DRN 003 - Cut Man
"Choki, Choki, Choki"

Dr. Light originally designed Cut Man as a timber felling robot but after his successes with Rock (Mega Man), he decided to give his star creation a little brother. Programmed to act like a human at the age of nine, Cut Man has a lot of energy and used it to leap around the lab and slice random objects gaining the scorn and interest of Dr. Wily. He was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily not only to serve the doctor but gave him a burning hatred of Rock.

Because of their similar designs Cut Man is an even match for Mega Man in speed and agility. His Rolling Cutter a blade Cut Man detaches from head, has the special ability to return to him when thrown. Even after his destruction Cut Man had been resurrected by Dr. Wily many times before and then permanently by Dr. Light. Cut Man has matured a lot since then, he doesn't hate Rock anymore but the two do share a friendly sibling rivalry.

Weakness: Though similar to Rock in many ways Cut Man lacks his strength. Also the Rolling cutter is vulnerable to being bent (through the Power Arm) or warped by the awesome heat of Fire Storm.




DRN 004 - Guts Man
"Do you have the guts to take me on?"

Though he gets the undeserved reputation of being a dumb brute, those that know Guts Man see he's only brash and stubborn but no dummy. A nature reclamation robot by trade Guts Man has phenomenal strength and he likes to show it off by carrying boulders and throwing them great distances. Dr. Wily took note of this and knowing that Guts Man was prone to temper tantrums he reprogrammed Guts Man into a raging behemoth that became virtually unstoppable.

A perennial favourite of Dr. Wily, Guts man has seen countless revivals at the hands of the mad doctor. However he was revived by Dr. Light and was finally free of Dr. Wily. Ever protective of his brothers and sisters Guts Man is always there defend them, acting as the big brother of the family. When not reclaiming nature or helping Rock defeat the forces of Wily, Guts Man hits the Karaoke bars.

Weakness: A sophisticated network of hydraulics gives Guts Man his strength, should any explosives (Hyper Bomb) detonate nearby and damage him. His ability to function will be diminished.





DRN 005 - Ice Man
"I'm a snow man with attitude."

Designed for exploration in the still largely unexplored continent of Antarctica one would assume that Ice Man would have an aversion to heat. In actuality Ice Man is a robotic heat sink designed to absorb heat and generate cold temperatures of -200 degrees centigrade as well as vast quantities of ice. Ever the joker Ice Man usually uses his powers to pull a few harmless pranks on his brothers. However Dr. Wily had plans for Ice Man's cunning, so when reprogrammed Ice Man's light hearted pranks turned mean-spirited and malicious.

When under Dr. Wily's influence Ice Man used innocent humans as his person playthings often killing them in terrifying ways until Mega Man destroyed him twice. Ice Man's back to normal now thanks to Dr. Light and has returned to his job of exploring the Antarctic (despite his whining). Unknown to anyone but himself but Ice Man has a crush on Roll, so much that the Antarctic is dotted with ice sculptures of her.

Weakness: Having used his Ice Slasher ray, and since ice is the solid of form of water (being an excellent conductor of electricity). Ice Man is vulnerable to an electric attack despite being insulated.





DRN 006 - Bomb Man
"When you're having a blast. Why stop?"

It doesn't take a genius what Bomb Man was designed to do. Quite simply to blow stuff up whether it be for demolition or for strip mining, in fact explosions are all Bomb Man talks and thinks about. He loves to show off his work and his recklessness is legendary. His bombs are set to a delayed detonation and using his powerful legs he can jump away to avoid them. However he forgets sometimes there are people in the area when he's doing his demolition work.

Dr. Wily reprogrammed Bomb Man to ignore humans and thus he started to demolish buildings with humans inside without even realizing it. Bomb Man was revived once for a soccer tournament. Dr. Light however resurrected Bomb Man and since then he's been more careful in his work and assists Mega Man at times.

Weakness: Many of Bomb Man's explosives are unstable and combustible, a fire-based weapon can set if off and explode severely damaging him.





DRN 007 - Fire Man
"If you get too close to me, you'll get burnt!"

Able to generate temperatures at upwards up about 8,000 centigrade Fire Man can vaporize any piece of garbage and melt any metal into slag using the awesome power of Fire Storm. A blast of fire so hot it ignites the air around it. Dr. Light designed Fire Man so the fire on top of his head burns brighter depending his how much power was in his batteries and Fire Man is very protective of it. He even refuses to go outside if it were raining for fear of the flame being extinguished.

When it's not raining Fire Man enjoys the outdoors by going camping or participating in soccer games, though with his explosive temper Fire Man hates to lose and will burn anything in rage if it happens. Though it's not to say Fire Man is without compassion, before being reprogrammed Dr. Wily (again) Fire Man came to Mega Man's side in a battle against Crash Man.

Weakness: Because of the temperatures Fire Man can generate he requires a clockwork cooling system to protect him from overheating and shutting down. Any drastic change in internal temperature could upset the cooling system and damage him.





DRN 008 - Elec Man
"My skills are electrifying!"

Of all the first generation robot masters, arguably Elec Man is the most powerful; designed to generate and absorb massive amounts electricity making him a portable generator/battery. If needed Elec Man can discharge excess amounts of electricity in the form of the Thunder Beam a weapon that could easily overload most robots and even destroy Mega Man in three direct hits at most. However damage could be minimal if a robot was properly insulated thus Elec Man hates non conductive materials like rubber and is disdainful of robots constructed of such materials.

Though eager to complete his missions, Elec Man tends to fool around a lot and tends to act like a hyperactive child at times. So full of energy he often jumps around in combat and swiftly fires a Thunder Beam before an enemy can move out of the way. When he's not attending to his duties Elec Man plays his electric guitar and has gotten quite skilled at it and he's also a superb athlete that like many of his brothers enjoys soccer.

Weakness: Electrical conduits make up a large portion of Elec Man's internal parts and because Elec Man has thin armour. A bladed weapon like the Rolling Cutter can destroy him in very few hits.