DWN049 -Freeze Man
"To say I'm cold-blooded is an understatement!"

Freeze Man won’t settle for anything less than perfection, everything he does is done by the utmost care even the way he makes an entrance in battle. To even screw up the smallest detail in his plans is enough for him to go into a frenzy and burn out. Most of his brothers taunt him because of his tediousness and so he’s developed a cold and malicious streak that gives him a bad reputation among the ranks.

He’s especially cruel and cold-hearted when in battle, freezing Mega Man to the floor and encasing him in ice just to see the pain frozen in the blue bomber’s eyes is enough to settle his twisted desires. Freeze Man’s primary weapon is the Freeze Cracker, generated from a special “Energy Absorber” that absorbs all thermal energy within a limited range.

Weakness: Freeze Man’s energy absorber is highly experimental and much be kept dust free for optimal performance. If the take his intakes are cluttered with dust and debris Freeze Man’s ability to operate is severely hindered.




DWN050 - Junk Man
“Someone else's junk is my treasure.”

Dr. Wily’s resources are often severely limited and Junk Man is a testament to that, most of his body is made of used parts Wily found in a scrap yard cobbled together by a complex series of electromagnets. Junk Man can also his powerful magnets to attract scrap metal and throw it in a manner similar to Dust Man. By levitating the pieces of scrap Junk Man can use it as a shield until the scraps fall apart.

Much of Dr. Wily’s thriftiness has been imparted to Junk Man and then some, whenever he finds a piece of old and broken machinery lying around he picks it up and takes it to his quarters which is already stuffed to the bursting point with old appliances and whatnot. Most of the robot masters complain about Junk Man being a slob but Dr. Wily is surprised with Junk Man’s ingenuity as he fixed many of the old appliances he brought back.

Weakness: Junk Man as no internal skeleton and is held together by magnets if continually struck by an electrical weapon (see Thunder Bolt) his electromagnets will overload and he’ll lose structural integrity.




DWN051 - BurstMan
“Sorry to burst your bubble but...”

One day Dr. Wily was playing around with the bubble lead formula in his lab when he accidently found a new formula that created super-strong, yet super-light bubbles. By altering the Bubble Man design yet again this time creating a land based robot thus Burst Man was born. Eventually Dr. Wily discover other bubble lead variations for Burst Man to use.

Sadly for Dr. Wily, Burst Man’s biggest vice is his cowardice. Given a chance Burst Man would run away like a plucked chicken. Even when cornered Burst Man will keep his enemy away by using ‘bumper’ bubbles and use his Danger Wrap to trap his opponent is a bubble and blow it up by remote. Burst Man would prefer to party then to fight and his psychedelic-colored explosions are hits at festivals, alienating further from his brothers and Dr. Wily.

Weakness: Many of the chemicals Burst Man uses to make his bubbles easily freeze or combust, so either and ice-based (see Freeze Cracker) or fire-based (see Scorch Wheel) can easily dispatch him.




DWN052 - Cloud Man
“I will rain down my wrath upon you!”

After many conversations with Blizzard Man, Cloud Man was created by Dr. Wily to give him dominion over the weather. Cloud Man takes pride in being one of the few robot masters that can fly. Flight is one of many of Cloud Man’s abilities by controlling water vapor and thermal energy, he can manipulate weather patterns generating wind and call down lightning.

Cloud Man exudes much confidence, so much many of his brothers see him as arrogant. Time and time again he has proven his might to Wily with unwavering loyalty, eventually gaining a commanding position within the ranks. In fact when Dr. Wily was arrested and imprisoned; it was Cloud Man who lead the first four robots to free their master.

Weakness: Cloud Man is highly maneuverable, making him hard to heat by most weapons. Bu if trapped in a closed space with an explosive (see Danger Wrap) Cloud Man is a sitting duck.




DWN053 - Spring Man
"Gently, stretch, and then bend!"

Composed of about 2000 springs from small to the large ones that make his limbs and torso, Spring Man was built to be a jumper and can make leads of nearly 100 feet without putting in any serious effort. His main weapon is the Wild Coil a bouncing spring with an explosive attached and designed to reach higher areas and has the ability to be charged up to increat the height of the bounce.

Spring Man is a very laid back individual that prefers to unwind than you be in a tense battle, unfortunately because of his flimsy construction Spring Man has trouble controlling his limbs making him the laughing stock of Dr. Wily's army. Seeking desperately to find unconditional acceptance and friendship even secretly hoping that even Mega Man will be his friends, but because of his loyalty to Wily Spring man knows that will never happen.

Weakness: Because he's made out of springs, Spring Man's torso while reinforces is still very thin and could easily be cut. (See Slash Claw)




DWN054 - Slash Man
"I'll make shishkabob out of you."

With the personality of an active volcano Slash Man shows no restraint in battle and no discrimination in who he considers enemy, because of his wild nature Dr. Wily keeps him deactivated unless he's needed. There's no questioning that Slash Man is among the fastest and most agile of the Robot Masters, armed with a pair of indestructable claws and an instinct on par the most cunning predators of the animal kingdom.

Because Wily had run out of options so soon after his escape, he reactivated Slash Man and placed him in charge of the Dinosaur Corps and occupy Robosaur Park. This time Dr. Wily reprogramed Slash Man with a burning hatred of Mega Man and with infinite patience of a lion; waits for the blue bomber to come to him.

Weakness: Slash Man is specifically suited for humid jungle combat and has a low tolerance for extreme cold (see Freeze Cracker), he has also a significant weakness to fire (see Scorch Wheel)




DWN055 - Shade Man
"The forces of darkness are lurking upon us."

Dr. Wily found Shade Man at an abandoned amusement park for in the haunter castle, seeing the vampire-like robot as a perfect tool for psychological warfare he started alterations immediately. Similar to a true vampire Shade Man is capable of flight via his bat-like wings, draining a robot's energy and absorbing it into himself, sends hypnotic signals through his eyes that can paralyze his victim. However his most unique ability is to fire sonic blasts, and absord them and increasing their power.

Based on the vampire Drucula (from the movies Dr. Wily watched) Shade Man may seem friendly and accomodating at first but secretly he's lusting after energy and at the most opportue moment for him, he'll strike. Because of this none of the Robot Masters nor even Dr. Wily trust him and leave him alone in the solitude of his castle. Often he unbearably lonely with his robot servants to attend to him, with nothing to do but practice his opera.

Weakness: Spending most of his time in the air waiting to strike, a weapon that can reach great heights is required to strike him while airborne (see Wild Coil)




DWN056 - Turbo Man
"Time to peel some rubber!"

Finding some assorted car parts in a junkyard; Wily thought he'd have no use for them. However watching some old Japanese mecha shows, he was inspired to create a robot master that could transform from car to robot. Other than his ability to transform Turbo Man can use his engine to spew a ring of fireballs at his opponent or as he like to put it: his "scorchin' wheel".

There three things that Turbo Man loves: heavy metal, speed and the open road. Most of the time he's cruising the back roads searching for adventure and running the odd car off the road. Highly competitive Turbo Man enters races and thanks to his speed, however under mysterious circumstances he was unable to participate in Battle and Chase and his friend Quick Man stood in for him.

Weaknesses: Turbo Man's chassis is not very sturdy and is very sensititive to vibration (see Noise Crush).