DWN041 - Blizzard Man
"Let me show you...how to freeze to death!"

Blizzard Man’s origins come from a robotics firm in Canada where he was originally built as a weather investigation robot. In the First Annual Robot Tournament he was a particular favorite of Mr. X/Dr. Wily as the mad scientist had yet to duplicate Ice Man’s ice making abilities. When reprogrammed; a software conflict gave him a split personality most of the time he seems friendly and warm but other times he turns into a homicidal maniac. But as long as Blizzard Man is loyal Dr. Wily cares less about it.

Because of his history of as a TV weather-bot, Blizzard Man has become adept at explaining things such as weather phenomena (which lead to the construction of Cloud Man), whenever he’s not in one of his raging moods. Using his cold generating powers Blizzard Man forms ice bullets in the air and fires them at his enemy and when he’s in berserker mode he rolls into a ball and tries to flatten them.

Weakness: Blizzard Man unlike Ice Man needs to be in cold climates in order for his powers to be effective. Thus a heat based (See Flame Blast) attack is most effective against him.




DWN042 - Centaur Man
"May the gods favor my endeavors."

Before the tournament Centaur Man was built by a Greek company to serve as a guide around the monuments of ancient Greece such as the Parthenon. When the company decided to enter him, he was given a time/space distorter that allows him to teleport or cause stretches in the time/space continuum temporarily freezing enemies and a plasma rifle whose shots break into seven bullets when they rebound off a wall.

Given an intimate knowledge of the ancient Greek culture, Dr. Wily reprogrammed Centaur Man into believing that he was commanded by the gods to serve him. Many of his comrades dismiss him as a lunatic, but all still give him credit for his do it or die attitude.

Weakness: Because of his quadrupedal design Centaur Man can not jump thus he’s quite vulnerable to an angled attack.




DWN043 - Flame Man
“Do it on time or don’t do it at all.”

In Saudi Arabia, Flame Man was originally a refinery worker. Unlike most robots Flame Man doesn’t depend on solar energy for him power but much rather a special steam system run by petroleum. So when his bosses wanted to enter him, they refitted his with a special oil-powered flamethrower which can be used to shoot fireballs or unleash a wall of flame on his opponent.

Since his power source requires him to recharge on a schedule, Flame Man runs on punctuality often getting angry when someone is late for an appointment. Because of his diligence Flame Man is always sent on missions requiring exact timing.

Weakness: Flame Man’s steam system requires high temperatures to work optimally, any rapid cooling can effectively power down. Since Ice Slasher and Blizzard Attack are ineffective at high temperatures, a wind-based attack will suffice (see Wind Storm).




DWN044 - Knight Man
"Thou shall know humiliating defeat!"

Unlike many of the participants of the tournament Knight Man was built expressly for competition by a group of British students. Knight Man was programmed to act like a knight from medieval times; chivalrous, honorable and trustworthy. A master of all weapons, Knight Man prefers the mace and is equipped with a special titanium alloy shield that repels most attacks.

Another aspect of his programming is that he speaks in "Thus", "Thys", and "Thous" and other older English terms to add to his knightly aspect. Since many of the robot masters haven’t read any Shakespeare most are left wondering what the heck he’s prattling about. Knight Man is also good friends with Yamato Man as both believe in honor and fairness.

Weakness: Knight Man’s shield while impervious to most attacks his vulnerable to armor-piercing weapons. The Yamato Spear being specially built for penetrating heavy armor is the only known weapon that can pierce Knight Man’s shield.




DWN045 - Plant Man
"Life has no boundaries."

Plant Man is a rather unique robot, using preexisting ‘tree-borg’ technology; organic (more specifically plant) tissue has been grafted to his circuits allowing him to tap into the sun’s energy like plants do. Built by a Brazilian scientist to rebuild the damaged rain forests. However when his creator got wind of the tournament, he thought the money could fund his research so he had Plant Man equipped with a plasma cannon and the plant barrier a shield of plant-like ectoplasm to protect him from attack.

Originally a sensitive and delicate individual appalled by the devastation the humans inflicted on the Earth. Dr. Wily reprogrammed that sorrow into anger and rage. Even so Plant Man with his new hatred towards humans he’s a below-average warrior and his love of all lifeforms (except humans) makes him an outcast among the robot masters. So he spends most of his days sullenly skulking around Dr. Wily’s greenhouse.

Weakness: As many of Plant Man’s parts are organic in nature, he’s developed an extreme sensitivity to cold and heat. Or an ice or fire based-attack is the most effective attack against Plant Man.




DWN046 - Tomahawk Man
"The spirits of war are within me."

Like Knight Man, Tomahawk Man was built expressly for combat in the tournament. He’s the brain child of a Native American roboticist who wanted recreate the native warriors of centuries past. Tomahawk Man is a bold and fearless warrior with knowledge of native cultures from dozens of tribes making him the repository of all native knowledge. His weapon the Silver Tomahawk is a specially designed blade that when thrown it arc upwards making it effective against jumping opponents.

Dr. Wily picked out Tomahawk Man because of his skill, though the robot sometimes frustrates him. Tomahawk Man is highly spiritual and believes in spirit guides, other native lore and performs time-consuming ceremonies which Wily finds wasteful. Tomahawk hates lies and is quite suspicious of anyone that doesn’t earn his trust.

Weakness: As a warrior Tomahawk Man has no weaknesses, but his defensive capabilities leave a lot to be desired. A weapon with great defensive capabilities (see Plant Barrier) should suffice against Tomahawk Man.




DWN047 - Wind Man
"What you cannot see can be deadly."

When the Chinese government caught wind of the tournament, they ordered their scientists to build a robot that was powerful and represented the best of Chinese culture and the end result was Wind Man. Blessed with the ability to fly, generate winds up to 200 kilometres per hour and even use his fan blades as projectiles. Dr. Wily saw great potential in Wind Man as a replacement to the older Air Man model and why not? Wind Man was smarter, stronger and more powerful than Air Man.

Ever since then Wind Man and Air Man have been bitter rivals. When not battling Wind Man often practices his kung-fu or spends his time in the kitchen as Wily’s chef as Wind Man was programmed with many Chinese recipes. Because of this the other Robot Masters see Wind Man as a brown-noser.

Weakness: Wind Man requires frequent maintenance due to metal fatigue, but in battle he has few if any weakness. The most effective is the Centaur Flash which causes a ripple in time/space hitting Wind Man even when he’s flying.




DWN048 - Yamato Man
“Death before dishonor!”

Yamato Man started life as a sparing robot in some of Japan’s greatest dojos, but when the Japanese government learned of China’s entry in the tournament they responded by entering Yamato Man. Japanese scientists gave him the Yamato Spear, a weapon of piercing the thickest armor. Dr. Wily was impressed by his discipline, agility and skill in many Japanese martial arts but most of all his loyalty. However Wily was not impressed by his sense of honor.

So when Wily reprogrammed Yamato Man can added greed to his personality, tainting the once pure warrior. Soon Yamato Man was caught taking anything you could get his hands on and sell it at a premium and the other robot masters grew mistrustful of him out of fear of being sold out. However his best friend Knight Man has sworn to re-educate Yamato Man about the value of honor.

Weakness: Yamato Man’s ability to jump is second to none, however his armor is light and he’s extremely vulnerable to the Silver Tomahawk which was specially designed for robots like him.