DCN 025 - Bright Man
"Ah ha! Brilliant!"

Built to be Dr Cossack's intellectual equal, Bright Man is every bit as smart as the reclusive Russian scientist. Bright Man was designed to provide emergency lighting for the cavernous robot factories around the world, as well as provide on site support for emergency repairs. However, Dr Wily had other plans for Bright Man, and equipped him for battle by fitting him with an arm cannon and sending him straight into battle.

Originally, Bright Man was quite cheery and loved thoughtful conversation with his fellow Robot Masters. Often labeled a chatterbox by his peers, Bright Man soon found himself confined by himself to a desolate factory to await Mega Man.

Weaknesses: While one may think that the giant glass light bulb placed atop his head would be an easy target, it's actually quite tough. With bullet resistant glass providing protection against straight forward attacks, the bulb can take quite some punishment from Mega Man's Mega Buster. However, it isn't safe guarded against the harsh effects of acid rain, making it a perfect target for the Rain Flush. Within a few seconds of exposure to the Rain Flush, the glass is dissolved, and the inner workings of Bright Man's head are left open to attack.




DCN 026 -Toad Man
"If you make me mad, I'll call on the rain, Kero!"

Designed for environmental testing, Toad Man was built using a sign of good rain as his theme. However, his design was also very functional as it hid the complicated machinery inside of his torso that controlled a series of low flight weather satellites that were originally meant to balance the pH of the rainfall in an immediate area to better stimulate crop growth in drought ridden parts of the world. He was also given a powerful set of legs to help him maneuver quickly between separate areas.

As Toad Man was designed with Dr Cossack's daughter in mind, who liked the idea of a toad-based robot, he has a very outgoing personality towards children. Quite comical in nearly every sense, he was no where near combat-ready when Dr Wily seized control of him and the other 7 Dr Cossack robots. Even when his weather support pods were modified to spew acid rain down upon the Earth. Toad Man himself was coated in a special acid resistant sealant that protected him from his own destructive Rain Flush.

Weakness: While his own lack of combat design and programming hurt his overall performance in battle, it was his pliable, rubber-like skin that made him a target for strong piercing attacks. Thus, the Drill Bomb was seemingly made for his destruction, as it drives itself deep into his body before exploding and damaging Toad Man from within.




DCN 027 - Drill Man
"Uh oh, I made a hole in the gas tank."

Specifically designed for high speed, subterranean movement, Drill Man is a master of tunneling. With his arm mounted Drill Bombs, one may think that Drill Man was built for combat right away, but the bombs were originally meant to clear away tough to break debris and large boulders. Also outfitted with extremely thick plates of armor, Drill Man is quite capable of surviving the extreme pressures of his dangerous line of work.

Preferring the solitude that comes with his occupation, Drill Man has come to take exceptional pride in his "craft", and has honed a real eye for detail. However, even he makes mistakes, and costly ones at that. It was this meticulous nature that intrigued Dr Wily to the point that he went through the trouble of finding Drill Man and reprogramming him.

Weakness: Protected against most conventional weapons by his impressive armor, Drill Man can also use the Earth itself to hide himself from any incoming projectiles. However, the Dive Missile is quite capable of seeking out Drill Man's heat signature and wastes no time in hunting him down. It even packs enough punch to put a dent in Drill Man's heavy armor, thus making it a perfect tool to use against this dangerous foe.




DCN 028 - Pharaoh Man
"It is I, It is I who you must obey!"

Created for on site archeological study in Egypt, Pharaoh Man is quite knowledgeable in the area of ancient Egyptian culture. However, he was at first left with no way to ward off grave robbers and bandits, and many of his prized artifacts would be stolen soon after being unearthed. Realizing the problem quickly, Dr Cossack fitted Pharaoh Man with a defense mechanism tailor made for the harsh Sahara heat. The Pharaoh Shot soon became feared by any would be thieves, and the need for the weapon soon became less and less. This power, unfortunately, would soon attract the likes of Dr Wily, and Pharaoh Man was soon reprogrammed to use his terrible might for the mad doctor's means.

Weakness: Built for low light environments, Pharaoh Man's electronic eyes are made to be especially sensitive to light, making him extremely vulnerable to sudden flashes of bright light. The Flash Stopper is just that, and makes Pharaoh Man an easy target upon being blinded by the flash.




DCN 029 - Ring Man
"Megaman, I will never forgive you!"

It is unknown what exactly Ring Man's original purpose was, but we may never know as Dr Wily himself oversaw Dr Cossack's creation of this unusually themed Robot Master, losing any sense of what he was supposed to be in the process. Deemed a Mega Man Hunting Unit by Wily, Ring Man is one of only two of Cossack's robots that were specifically built for combat. Unlike his "brother", Skull Man, Ring Man was designed to fight Mega Man and Mega Man only. Using his heavy Ring Boomerang, Ring Man is quite aerobic in battle, and can dodge many of Mega Man's shots, as can his weapon.

Trimmed in solid gold, Ring Man may also be one of the most hypnotizing Robot Masters to behold in person. Perhaps a sign of extravagance on Wily's part, Ring Man is quite proud of his rich looks, and is naturally quite protective of them. A ruthless opponent, Ring Man likes to end his battles as quickly as possible to avoid any damage he can.

Weakness: With that solid gold acting as nearly 40% of his overall armor, Ring Man has a higher weakness to heat than most other Cossack designed Robot Masters. The Pharaoh Shot perfectly exploits this by collecting as much heat as it can and focusing it directly at Ring Man, heavily damaging his frame with ease.




DCN 030 - Flash Man
"Don't let me suck in something that's sharp."

Dust Man's purpose is immediately obvious upon looking at him. The large vacuum induction vent atop his low-mounted head is completely functional as it sweeps in fine particulates from the surrounding environment, even if it's not in plain view. This made Dust Man a perfect tool for cleaning such filthy areas as construction sites or disaster zones.

Dust Man is a very quiet individual, and prefers the solace of his work, and usually requires no praise for a job well done. While far from violent, he has voiced a slight dislike of his human superiors on a few occasions. Dr Wily exploited this personality trait to the fullest, and Dust Man was sent to take over his main base of operations with extreme force.

Weakness: Dust Man's huge vacuum functions much like a classic vacuum cleaner, but with heavy reinforcements. Still, it needs to have a constant, uninterrupted stream of air to operate, and the Ring Boomerang manages to interrupt the circuit with ease. With the vacuum jammed, Dust Man has very little to defend himself with, as his arm cannon was never fully completed.




DCN 031 - Dive Man
"Iee. I've got sea sickness..."

A robot created to withstand the immense pressures of deep sea diving, Dive Man has a huge respect for the vast ocean. As he's often found beneath the water's surface, Dive Man feels out of place when on land. Often used for salvage and submarine rescue, he is also a world record holder for deepest dive in recorded history. A very proud individual, he even defied Dr Wily's reprogramming to defend his home base against what he considered an incoming threat- Mega Man.

Dive Man greatly disdains those that would disturb the calm and serenity of the ocean for the sake of profit. Even the smallest coral reef is considered to be under his protection, making Dive Man the enemy of the unscrupilous Pirate Man.

Weakness: While his body is quite resistant to pressure and frontal assault, the Skull Barrier seems to effect his frame with great efficiency. This may be due to the barrier's nullifying nature, as it equalizes the pressure in it's immediate location, greatly reducing the effectiveness of Dive Man's construction. The Skull Barrier also has the side effect of detonating the Dive Missiles before they reach their target.




DCN 032 - Skull Man
"Enough talk, let's fight, let's fight..."

Designed alongside Ring Man, Skull Man was to be the second in a pair of Robot Masters that were jointly designed by Dr Cossack and Wily. With his macabre themed armor and ghoulish shield, Skull Man's greatest weapon is the psychological edge he carries with him in battle. To supplement this, Skull Man has read about war and the human psyche to better understand how to use this natural edge.

However, all of this study has led him to know nothing but war, and is ill suited for anything else. A very crass and disagreeable robot by trade, he has become the object of scorn by the rest of his Cossack designed brothers. None of this seems to phase him in the slightest, as he has always eagerly awaited the next great battle.

Weakness: While his shield is said to be nearly invulnerable, his body is not. In fact, the very same design that gives him a psychological edge in battle betrays him when encountered with the Dust Crusher. As his lightweight frame is built with many intake points, with many in between his "ribs", his internal mechanics are all exposed to the dust and grime found within the Dust Crusher.