Humanoid Name: Bomb Man
Humanoid Number: #006
Real Name: Scott Martin
Height: 5'6"Inches
Weight: 261 IBS
Likes: Anything edible, Bowling
Dislikes: Plastic food, Things that don't explode
Worst Fear: Lighters and Matches
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Brown
Goal: To enjoy life at it's fullest and to have fun
Quote: People always say I love to have a blast!



History: Bombman (Scott) is classified as the group dunce or idiot. He's not the most intelligent member of the group, but still he's an essential and unique alley. His dull wise cracks and remarks are needed to respond to, while his always positive attitude is an added plus. Most of the time he's cheery and loves to party. In fact he's full of pride and compassion and out of all of Dr. Light's robots, he's the one with the most stamina. Scott also loves to gorge himself when it comes to food, and he even takes in interest in preparing his own special dishes. Though he's clean in the kitchen...his room is a mess! He doesn't take good care of his things.

Powers: Armed with the ability to produce bombs out of thin air, his weapon has been feared for decades, by enemies and allies alone. Bombman seems to take pleasure at blowing everything up, and Loves to make his explosions very outstanding and showy. He's fairly strong and is resistant to attack. Because of his limited intelligence he lacks combat strategy, but he's a good team player. Bombman can also reconfigure bombs from going off that has been armed by other robots or humans. A talent many wish they had.



Bomb Man hopes to one day become a chef. He also enjoys to bowl...sometimes with his own bombs. 0_o
Bomb Man became famous for stopping the bomb to go off that was set at the White House. No one else had been able to disarm it.
Bomb Man has been known to eat over seven meals a day.