Humanoid Name: Elec Man
Humanoid Number: #008
Real Name: Edward Freelong
Height: 5' 10" - 5' 11"
Weight: 130 IBS
Likes: Babes, Looking good, combing his hair, frying Iceman
Dislikes: Rubber, Pranks, Messing up his good looks, and now The Sinister Six
Worst Fear: Dying unloved and alone. He also hates blades
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Goal: To be something he always dreamed of.
Quote: "I maybe in love with myself, but I Have a reason to be."



History: The original and the first character to sport the Elecman personnel. Edward had lived his time and will always be remembered as the first spawn of many Elecman's that will be apart of that of the Sinister Six. Edward when he was apart of the team was full of life and energy. Always seeking the babes and girls of his dreams. Edward cared a lot about his appearance as he seemed to take interest in his self image. During his stay at Sinister Six Headquarters Edward eventually perished in a dire escape of the dreaded space station explosion which consisted of Scorpion and the allies The X-Force. The Sinister six went on with heads low and sought out Andon to take over the Elecman position. Later on however, Edward returned in the Iceman vs Red Saga and came known as the dreaded Thunderman. He had shown major hatred for the old team saying how they abandoned him to his fate. Gary later had to kill Edward to protect himself and his team. Though Edward's body was never found after the whole ordeal, so it's rumored that the former Sinister Sixlet is still plotting his team's demise.

Powers: Elec Man has the unique ability to absorb massive amounts of electricity in his body and shoot it out at a blazing force. These attacks are extremely powerful and they've been known to pulverize opponents as soon as they've been hit. If the blast doesn't kill them, the aftermath will. Edward loved these powers and always quoted that his Thunder Beam is still the most powerful of the three Elecman's to this day.



Edward was the first Elecman on the Sinister Six.
Edward hates the new and old Sinister Six, and posed as the dreaded Thunderman.
Edward died 'twice' in the Sinister Six Universe, and is still thought to be alive, somewhere.
Edward at one point was a good team player.