The NEW Sinister Six in:

All Good Things: Part 1

Narrator: The following morning, some familiar heroes gather around the scene of the murder to investigate ...

Rich: Looks like someone blew up of rock-head but good!

Britt: Rich! Show some respect. He was our most dangerous enemy.

Ben: Or at least the most persistent.

Rich: I still say we owe whoever did this a big thank you!

Erik: (in a whispery voice) Do not thank those that dispatch thine enemies, for -

Rich: Can you stop that?

Erik: (in a whispery voice) Stop what?

Rich: (slaps head) He's never gonna let it go, is he?

Gary: Okay, guys, let's pull it together. Leon, is there any residual energy signatures you can pick up?

Leon: Nothing, sorry. It's just been too long.

Gary: Something tells me that this won't end like it is right now. Something's up.

Rich: Hh. Well of course something up. Our best enemy is toast!

Gary: Yeah, but the question is why? We should backtrack through Chaos' day and find out.

Britt: But we have no idea what he could have been up to ... or even where he lives!

Gary: Well, we might not ... but I think I know a few people we can shake down for answers.

Narrator: And so, the Sinister Six fly off ... to Monsteropolis dump to confront some old ... "friends".

Gary: Alright, guys ... I heard about this place. There's no traps or anything, so...

(Suddenly the ground begins to shake...)

Rich: You were saying!?

Erik: Let's get ready to RUMBLE! Yee-HAW!

Britt: Stay behind me, Gary! I'll handle this thing!

(From underneath the ground emerges an enormous monstrous dragon!)

Leon: Hey ... I recognize this thing!

Ben: Yeah, it's the monster dragon Wily used some time ago to guard his castle! Alright, we get to kick ass old school!

(the dragon roars!)

Ben: get ready everyone!

Gary: All right, team! Sinister Six! Att -

(Before Gary gives the word the dragons starts roaring more loudly.)

Ben: Hey waitaminute. That's not a roar.

Rich: It's ...

(Before the Six's startled eyes, the dragon falls apart at the seams. Before anyone has time to take a shot.)


Ben: Hh.

Gary: I guess it really is defenseless.

Ben: Come on. THose losers are up ahead.

Narrator: The six walk up the way to their old "friends" the PC Robot Master's hideout. Unfortunately...

Ben: Hey, um ... is it supposed to be this ... demolished?

Britt: Well, this *is* Megalopolis dump you know.

Ben: yeah, but ... the door's knocked down. And there's holes in the walls.

Leon: Let's take a look inside and see what's up.

(Leon opens the door to find ...)

Leon: They're ...

Gary: Dead?

(The team looks around what is obviously a battle scene.)

Ben: Well ... there's a good half a chunk of Bitman over here.

Rich: I found Sharkman's arm!

Gary: Hm. I guess they got away, but someone really had at them.

Britt: Maybe it was the Maniacs?

Gary: Maybe. They are always fighting them.

Erik: Still, let's take a look at that computer of theirs. Maybe we can look up 'ol one-eye and see what he was up to.

???: Don't bother.

Erik: !!!

(Erik is blasted by a beam of green energy!)

Erik: GAHH!

Ben: It's you! I should have known!

Gary: But why did you do all this?!

Scorpion: Why? To ensnare you, that's why!

Erik: We've beaten you before, green boy.

Odin: I'm afraid you've got more to contend with than just Scorpion here.

(The Sinister Six's eyes narrowed.)

Leon: You!

Ben: You realize, you just made me mad.

Odin: Goodness me! I'm afraid we won't be fighting today, Sixlets. Actually your opponent is an old relative of yours, Beji!

Ben: What!?

???: Hello ... Dad!

(Ben's arms are torn off as an unseen adversary leaps out from his hiding place behind a doorway!)

Ben: Gwah - AHHH!!!

???: Long time no see, Sixlets!

Gary: Neo Dragoon!

Neo: Miss me?