DWN017 - Needle Man
"Prepare to become a pin cushion"

Needle Man as far as robot masters go; he is pretty blue collar and low brow yelling out expletives and telling vulgar jokes and so forth. He was designed as a mining robot and thus was programmed like one. He takes pride in his "masculinity" and often mocks other robot masters for their lack of the proverbial testosterone like Top Man and Star Man. However under that rough and tumble attitude Needle Man hides a secret that could shatter his reputation: he enjoys sewing and needle point.

The Needle Cannon can fire needles at a rate comparable if not better than that of Megaman's buster weapon. The needles themselves can pierce concrete slab up to 30 centimetres thick. Needle Man is also equipped with a head-mounted battering ram to break down thicker walls.

Weakness: Needle Man's armor while resistant to physical damage is still vulnerable to a focused energy attack




DWN018 - Magnet Man
"Don't you find me rather attractive?"

Neurotic and obsessed over his health Magnet Man can be a righteous pain in the butt for Wily at the worst of times. At the best of times Magnet Man often saves Wily precious time as he performs regular maintenance on himself to keep working at maximum efficiency. Often among his own brothers in the robot masters Magnet Man is often ridiculed over his compulsive-obsessive habits however Magnet Man takes great pride in the fact he never breaks down.

As his name and appearance obviously suggest, Magnet Man is able to harness the power of magnetism. Anything containing ferrous or metallic minerals can easily be used offensively and defensively as well as to draw enemies in. Magnet Man also has a launcher on his left arm that can fire missiles that will home onto any metallic object.

Weakness: Magnet Man's power are derived from powerful electromagnets in his body. Repeated power surges from an outside power source will result in a burn out.




DWN019 - Gemini Man
"Hmmm, this luster is amazing."

Constructed from energy-absorbing crystal, Gemini Man excludes an elegance and grace that few robot masters possess. The downside is that Gemini Man won't stop looking at himself in the mirror, admiring his beauty in an eerily narcissistic fashion. However when pulled from pulled away the conceited Gemini Man brags about his beauty and insinuates that everyone is jealous of the good looks Dr. Wily gave him.

Because his crystal armor was designed to absorb energy from the sun, Gemini Man is best suited to missions in the polar regions. To live up to his name he is capable of creating an autonomous holographic clone of himself to use as a decoy while the real Gemini Man attacks with a the Gemini Laser. A power laser beam that reflects off walls and other surfaces before dissipating harmlessly.

Weakness: The Search Snake acts as a two-fold attack. Gemini Man has a phobia of snakes which renders it an effective psychological weapon. Also the crystals that make up is construction are brittle and thus vulnerable for the Search Snake's explosive properties. If the Search Snake is unavailable, heat-based weaponry can overload his energy absorbers.




DWN020 - Hard Man
"Why bother doing it the hard way?"

Constructed out of a high density ceramical titanium alloy and weighing in about three metric tons Dr. Wily expected Hard Man to be slow. Combined with his chronic laziness Hard Man is the most antagonistically slow of Dr. Wily's army. To Hard Man he sees no point in hurrying up a certain task is going to produce the same results anyway. It's really no surprise that many of Dr. Wily's botched jobs had the slothful Hard Man involved in one way or another.

Hard Man's main attack is to jump in the air via the thrusters in his legs and fall back to earth, using his weight to crush the enemy below. Hard Man always has his Hard Knuckle attack where he fires his diamond-hard fists at an enemy. The concussive force of one Hard Knuckle could shatter a concrete wall 3 feet thick easily.

Weakness: Hard Man being a large target is particular vulnerable to magnetic-based projectiles. His slowness also means he can not evade a projectile meant to lock onto him




DWN021 - Top Man
"Hey Baby! Want to go for a spin?"

For someone who at spins at super-speed, balance is always the key. Despite his comical, childlike appearance it bellies an organized mind and an auto-balancing gyroscope that make him a force to be reckoned with. From being able to collide with enemies to leaping in the air diving upon them like a drill. Any opponent that doesn't take Top Man as a serious combatant will have quite a reckoning at his hand.

With his abilities Top Man is an incredible skater that could rival the best Olympians and shows utter contempt to those that are terrible dancers. Trouble with Top Man is that he becomes extremely elated in combat and competition, often overestimating his own abilities while underestimates his opponents.

Weakness: Top Man's auto-balancer automatically compensates for his ever-shifting weight while spinning. If stricken with enough concussive force he can lose balance.




DWN022 - Snake Man
"Trust no one but yourself.

Snake Man was designed shortly after Guts Man, whereas Guts Man was involved with nature reclaimation, Snake Man dealt with nature preservation. However he wasn't built until Dr. Wily supposedly reformed and helped Dr. Light. He was meant to work alone in the forest and his months in solitude have made him extremely paranoid of other sentient creatures and uses his Search Snake drones to keep an eye on anything in his territory.

The search snake drone is equipped with a camera and sensory array that feeds information directly to Snake Man allowing him to know what's going on within a wide radius. The drones are also euipped with explosives so if they're discovered they self destruct also damaging the enemy.

Weakness: Snake Man's paranoia makes him extremely difficult to work with. Structurally he has no weakness, however a rapid-fire weapon will do nicely.




DWN023 - Spark Man
"What was I supposed to do now?"

After the repeated failures of Volt Man and Bit Man, Dr. Wily finally found some success in trying to emulate Elec Man. Though nowhere near the warrior his predecessor was Spark Man can easily match Elec Man's power and then some. However due to a burnout in his RAM; Spark Man has virtually no short-term memory and has to have some one else around to remind him of mission objectives. Still despite all his short comings Spark Man still aims to please and is considerate to his fellow Robot Masters.

Instead of hands Spark Man has electrodes which he can use to fire off powerful sparks or bolts of electricity. By touching the electrodes to head Spark Man can build up a large spark that is difficult to avoid.

Weakness: Spark Man's poor design is his own worst enemy. Not only is he not very manuverable his curcuitry if damaged can render him inoperable.




DWN024 - Shadow Man
"Where there is Light, there is also Shadow Man"

Shadow Man is a complete enigma, Dr. Wily found him severely damaged and alone. He soon discovered his alien composition and sought to use it to his own ends, thus rebuilt him in the form of a ninja. Shadow Man doesn't remember any of his past nor does he actively converse with the other robot master earning mistrust and suspicion from all his comrades. Though loyal to Dr. Wily even the mad doctor is suspecting that Shadow Man has plans of his own.

Shadow Man has endlessly studied his nemesis and learned to mimic the Blue Bomber's moves in order to destroy him (also bringing Shadow Man in conflict with Bass). He is also very skilled in the art of ninjitsu, his shrukien blades are composed of an alien metal that despite lacking the aerodynamics return to his hand at his hand.

Weakness: Much like his rival Shadow Man doesn't properly shield himself from overhead attack; however few weapons (like Top Spin) are capable of attacking that way.