DWN 009 - Metal Man
"Kuku, Time to cut you into two"

He has the honour of being the first robot master built by Dr. Wily himself. Metal Man is just as fast and agile as his predecessor was, however he does have an advantage over Cut Man. His skill and precision with the Metal Blade are also great as he able to cut through anything faster than Cut Man. This has made Metal Man overly confident in his abilities to the point that he allows his enemies one free shot at attacking him before he destroys them with a shower of Metal Blades.

He's a particular favourite of Dr. Wily as Metal Man is always fast at working which only serves to stoke his ego. So much so Metal Man boasts about "masterful" skills making him an annoyance and a burden for any robot master he's paired up with. During quiet times in between missions Metal Man sometimes forgoes the Metal Blade and tosses frisbees around. However he has grown to dislike dogs as they always fetch and steal his frisbees.

Weakness: Oddly enough Metal Man's greatest weakness is his own weapon. His armour is light and fairly think thus making him vulnerable to a cutting weapon; destroying him in little as one hit. Proving the old saying: "You can dish it out but you sure can't take it."





DWN 010 - Air Man
"Who are you?! I'm gonna blow you awayyy!"

Dr. Wily originally designed Air Man to blow away garbage from the street, but since he sought to destroy Mega Man he redesigned Air Man to use the power of the winds. Through a large fan on his body to take in vast amounts of air and several powerful fan blades in his buster then discharge the air take in the form of hurricane force winds or even create power tornadoes with his Air Shooter to sweep enemies up.

Air Man is quite proud in his work as a wind bringer and is confident that all enemies and obstacles in his life can be blown away. However Air Man is also fiercely competitive and doesn't take kindly to those who try to usurp his role. Already he has several rivalries with such "upstarts" Wind Man and Cloud Man, despite his being older he always strives to outdo them both and prove his worth to Dr. Wily.

Weakness: Protection of the main fan blade was not in Air Man's design thus he has to be weary of what he draws in. Should any of his fan blades be damaged he will become a sitting duck in battle





DWN 011 - Bubble Man
"I'll take you to the ocean floor."

As 75% of the Earth's surface is covered in water it would seem prudent that Dr. Wily design an underwater exploration robot to assert his dominion over the seas. Thus Bubble Man was born, however a design flaw made Bubble Man extremely awkward and unusable on land. Not only that he lacks agility under the waves he more than match for a land based robot who challenges him in the water. While light as air, Bubble Lead can hit an enemy like a lead weight and just in case he has buster weapon should he run out of Bubble Lead material.

Despite all his flaws, Bubble Man is cheery and optimistic and doesn't let the world get to him. He doesn't even mind that Wave Man gets all the dangerous assignments. However the one thing Bubble Man absolutely hates is ocean pollution and those that commit it (humans) and their champion (Mega Man). Also of note Bubble Man has discover many shipwrecks as well as much treasure however he developed poor spending habits and runs out of money as soon as he finds it.

Weakness: Bubble Lead is dependent of an external pack to feed the bubble maker the material needed. Should it be cut Bubble Man shoulder be easier to dispose of




DWN 012 - Quick Man
"You think you can keep up with my speed?"

Impressed by Elec Man's hyperactive fighting style Dr. Wily used his design and improved upon it to create the fastest robot master in his collection. Under his own power Quick Man can maintain a cruising speed of 70 km/h run at about 150 km/h for short bursts and that's with his own two legs. Quick Man lacks Elec Man's raw power, however he has a rapid-fire boomerang launcher on his left arm, and he's well armoured thus he can collide into other robots his side without damage to himself. (But damaging the enemy in the process)

Despite having an ego and not being very quick to listen, Quick Man unlike many robot masters can be reasoned with as long as he sees it's in Dr. Wily's best interests.

Weakness: In a closed space Quick Man's speed could be bane as he tends to be unable to stop himself from running into a wall or an enemy because he has little room to break. Also due to a software conflict, Quick Man has no defence the Time Stopper




DWN 013 - Crash Man
"Never met a building I couldn't tear down."

Built on the same premise as Bomb Man, Crash Man was one of Dr. Wily's alternate designs. Heavily armoured and with great leaping ability he's an above average warrior. His Crash Bomb instead of bouncing off any surface, drills or clings to the surface increasing Crash Man's efficiency in combat. Unlike the reckless Bomb Man; demolition is an art form to him and he spend much time meticulously planning his demolition.

It's not to say Crash Man doesn't have a wild side though. When assigned to combat-oriented duties he releases his anger and becomes totally unglued. Jumping around chaotically and raining down Crash Bombs on his opponent. His either case in demolitions or combat Crash Man sees himself as the harbinger of Wily new order by tearing down the old order making him one of Dr. Wily's most dangerous robot masters.

Weakness: Crash Man at times can be quite awkward since he has no hands. In combat Crash Man jumps a lot keeping his opponents off-balance, however he is extremely vulnerable to wind while in the air so the Air Shooter is the optimal weapon for dealing with him




DWN 014 - Flash Man
"Time stands still for no one, except forme!"

Though Flash Man can't true stop time itself; he it still able to stop anything in his tracks. Equipped with a powerful ‘Electromagnetic Flash Generator' he can literally freeze any object for periods of around 30 seconds, making it appear time has stopped. Long term exposure to the ‘flash' can even be damaging. To attack his opponent Flash Man is armed with a rapid fire plasma cannon when in truth he would rather shoot something with a camera.

Fearing that Mega Man would defeat Flash Man, Dr. Wily upgraded his robot master's to be immune to Flash Man's Time Stopper. Giving the displeased Flash Man much to complain about how Dr. Wily has no faith in his abilities to defeat Mega Man. He is still nice to his underlings, whom are the only creatures that to him give him the time of day. For some odd reason Flash Man has an odd dislike for wig commercials.

Weakness: Even with his Time Stopper, Flash Man is a poor warrior that depends too much on his primary weapon to get the job done. Like many of his fellow second-generation robot masters Flash Man as a weakness to the Metal Blade.




DWN 015 - Heat Man
"Hold on, I'll put on the fire in a sec."

Like many of the robots from the second generation Heat Man was based off a robot master from the first rebellion. In his case Heat Man was based off Fire Man. Instead he was equipped with a nuclear fission micro-reactor to generate temperatures though impossible to reach by his predecessor. By utilized a super-ceramic compression blaster Heat Man can fire blasts of nuclear plasma reaching a temperature around 12,000 degrees centigrade.

Despite all his power, Heat Man doesn't really seem to care about Wily's goals or anything else for that matter preferring to live life at his own pace. So listless he usually stays in a resting state letting his own underlings to run the show. However when coerced into fighting he'll fight fiercely until on of three scenarios: 1) His opponent leaves, 2) His opponent is destroyed, or 3) He himself is destroyed. It doesn't matter to him.

Weakness: Like Fire Man before him his cooling system is very delicate. Only unlike Fire Man who will burn out, Heat Man will explode if is cooling system isn't kept in check.




DWN 016 - Wood Man
"Allow me to show you nature's power!"

A frankenstein combination of organic and mechanical parts, Wood Man was an experiment with treeborg technology. Unlike Plant Man, Wood Man lacks the ability to absorb sunlight like a true plant his techno-organic parts (similar to the wood of a tree) are able to grow razor-sharp, impenetrable leaves on his back to use as a shield or offensively by throwing his shield at an enemy.

Wood Man loves nature and is sworn to protect it as all costs (except if it's against Dr. Wily's wishes though) and often goes on walks through forests a rapidly-becoming rare thing. He has shown kindness to all creatures robotic and organic and his Plant Man's only friend. Both share the same burning hatred of the human race whom they blame for the continuing destruction of nature. According to Wood Man, mother nature doesn't need to make room for human progress.

Weakness: Since Wood Man's internal parts are made from cellulose (wood) his body burns easily and can be destroy in as little as one hit from a charged bolt of Atomic Fire. Wood Man also has a vulnerability to the Metal Blade, because of those parts.