. Thank goodness there aren't a lot of them. They tend to float around just barley out of your reach and fire down thick laser beams at you. Jump kicking these guys is pretty effective. Some Super Attacks can wipe them out real fast too. Don't leave them for to long, they can also create clones of themselves!

Mace Joe
The hardest of the Joe bunch. They come in dark blue. Their maces are indestructable, so you'll have to wait until they throw the spiked ball at you to do any damage. In groups, these guys are a real pain. Patience and good timing will eventually pay off with these guys.

The cannon fodder of the army. They can be found just about anywhere. They are tricker than the Fire and Ice Metools cause they got protective head gear. Wait for them to open their hats and smack 'em! They walk around and fire little shots at you too. One or two isn't a problem, but later levels have them come in swarms!

Mini Pulzars
Pulzar's henchmen. They love to surprise you by coming out of nowhere and ramming into you. They are very fast and hard to dodge. The best Strategy here is to try jump kicking them when they appear. That way if you're in the air, they won't hit you as easily. A few timed jump kicks will send them packing. Or you can defeat them the lazy way with a Super Attack.

These guys usually stand guard before a boss fight. They are very skilled warriors and may take a little patience to take down. The key is to hit them, and back off before they swipe at you with their pitchfork. If there is more than one, concentrate on one, before moving onto the next. If they team up on you, use Super Attacks to keep them at bay.

Octo Bot
Anyone remember those cute Octopus-like robots in MM1 who loved to stick to walls? Well they're back! They do about the same thing here. Stick to walls. But now they can stick to you! And drain your energy as well. Packs of them are really annoying, so be sure to use Super Attacks if they gang up on you.

Penquins love nothing better than to sit on their butts, spin around, and dash at enemies. While far away, they simply just sit there and spin around in circles, then when you get close, they dart at you at lightning speed. It's best to use Normal Attacks from a distance. Don't get to close to them, or you'll be sorry.

Pepis are annoying as they tend to fly in the air and drop boulders or other items on unsuspecting Sixlets. They come in two color varietys. The Red ones usually drop eggs and boulders, while he purple ones fly down and attack you directly. Remember which does what so you can plan ahead a strategy.

Having Skiies on their feet, makes the Rabbits much more formiddable. They can slide away from you during attacks. It's best to corner them where they can't get away, and then lay the smack down on them. You'd think they'd only appear at the end of Level 2 (snow area), but they can turn up just about anywhere.

There are two kinds of Rhinos. The first are stationary and fire missiles at you. You have to get up close to them and pulverize them. The 2nd are Rhinos with Jet packs. They simply appear out of nowhere and just dart across the screen, smacking Sixlets around like rag dolls, these kind are best taken out with Jump Kicks.

Runners tend to travel slowly. However their missiles are homing and can follow you around if they lock onto you. It's best to whipe these bastards out fast when you're facing mixed enemies. Their missiles constantly track down the closest Sixlet, so beware. Sometimes their heads pop off and fly away, but nothing to worry about.

Floating around in the air and attacking with their tenticles kinda reminds me of the Bloopers from Super Mario Brothers. Anyways, they work almost exactly the same. They'll float towards you and follow you around, and once they are over your head, they'll latch onto you and cause damage. It's hard to hit them when they float high up in the air, so use Jump Kicks to get them down to the ground.

Snailers love to tuck themselves into a ball and roll around the screen. They know they are invincible to attack while in this form. So you have to wait until they are finished. Fortunatly they do make themselves dizzy, and this is the perfect time to open a can of whoop ass. Don't attack them from behind. It won't do any good.

Sniper Joe
The clads in green are the most common type of Joes. They love to get in close and punch. But some of them also love to sit back and shoot their weapons. They are easily disposed of, if you can see their set pattern.

Snow Man
Only appearing during the snow level. Thank god. They are very tough. They bounce around trying to squash you, then release smaller versions of themselves to attack. They can take a lot of damage before going down, so you have to keep at them to finish them off. Ironically Super Attacks sometimes don't even finish them in one hit. So good luck.

Spit Bot
Slow and steady are the little Spit Bots. They are easy to eliminate, but when there's a lot of them, they can be brutal. They shoot off acid from their head, and if there's enough of them, they can cause a storm of acid rain. Whipe them out fast to avoid being eaten away by their acid.

Stealth Metool
Smarter, faster, and quicker on the draw than the other Metools. They time their shots, and when they hide in under their hats. It's best to use Cut-Chan and get in close when they are hiding. She can strike fast enough before they can counter attack. Also unlike the other Metools, these guys like to attack by themselves.

Timers are indestructable and deadly. They are made with the toughest of alloys. Anyways, when you see one, head for the hills. They'll walk around with a count down. Once that number hits zero, a huge explosion will occur. It takes up a good portion of the screen, so you have to be far away. If you're hit with the explosion, you'll lose a life instantly, so be very careful around these guys.

Trains function just like some of the Rhino's and the Mini Pulzar's. They appear from the left or right side of the screen and just dash across hoping to smack into a Sixlet. Treat them just like the other two with Jump kicks. These guys are a bit tougher, but eventually after a few jump kicks, they'll be derailed.

Treasure Chests
Enemy Treasure Chests are disguised as Regular Treasure Chests. It's hard to tell them apart. If you get to close to a enemy one, it'll come to life and bite you. It's best to use a Normal Attack From a distance so if the chest blows up, you know it was an enemy.

The most laid back enemy in the game. All Volters do is walk across the screen, taking no heed to the heroes. You can either let them walk across, or you can just eliminate them if you're bored. If you get in ones way though, it'll shock you, but they can be easily avoided.

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