Humanoid Name: Cut Man
Humanoid Number: #003
Real Name: Jason Howell
Height: 4'7" Inches
Weight: 94 IBS
Likes: Running around with scissors
Dislikes: Janken (Rock Paper Scissors)
Worst Fear: People who are stronger than him
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Goal: To find an alloy so strong that his Rolling Cutter would be able to destroy anything.
Quote: I fight by night! I fight by day! Get me mad, and you'll feel my blade!



History: Jason enjoys lofting around Sinister Six HQ but can't help for a little action now and then. Although he can be quite cheery and the chatter box, Cutman can be known as the group grouch as well. Especially in the mornings. If there's one thing Cutman can't stand, is to be awakened at dawn. Cutman can also be quite stubborn at times, and doesn't listen to other peoples' opinions or facts. To ease such a bad stressful personality, Cutman does what he does best. Watching Anime and practicing his own battle techniques.

Powers: Armed with razor sharp blades, Cutman is able to slice through virtually anything. He can produce blades from his head and can throw them at impossible speeds. One of his favorite attacks being the Tri-Cutter move, he's able to throw three blades instead of one. Cutman can also jump extremely high, getting him in position to attack from the sky. His weapon's only weakness is it's unable to cut through solid rock and stone. It's also rumored that he can toss flaming pumpkins at his victims.



Cut Man enjoys anime and hopes to publish his own someday.
Cutman hopes for the ultimate revenge on Iceman from the mallet incident.
Cut Man enjoys creating all kinds of sharp weapons and is perfecting the perfect one for battle.
Cut Man doesn't like it when people peek into his personal information.