DWN033 - Gravity Man
“I'm afraid you don't appreciate the gravity of the situation.”

Gravity Man likes to learn everything and anything and see every fact from every perspective. In fact he's now well-versed in many areas of physics (more specifically astrophysics) Gravity Man is very much the intellectual equal of Dr. Cossack's Bright Man. However unlike his Russian counterpart who loves socializing, Gravity Man finds his robot brothers as dullards unworthy of 'cavorting' with and instead devotes his time to researching and studying.

Despite what many would think, Gravity Man goes through with Dr. Wily's plans without question. Quite simply he's afraid of confronting his creator and is even more afraid of confront his arch nemesis Mega Man. Using his graviton generator to distort gravity, Gravity Man opts to confuse his opponents from a distance.

Weakness: Gravity Man’s favorite tactic is stand atop his enemy and reverse gravity on himself and the enemy using his body as a projectile. Two major weaknesses come from this. If overused Gravity Man falls victim to vertigo rendering him helpless to a hardier enemy. Also he is not designed to withstand heavy impacts so a force field (see Star Crash) can break his free fall dealing substantial damage to Gravity Man’s structure.




DWN034 - Wave Man
“When you control the oceans, you control the world..”

Tired with the ineffectiveness of Bubble Man, Dr. Wily went back to the drawing board and conceived of what was the next logical evolution in underwater robotics. Wave Man has all of Bubble Man’s strengths (an then some) and none of his weaknesses. Armed with a cannon-launched harpoon, wave generator and able to walk on dry land, Wave Man is almost unstoppable as long as a source of water is nearby.

Fancying himself as a modern reincarnation of Poseidon, Wave Man views the open ocean as his kingdom and its creatures his subjects. Nothing makes his cerebro-circuits overheat more than the gross mistreatment of the seas by human hands and is all too happy to assist Dr. Wily in endeavors. Because he’s a more sophisticated model than Bubble Man, the two are bitter rivals

Weakness: Unlike Bubble Man whose powers relied on an external tank, Wave Man relies on an internal tank to carry water to power his wave generator should he battle on dry land. This presents a weakness on its own, the tank is not heavily armored thus a sufficient amount of force from a high impact weapon (see Charge Kick) could rupture the tank thus limit Wave Man’s combative options.




DWN035 - Stone Man
“Nothing can harm the rock!”

While designing Gravity Man, Dr. Wily discovered another use for artificial gravity generator thus Stone Man born. Crafted from pure granite, Stone Man is comparatively as durable as his predecessor Hard Man however even if he were blasted to pieces he could easily reform himself easily thanks to the gravity generator. The same generator has offensive applications by using boulders ripped from loose cliff faces and using it to swing them to bludgeon enemies.

Due to his durability and regenerative properties Stone Man believes he is indeed invulnerable and never hesitates to brag about his claim and tends to pick on his brothers making him a bit of a pariah. With his delusions of invincibility Stone Man is willing to take on missions that make the other masters hesitant making him a perennial favorite of Dr. Wily.

Weakness: For all intends and purposes Stone Man's chassis is in fact invincible, however his Achilles heel lies in the solar collector on his chest. If destroyed by high explosives Stone Man can not maintain cohesion and will be reduced to a pile of bricks.




DWN036 - Gyro Man
"If you can't fly high, then you're nothing."

Originally Dr. Wily designed a robot master that was a vast improvement over Air Man with control over the winds. Rumors persist that he built a prototype that went haywire and escaped, so when he went to build another one Dr. Wily didn't have the resources to do so, so using parts from an old turbo-prop plane Gyro Man was born. Despite requiring frequent maintenance, Gyro Man takes great pride in being one of the few robot masters that can fly.

Sometimes he tends to look down upon others but he’s amicable to be accepted into Wily’s ranks. Unable to generate winds like the original design Gyro Man is equipped with just as effective a weapon: a helicopter blade that is launched at extraordinary speed that can direction via remote control.

Weakness: In the revised design, Gyro Man was never intended to carry much weight. By utilizing Gravity Man’s weapon additional stress will be brought upon his main rotor. By repeatedly using the Gravity Hold, Gyro Man’s engines will over heat leading to malfunction or far less likely an explosion.




DWN037 - Star Man
“The stars are my stage and the earth is my audience.”

Star Man in his mind had to be the center of attention, much like a movie or a pop star and he’ll do anything to get it. Whether it be destroying Mega Man for the world to see or singing in the halls of Skull Castle he has to draw the attention of those around him. Unfortunately which raises the ire of Dr. Wily who designed Star Man for space combat; not to entertain the masses.

Seeing himself as a hopeless romantic Star Man will chase anything wearing a skirt but he has an eye out for Roll and constantly his advances get rebuffed. But no matter what Star Man is a robot with ambition; he swears one day he’ll be famous and have Roll be has side until the stars burn out.

Weakness: Star Man’s shield the Star Crash is generated by a micro particle accelerator that produces much heat and has to be cooled constantly and precisely. With a well placed cascade of water could disrupt his cooling system and cause internal damage.




DWN038 - Charge Man
“You don’t want to ride this train."

Whereas Guts Man is the anti-thesis of dumb brute, Charge Man fits the stereotype to a ‘T’. Charge Man was designed to smash through enemy fortifications like a runaway freight train hence his look and he’s faster than most too. If nothing is hindering him Charge Man could easily overtake the fastest trains adding to his momentum making his Charge Kick virtually unstoppable.

Often angry Charge Man rarely keeps a rational thought in his head, even if a door is unlocked he’ll smash it down and he usually don’t bother to listen to criticism and even when he does it only serves to compound his anger. Dr. Wily and the robot masters though extremely weary of Charge Man’s tantrums have successfully redirected all his anger towards Mega Man.

Weakness: Charge Man’s head, arms and feet are heavily armored however his torso’s armor is fairly thinner. If struck by weapon of great force (see Power Stone) there’s a chance it will rupture his steam tank resulting in an explosion.




DWN039 - Napalm Man
“The sound of salvos bursting is music to my ears.”

Unlike Bomb Man and Crash Man before him, Napalm Man was a machine built solely for war and Napalm Man’s sole directive is to make sure Mega Man knows no peace. Armed to the preverbal teeth with missiles, grenades and a head mounted flamethrower, his weapon of choice is the Napalm Bomb which bounces around time to detonate in a few seconds or until it hits the enemy.

Napalm Man was programmed a little too well, even when he’s not fighting he’s adding to his arsenal, or researching wars and battles of the past making him an excellent sub-commander to Wily’s forces. So as long as Napalm Man pumps oil, Mega Man will never know piece.

Weaknesses: As a warrior Napalm Man has no weaknesses, but because of Crystal Eye’s properties it acts like a cluster bomb and can confuse and distract Napalm Man when he’s in the middle of an offensive.




DWN040 - Crystal Man
"Perhaps I didn't make myself crystal clear."

While running low on funds for his plans Dr. Wily became desperate to create a source of revenue so he created Crystal Man to create artificial diamonds to pass off as real ones. After looking into the 'healing' powers of crystals he started to believe that he's a clairvoyant, he's so convinced of that he's become some sort of fortune teller that the other robot masters go to though for a peek into the future. Wily sees this as pure nonsense and dismisses any of Crystal Man's predictions.

Also of note is that Crystal Man is highly superstitious and is deathly afraid of breaking mirrors, crossing paths with black cats and always keeps several good luck charms on his person. When confident enough Crystal Man is competent opponent and is the master of the Crystal Eye a rubber-crystalline sphere that act as a cluster projectile when it strikes a wall or any surface.

Weaknesses: Crystal is a part of his design and though fairly hard, it’s extremely brittle and will crack or shatter with a precise and blunt weapon. (See Gyro Attack)