Humanoid Name: Bombman
Humanoid Number: #006
Real Name: Rich Kassidy
Height: 5'9"
Weight: A decent amount.
Likes: Stupid and random violence, B movies, guns, things that make others go "boom".
Dislikes: The cold, his hometown, posers, being the victim of stupid and random violence
Worst Fear: Matches
Eye Color: Greenish
Hair color: Dark brown
Goal: To have someone follow me where ever I go and play my very own theme song. That'd be sweet.
Quote: You think you're big time?! You're gonna f***in' die!!! Big time!!




History: A strange customer, Bombman has always been a bit on the crazy side. Fitting the "mad bomber" role quite nicely, he loves to make things go boom, and go boom often. Also known to have spouts of hyper-active...hyper...ness, Rich can ramble on and on about practically nothing for hours at a time. However, he's still deadly accurate and knowledgeable with his Hyper Bombs, and one shouldn't take his goon-like nature for granted. Underneath that goofy outer persona lies a cunning and clever opponent.

Powers: Armed with the ability to generate an almost unlimited amount of explosives, Bombman is also able to create different sized bombs for specific occasions. Supposedly able to create a bomb equal to the force of one quarter of a megaton, Bombman is able to clear away huge amounts of land in a single attack, but must restrain his powers for urban fighting. He is also equipped with a cluster of jump jets in his boots to enable him to jump higher than one would expect his chunky frame to be capable of.



Another nut job on the team, Rich is quite eccentric and has many hobbies. Despite giving up drinking recently, he's still a bit unhinged. He also boasts a considerable intelligence quotient, despite his odd ball nature.
Rich has an utter hatred of his hometown of Detroit, and dreams of one day escaping to Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Oddly enough, Shiga is the sister-state of Michigan. Go figure.
Rich loves B movies. Not because they're good, but because he gets a kick out of making fun of them.
Appropriately enough, Rich has an explosive temper when pushed, but is generally quite passive and caring for his friends.



Tombstone, Gone in 60 Seconds (both the 1999 and 1974 versions), Return of the Killer Tomatoes, Sin City, Batman, Akira, Ninja Scroll, Super Mario Bros. The Movie (strange, huh?), Last Man Standing, Any Movie w/ Jean Claude Van Damme, Spun, Memento, James Bond movies, Fight Club, Boiler Room
Games (Non-MM)
Metal Gear Solid series , We <3 Katamari, Soul Calibur series, Tekken, old skoo Mario, Gran Turismo, Ninja Gaiden
TV Shows/Anime
Night Court, The Addams Family (Old version), Get Smart, Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin/ Samurai X, Sunabozu/ Desert Punk, EVA, Akira, X-Play,, The Daily Show
Have a Nice Day!: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks, by Mick Foley, Akira, by Katsuhiro Otomo
 Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican