The NEW Sinister Six in:

All Good Things: Part 2

Narrator: Following the trail of their deceased adversary Super Chaos the Sinister Six make their way to the headquarters of their copycat enemies, the PC Sinister Six in hopes of finding answers. However, instead of their idiot adversaries, they encounter Odin, Scorpion and Neo Dragoon!

Odin: heh heh heh ... they look surprised, Scorpion.

Scorpion: And why shouldn't they? They left Neo to die.

Leon: Of course you realize, it wasn't really us.

Neo: Come again?

Leon: We're the new Sinister Six! You're thinking of the old Sinister Six!

Neo: BAH! Old ... new ... what's the diff? I'll kill you all!

Britt: Technically, you already did.

Gary: Yeah, you big blue meanie!

Neo: QUIET! You're just trying to confuse me.

Gary: You think you're confused? Try asking us how I came back! Now that's confusing! It involves Kefka too ... and he's not even a Megaman guy!

Neo: Whu?

Ben: *koff koff* And hey ... I'm not even the Ben you want...

Neo: What?! What's the supposed to mean!?

Ben: I'm a different Ben! The Ben you want is Heatman, go bug him!

Neo: Wait ... what!? Why are there two of you!?

Ben: It's a long story.

Neo: Does it involve this "Kefka" guy?

Ben: No.

Neo: And what the Hell makes you different from Heatman anyway!?

Ben: He's an insane psychotic while I am an insane delusional.

Neo: What? But ... you're both insane!

Ben: Yeah, but they're completely different types of insanities!

Neo: *ROAAARR* I don't care! You're here, I'll eat you!

Britt: Wait, he doesn't mean that like I think he does, does he?

Gary: Like father like son.

(Neo glares angrily at Gary and, with lightning speed, kicks him clear into the other room of what remains of the S6 PC base.)

Neo: Don't you ever compare him to me!!

Scorpion: Woo ... hit a nerve there.

Odin: Well, it was a dishonorable comparison.


(Rich tosses three bombs Neo's way, but the enraged dragoon avoids them with ease.)

Neo: I'm nothing like him! Nothing!

(Neo uppercuts Rich, grabs him in midair, and swiftly throws him at the opposite end of the room.)

Neo: That abandoned me! He was never there for me growing up and when he was ... he never gave a damn about me!!

(Neo deftly avoids the S6's couch, as thrown by Erik)

Erik: Damn, he's fast!

Neo: He never loved me! He always left me with the nanny! Or Aunt Classi! And then all the stupid X-Force let Red take me away!

(Neo picks up Erik and throws him at Britt!)

Britt: GWAHH!

Erik: What a revoltin' development.

Leon: Now's the newbie's time to shine! Sorry, youngun, but - WOAH!!

(Leon jumps back in surprised at Odin jumps closely in front of him!)

Odin: You won't interfere, "bro"! Your fight's with me.

Leon: Yeah, I have a bone to pick with you too! (Leon shoots an Elect Beam at Odin, but Odin uses his Soul Reaper to absorb the electric assault.)

Odin: Dishonorable? Maybe to you people. But I have a different type of honor. Mine acknowledges the strong!

(Odin sends Leon's bolts of power back at him!)

Odin: Nothing will stop me in my quest to become the best! My loyalty is ultimately to myself!

Leon: And you realize you've alienated everyone who cared about you, right? Including your good friend Classi!

Odin: I ... do regret that.

Leon: (While decking Odin with an electrified fist!) It's a little late for regret, don't you think!?

Odin: Well, when you're right, you're right!

(Odin slashes Leon with his sword.)

Leon: GWAHH!!

Odin: Sharp objects aren't your thing, if I recall right. Hell, how did you even become Elecman in the first place?

Leon: Ugh ... wouldn't you like to know?

Odin: Our duel was just and I shall mourn your - UKK!!

(Odin yelps in surprised as an enraged Neo Dragoon knocks him aside as if he were nothing.)

Neo: He's MINE! They're all MINE!

(Neo lunges at Leon and begins mauling him with his razor sharp teeth.)

Neo: Mine ... mine ... mine ...


(Neo whirls in surprise.)

Neo: MINE!!!

(Neo is hit with an intense burst of heat and is blasted into the wall. The heat's enough to burst it into flames.)

Ben: Kid ... you ain't kiddin'.

(Ben stands tall as things begin to burn around the people inside of the PC Sinister Six's headquarters.)

Gary: Ben! You're okay!

Rich: And it looks like you're all fixed up! How's that happen?

Ben: I dunno exactly. But it's like I can't freakin' die! Rocks doesn't it?

Britt: I'm just glad you're alright.

Scorpion: He won't be for long. Kill him, Neo!

Neo: *ROAAARR* I told you never to order me around!

Scorpion: Erm, ah ... please?

(Neo leaps at his father.)

Neo: That's better!

(Ben catches Neo's ankle and throws him to the ground.)

Ben: I made ya, kiddo! And I can UN-make you!

Neo: So LAME!

(Neo fires a terrific volley of fireballs at Fireman, but none seem to have much effect.)

Neo: Die! Die! Why won't you die!!

Ben: 'cuz I got spunk?

Gary: And don't think we've forgotten about you either!

(Gary launches and Ice Slasher attack at Scorpion who manages to evade in time!)

Scorpion: (while launching a gust of wind from his tail) Consider me terrified.

Britt: Come on! We can take him all together!

Erik: (while shaking the floor with a mighty jump) Right!

(Meanwhile, the PC team's headquarters is an inferno. Leon's on the ground moaning in pain and Odin's down for the count while Ben and Neo fight for dominance.)

Neo: How? HOW! Tell me damn you! How can you still be alive after all that!?

Ben: Kiddo ... I don't know ... and I don't care!

(Ben pours on even more heat as his kid comes trudging after him! The floor beneath the two melt and their not standing on the ground the S6 shack was built on.)

Neo: (finally able to grab a hold of his father's neck) I don't care either. All my misery is thanks to you and your neglect. And when I was finally freed from Red's control you never even tried to find me. Don't you have anything to say to me? To say for yourself!? Take some responsibility, damn you!

Ben: I ... Neo ... Chibi. I'm sorry. I guess I'm just not cut out to be a dad.

(Ben fills himself with as much heat as his body can stand. At the same time Neo matches him, degree by degree.)

Leon: GWAHH!! I'm on fire! What ...?

Gary: Ben! Stop it! This is too much! I'm melting!

Rich: This is gonna hurt.

(The PC base goes up in flames as the fire finally melts through the gas main! The area is scorched to the Earth below and, after the explosion all traces of the Sinister Six and their adversaries are gone.