Humanoid Name: Elec Man
Humanoid Number: #008
Character Name: Leon James Graves
Real Name: Geoff Tarbox
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs
Likes: Magic Cards, videogame tunes, Glen Quagmire, 8-bit Theater, D&D, Scarecrow from Batman, botany
Dislikes: Clowns, cereal, Microsoft, shoveling snow, football refs, rap
Worst Fear: Perpetual Cold Weather
Eye Color: Neon Brown
Hair Color: Icy Reddish Brown
Goal: Get the hang of making Flash Movies
Qoute: "Crazy is as crazy does. Gimme some sugar, baby."



History: Before joining the Sinister Six, Elec Man was a dour mercenary for hire who has taken countless jobs around the globe, legal and otherwise (typically otherwise). In fact, he only joined the Sinister Six simply because they gave him a higher-paying job. On the bright side, he's loyal to long as he's well compensated. But on the downside, he gets his kicks out of making a barrage of derisive, cynical comments to anyone, whether they be super villains or small kids. When he's not making scathing comments or doing battle, he's often found watching Bruce Cambpell B-movies or chasing the occasional, unfortunate skirt. Elec Man's also rather tight-lipped about his origins and frequently decks anyone who asks too many questions about it. All he's ever revealed is that neither Dr. Light, nor Dr. Wily created him. .

Powers: Believing that any problem can be solved by finding the right bad guy and beating the crap out of him/her, Elec Man almost always throws the first punch. And unfortunately for his foes, it tends to be a doozy of a punch. Elec Man's Thunder Beam fires off a lightning bolt packing 120 megavolts and 45 kilo amps. As long as he's got the power for it, he can maintain a constant, potent stream of electricity. He may not be able to generate his own electricity like Spark Man can, but he can draw it from just about anywhere (even from nearby electrons), and there's virtually no limit to how much he can absorb. He's no slouch in the speed and agility department, but he's not as nimble as Cutchan as. If and when Thunder Beams alone won't cut it, Elec Man's more than happy to break out a chainsaw and/or a riot gun "boomstick".



Has already visited France, Germany, and Dominica, and hopes to visit New Zealand and Fiji.
Enjoys searching for and cataloging rare wildflowers.
Moonlights as Dive Man from Cossacks Comrades, Spark Mandrill from Alpha Movement, and Sparkman from Darklight Mercenaries.
Side effects include: nausea, back pain, nightmarish hallucinations, viral infection, gangrene, constipation and of course, diarrhea.



Running Man, Lord of The Rings, Batman Begins, Army of Darkness, Serenity, Spaceballs, House on Haunted Hill, Terminator, Short Circuit, Resident Evil
Games (Non-MM)
Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Myst, Mario, SSBM, Blaster Master
TV Shows/Anime
The Simpsons, Family Guy, MXC, Firefly, Daily Show, South Park, Transformers (G1), Mega Man
The Jungle, Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way, Sand County Almanac, Lord of the Rings, America (The Book), 1984
Pizza and Iced Tea