Humanoid Name: Cut Chan
Humanoid Number: #003
Real Name: Britt Alexis Roth
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 135 lbs of pure Terror
Likes: Drawing, clinging to Gary, tormenting Ben with the Muffin Man.
Dislikes: Being talked down to, Globatech.
Worst Fear: Losing Gary.
Eye Color: Green/Hazel depending on mood
Hair Color: Black
Goal: To share that Eternal Winter in a nice, cozy igloo with Gary. XD
Quote: " Le fromage est un dieu si coupé en tranches correctement." ("The cheese is a god, so cut in sections correctly.")



History: Quickman II, aka "Quickie" was developed shortly after the apparent destruction of the first Quickman. During the construction, something had gone wrong and Wily was forced to make Quickie's gender programming "female," as it's been said. But, to avoid suspicion among the other robots, Quickie was instructed to act just like Quickman, mannerisms and all.

Though, the charade wasn't to last, as the first Quickman had returned and Quickie was revealed. Finding that he no longer has a use for her, Wily puts Quickie in storage. Shut down and forgotten, Quickie remained locked away for a long time.

At some point during her "sleep," Quickie was smuggled away to the Globatech Corporations, one of the leaders in the field of civil robotics. Quickie was refitted, modified and tested. Globatech, seeing as how Megaman has failed in stopping Wily for good, were also going to bring the scientist down. But since Megaman and other civil robots have a code against killing humans, Globatech decided to use one of Wily's own.

The Robot Masters usually weren't programmed with that code of ethics, and since Quickie was easily accessible, she became Globatech's choice. Rewiring her brain, the head scientists at Globatech installed new programming software, including one that is set to activate whenever they deem is the right time. Called the "Dark Drone," the programming would override all of Quickie's other faculties, basically reducing her to a high-speed killer zombie. The Dark Drone programming was encrypted deep within her cognition, so that it was undetectable by Wily.

Wiping her memories, Globatech returned Quickie back to her stasis pod in Wily's fortress.

Soon after, Quickie was discovered by Heatman and Bubbleman during an idle stroll through the castle. While searching for the last of the Pizza Bites, Heatman came across the stasis tube that Quickie was contained in. Convincing Bubbleman to help him, they reactivated Quickie and freed her from storage. Knowing that Wily wouldn't want two Quickman's running around and knowing that the original would be furious; Heatman and Bubbleman snuck Quickie out of the castle and she ran off.

Soon after, Quickie was found by Iceman (or, some say, Iceman was found by Quickie) and he offered her a place to stay with the rest of the Sinister Six. Most of the other robots were wary of Quickie's presence, but that didn't seem to be a problem as Iceman and Quickie soon developed a bonding relationship. Quickie vowed that she would never leave Iceman, and wherever he went, she went.

Though, that happiness was soon lost as Iceman gave his life to protect his friends from Red. Heart-broken and anguished, Quickie spent a very long time alone, grieving. She distanced herself away from every one that she knew, and would oftentimes disappear for even days at a time. After several weeks, the remaining Sinister Six began to grow worried.

One day, the power in the headquarters began to go offline. Thinking it to be a problem with the generators, Elecman went to check. He found Quickie sprawled on the floor in the generator room, attached by a blown wire to the main power generator. He found that surprisingly, Quickie was still "alive," only badly damaged and her systems completely overloaded. Not knowing what else to do and unable to deal with her and Iceman's death, Quickie was taken to a local hospital where she remained, in her self-induced coma.

Powers: Armed with the ever-annoying Rolling Cutter, Cut Chan can slice through just about anything that gets in her way. Due to her originally being built as Quickie, she still retains her precise aim with her weapon. Being protective of her friends, 'specially Ice Man, Cut Chan will rush blindly into battle, not knowing or caring what she's up against, just so long as she protects her friends. Due to being retrofitted by Globatech when she was Quickie, Cut Chan's brain still contains the hidden Dark Drone programming. When and if activated, it will reduce her into a high-speed killer zombie. Though somewhat unaware of this programming, Cut Chan has shown many unusual skills for her android type; such as lock-picking, bomb-making, and she's a deadly-accurate sniper.



Cut Chan, or "Cuttie" as she prefers to be called, loves to draw. She carries a sketchbook wherever she goes, though she only lets a select few look in it.
Cuttie's full first name is "Brittanny," though she hates it because many have associated her with Britney Spears. Don't make any Britney Spears jokes to Cuttie if you don't want to get speared.
Cuttie loves to make really bad puns. The cheesier they are, the better they are.
  "Cuttie sometimes gives advice, but in a very Zen-like way. She doesn't make a conscious habit of it, but when the need arises for some abstract advice, you can count on Cuttie to give it. 



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