Welcome to the visual gallery page. This is where you can view sprites and screen shots, and other images based off the game itself. Click the links below to view all the images listed here.


Playable Cast

Bombman (Rich) Sheet
Cut-Chan (Britt) Sheet
Elecman (Leon) Sheet
Fireman (Ben) Sheet
Gutsman's size against Megaman
Iceman (Gary) Sheet
Iceman Red Sheet (Glitch Character)
Characters Sheet


Aqua Joe Sheet
Bomber Joe Sheet
Bommerang Joe Sheet
Bubble Bat Sheet
Cannon Sheet
Cannon 2 Sheet
Chimp Sheet
Elec Traps Sheet
Fire Ball Sheet
Fire Metool Sheet
Fire Tower Trap Sheet
Flame Joe Sheet
Gater Trap Sheet
Ice Metool Sheet
Jumper Bot Sheet
Laser Eye Sheet
Mace Joe Sheet
Metool Sheet
Neptune Sheet
Octo Bot Sheet
Pequin Sheet
Pepi Sheet
Rabbit Sheet
Rhino Sheet
Runner Sheet
Squider Sheet
Snailer Sheet
Sniper Joe Sheet
Snowman Sheet
Stealth Metool Sheet
Spit Bot Sheet Sheet
Snowman Sheet
Timer Sheet
Train Sheet
Treasure Chest Sheet
Volter Sheet

Bosses and Mini Bosses

Bubble Bot Sheet (Mini-Boss)
Buster Rod G Sheet (Boss)
City Garage Sheet (Boss)
General Cutman Sheet (Final Boss)
King Crab Sheet (Mini-boss)
Pulzar and Mini Pulzar Sheet (Boss)
Super Chaos Sheet 1 (Boss)
Super Chaos Sheet 2 (Boss)
Xardion Sheet (Mini-Boss)


The Title Screen
The start of the 2nd Stage
Shot of Iceman Red fighting The Snowmen
The S6 fighting each other in VS Mode
The S6 fighting each other in VS Mode Part 2
Elecman laying the smack down on City Garage
S6 fighting an Enemy Infested Area
S6 powering up at Hardman's Bar

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