DWN057 -Tengu Man
“You are almost not worth the effort.”

Based on the Japanese bird demon it’s not to much on an assumption that Tengu Man is a bit of rebel among Wily’s troops. He rarely gets along with any of his brothers due to his bad temper and arrogance, much like Bass whom Tengu Man shares a mutual disdain with. Even Wily finds himself annoyed by Tengu Man’s defiance, he’s even made comments that Tengu Man acts like a teenager.

Despite all of Tengu Man’s shortcomings, he is one of Wily’s best warriors. He is an experimental robot with the power of a typhoon. His tri-blade can create a small tornado than can sweep an opponent off his feet, it also can be used to slash can enemies sending a energy wave arcing upwards. He’s also equipped with a jet booster in his back making him a skilled flyer as well making him nearly unreachable.

Weakness: Other than his overbearing ego and vanity. Tengu Man usually stays in the air where he cannot be reached. If he can be stuck to the ground (see Ice Wave) Tengu Man will be vulnerable to attack.




DWN058 - Astro Man
"Keep your friends far away and your enemies farther!"

After days experimenting with a hologram projector one day, Dr. Wily found a way to make photons 'solid' and as hard as steel. Inspired to create a new robot master, thus with a 'hard-light' projector and a low power teleportation chip Astro Man was born. Upon completion Astro Man was assigned the keeper of Dr. Wily’s holographic labs and is quite skilled at his job.

Astro Man is modest and unfortunately extremely shy so he used the holographic labs to create his own little world to keep friends and foes alike away. If an intrepid opponent manages to reach him he'll panic and attack despite his fear. His erratic behaviour makes him dangerous in combat especially with the Astro Crush in which Astro Man creates a devastating flock of hard light meteors which is capable of severely damaging any opponent.

Weakness: Astro Man's lack of grip on reality is his primary weakness; he'll stay out of reach from an opponent assured that he cannot be attacked. A weapon capable of travelling upwards (see Magic Card) or one that can lock onto his location (see Homing Sniper) will be most effective.




DWN059 - Sword Man
"Let's make this a fair fight."

Long ago Dr. Wily stole an ancient sword from a muesum, eventually he learned of the sword's power to generate large amounts of heat and flames thus he wanted to create a robot capable of using the sword. Many of his attempts failed as the flame was too heavy for the frame he wanted to use. So he segmented the frame used and anti-gravity device to hold up Sword Man's upper body. This presented an advantage as Sword Man developed some move that would've been impossible if his frame was in one piece and not two.

Sword Man is a honorable warrior that believes in a fair fight and holds no grudges against anyone making him well-liked even by Mega Man. However he is discriminating his how he chooses his enemies. In order to battle one has to make it through his fortress, a temple built into an active volcano. Since not many are willing to go through the gauntlet, Sword Man spends his time researching ancient civilizations and their legendary warriors.

Weakness: Like many fire-based Robot Masters, Sword Man has a cooling system. If cooled down by an external source Sword Man will be rendered inoperable for a short period (See Water Balloon) a continued assault will lead to deactivation.




DWN060 - Clown Man
"I'm no joking matter."

Clown Man originally started from a cancelled science fiction show and was built from old sets and props so it was natural to see Clown Man having the charisma of Hollywood. Dr. Wily finds himself entertained by Clown Man's long and floppy arms, making the so-called jester of Wily's court extremely proud of them. Small electric generators have been built into his arms and legs, he especially likes to grab his opponent with his arms and shock their circuits out or swing at them from the trapeze bar in his arena.

He's not extremely well liked by the robot masters because he's much like a child; whiny, picky and immature making him extremely troublesome to take on missions. However his redeeming qualities with Dr. Wily are his childlike curiousity to try his powers and spiteful glee in inflicting pain on his oppoents especially Mega Man or other organic creatures.

Weakness: The length of his arms is his main weakness, a strong wind (see Tornado Hold) can tangle his arms and leave him helpless until he can unravel himself.




DWN061 - Search Man
"Target in sight, fire at will."

Built from old parts from the military and other security forces, Dr. Wily want to test old the old hypothesis/maxim "Two heads are better than one." one head controls the weapons system and mobility while the other is outfitted with a radar/infrared/x-ray suite to detect hostile enemies. Despite a shared link between the two heads, Dr. Wily made the mistake of giving different personalities thus Search Man is a sitting duck in direct so Wily was forced to assign to other duties.

Search Man is often called in to supervise sneak attacks thus he's grown severely paranoid, even the two heads are constantly watching each other distracting him from more immediate and real threats. If confronted by an enemy he'll bombard them with missiles, bombs, mines then duck into the foliage to hide and keep attacking with his Homing Sniper.

Weakness: Search Man is specially suited for jungle combat and ducks into the local flora, assuming he can be found a fire-based weapon (see Flame Sword) is most effective against him.




DWN062 - Frost Man
"Me! You! Defeat GAAA!"

When sifting through Clown Man's old parts Dr. Wily found an old ice maker which he remade into a thermal energy absorber thus Frost Man was born. Frost Man unlike his predecessors was built with brawn in mind, mercliessly beating his opponents into submission or pouncing on them. Usually forming a large icicle and bludgeoning and oppoent with it are unleashing a wave of deadly icicle capable of ripping anything to shreds or freezing them into place.

For all his strength Frost Man is as bright as a 10-watt bulb. Because of his huge size he believes he is better than those smaller than himself especially Clown Man and Mega Man and targets them for his crude taunts and abuse. If driven into a rage Frost Man is nearly unstoppable making the other Robot Masters weary of angering him, so Wily usually assigns to remote areas where Frost Man can't do and damage to him or his troop.

Weakness: Frost Man's lack of intelligence is his biggest weakness, a faster opponent could easily out manuver him and when Frost Man premature raises his fist in triumph he's completely vulnerable to a direct assault. Most of his body is covered by ice maintained by his thermal energy absorber, any heat-based attack or explosive attack (see Flash Bomb) that will melt of break off pieces of ice will put more stress on it. Repeated attack will lead to deactivated of Frost Man.




DWN063 - Grenade Man
"Say hello to my little bombs!"

A unique flaw in Grenade Man circuitry designs have continual electrical surges that give Grenade Man a feeling that humans liken to adrenaline or as Clown Man put it delicately: "The 'bot's a f***in' masocist!". Grenade Man's continual need for stimulation has him jump around like a lunatic firing at anything that moves but most of all what Grenade Man wants is to the feel pain of his weapon, though the second law of robotics prevents him from doing so.

Completely hyper and reckless Grenade Man is willing to take chances that others won't in battle which makes him terrifying to his enemies, and even his allies are weary of him since chances are he might accidently damage them in his frenzy. A master of all explosives Grenade Man's prefered weapon is the Flash Bomb made with a napalm like substance that burns more slowly after detonation.

Weakness: Grenade Man's obsession with pain make him unaware that his electrical systems are in continual danger of burnout. The Thunder Claw is ideal when dealing with him as it adds stress on his cicuits and it also deflects his Flash Bomb.




DWN064 - Aqua Man
"Just call me 'handsome' 'kay?"

For all intents and purposes Aqua Man is a mistake albeit a relatively beneficial one. While building testing Frost Man's thermal energy absorber Dr. Wily accidently found a chemical additive that made water ten times heavier. So using the formula Dr. Wily refitting a firefighting drone and Aqua Man was born. Though the 'heavy water' Aqua Man can control the flow of water or fire globs of water that strike with the force of a mortar shell.

Aqua Man is most well liked by his creator so he goes to his brothers for acceptance through low brow humor like jokes about flatulence and risque parts of the human anatomy. Many of the robot masters find his jokes humorous; especially Clown Man who's Aqua Man's closest friend. Despite all the comraderie with his fellow robot masters Aqua Man still subconsciously seeks Wily's acceptance and will do anything to get it.

Weakness: Aqua Man's body is really nothing more than a tank for the heavy water, a high impact weapon (see Astro Crush) can rapture Aqua Man's tank and leave him helpless.