The NEW Sinister Six in:

All Good Things: Part 3

Narrator: The explosion could be seen from miles around. Luckily for us, our heroes were nowhere near that dreadful place.

Britt: What happened?

Erik: Is this ... Heaven?

Rich: If this were Heaven, I wouldn't be here with you.

Erik: Ooooo, good point. You're going to that other place.

Rich: Yeah, keep pushing it.

Britt: I doubt Heaven would be a high-tech laboratory either.

Narrator: And Britt was right. The six looked around and saw they were in a dark, shadow-filled laboratory. Monitors showing various places on Earth hung on various walls and there was a constant hum of electronics.

Gary: Leon, are you alright? (Gary crouched down to where the injured robot lay...)

Leon: I ... think so. Just need some repairs.

Erik: Geez, Odin really did a number on you, didn't he?

Leon: *cough* yeah.

Britt: Guys ... where's Ben?

(The six look around, but sure enough, the flame headed robot was nowhere to be seen.)

Gary: Ben. No ... it can't be...

???: I tried to save him. I really did. None of this was supposed to happen.

(The six whirl to see a figure standing in the shadows.

Britt: Who are you!?

Erik: (In a windy voice) If ye be foe, then...

???: Calm down. I'm actually on old friend. My name's Nth. And I rescued you all from the battle.

(There's a loud moaning sound coming from the walls around the team.)

Erik: Nth?

Rich: What's a Nth?

Gary: Wait, I remember you. You made Ben into that Kitsune "Pyro Da Fox"!

Nth: Yes, I did.

Gary: You're like ... his supernatural stalker!

Nth: Well, now, that's not very nice...

Gary: Why didn't you rescue Ben!? And why're you so obsessed with him!?

Nth: Why am I so obsessed with him? He's one of my closest friends!

The Five: ???

Nth: You don't recognize me? I know I've changed, but ...

(Nth steps from the shadows.)

Nth: I would have figured you'd have recognized my voice. Have I really changed that much?

Erik: *GAK!* It's ... Gary!?

Britt: There's two of you!?

Gary: There is NOT two of me!

(The walls around the team groan louder. In their shock, they do not notice.)

Nth: *chuckles* It's been a lot of fun, hasn't it? It's too bad that I didn't see all this coming. Which is really ... really strange ...

Gary: I don't understand.

Nth: I've been trying to keep things together. Trying to keep us all together. The whole fox idea was Ben's ... but why he always wants to be a fox and 10 years old, I really couldn't say. I think I asked him, but ... I'm very old and very tired ...

(The moaning grows louder and the walls begin to rust. )

Leon: Uh ... guys? *cough* Do you hear that?

Nth: I remember us all coming together and -

Gary: You're responsible for the whole "two Bens" mess aren't you!?

Nth: And I'm also responsible for him being Heatman in the first place! It was all his idea. Gauntlet was thoroughly against it, but he's against everything. Sometimes you gotta have a little fun!!

Gary: But why make two Bens!?

Nth: You know, I remember him finally taking off his mask and telling everyone his secrets. They weren't even that big of a deal. I don't see the point -

(The machines begin to sizzle and crackle as electric currents short out and blow important parts of the machines away.)

Britt: EEK!

Gary: BRITT!

Nth: Sorry about that, hun. You know ... I remember our wedding. All of us were there. And Odin was there too. I don't know why I don't remember him being evil ... Maybe it's old age ...

Rich: Hey, senile Iceman! A little focus! Can't you rescue Ben again!

Nth: I'm sorry, Fushi, but even us Duce Ex Machina have out limits. He and Neo were tied. As father and son and as the last survivors of the X-Force timeline, they drew power from each other. I wish I could have gotten to Chibi before Red did, but for a time traveler, I have surprisingly little -

(More machines explode and steam engulfs the area. The six cover their eyes.)

Erik: Hey, we got an injured guy here! Can't we discuss this somewhere safer!?

Nth: But ... don't you want to stay here with me?

(Machines explode and the once-gleaming steed becomes corroded and decayed.)

Gary: I'm a nutcase! I grow up into a nutcase!

Leon: We have to get out of ... *cough cough*!

(Leon begins to fall, but Erik catches him beforehand.)

Erik: Let's get out of here!

Britt: I think I have the co-ordinates to our base! I - look!

Narrator: before the frightened five's eyes Nth begins to fade away.

Nth: You don't understand! I don't remember this happening. It's not supposed to be like this! None of it is! I ... I ...

Erik: He's ... fading away...

Britt: Why would he...?

Nth: I've been to the future and I ... I wasn't in it!

Britt: He's ... gone!


(The floor above begins breaking through the roof and the five huddle together.)

Leon: We won't be in it either if we don't do something quick!

Britt: Look out!!

Narrator: The robots look above their heads to see large, rusted, pieces of steel fall towards their heads! They instinctively duck down, expecting the worst.

Narrator: And it all fades to black.


???: Hey. HEY!!

???: What?

???: They're coming to!

(Britt opens her eyes and find herself in a small apartment. The other Sinister Six members are around her.)

Britt: What?

Oil: We found you lying unconscious in Monsteropolis dump!

Time: Yeah. If it weren't for us you'd be goners. That place was an inferno! Oil almost died himself trying to get you guys out!

Gary: Goners ...

Erik: What about Ben! Tell me you found Ben!


Time: Sorry, Erik. There wasn't a trace of him.

(The six turn pale.)

(Gary runs outside to the balcony. Britt follows him.)

Britt: Gary? Icey-kins?

Gary: Ben. I just ... can't believe it. He's survived the X-Force ... insanity with Red ... and army of Neos ... and now he's gone!

Britt: Hush, Gary. (Britt hugs Gay) It'll be alright. He'll get better!

(Gary pushes Britt away!)

Gary: NO! Don't you see? First Super Chaos ... then it's Ben and Neo ... and even Scorpion and Odin! And then Nth turns out to be a future me and ... I die too! I die!

Britt: But ... he wasn't you, Gary.

Gary: Yes he was! He was! He -

(Britt pulls Ice close to herself.)

Britt: He's not you. Nothing will happen to you as long as I'm around. Nothing.

Narrator: The rest of the day was spent catching up. The remaining five remain been unconscious for three days. The 'Maniacs, Megaman, Dr. Light and the rest of the world's heroes were far away dealing with some crisis in Asia. It was the next day before the team decided on their course of action.

Gary: Alright guys ... the way I see it, we're the Sinister Six! And we need our sixth member back!

Erik: Yeah, but ...

Gary: You forget... there's two of him!

Leon: That's right! We can go get Heatman!

Gary: And he'll take Ben's spot as Fireman.

Britt: Do you really think he'd do it?

Gary: Of course! We're best friends after all! And you know ... this might be why Nth made two Bens in the first place.

Oil: So, you're all going to get this other Ben, huh?

Gary: That's right ... and you're coming along for the ride!

Time: !!!

Oil: You mean it!?

Gary: Sure do! It's obvious we have some pretty big guns aiming at us, so we need all the cannon fodder we can get!

Oil: YAY!!

Time: YAY! Hey, wait ... did you say cannon fodder?!

Gary: Sinister Six ... REUNITE!

Narrator: The robot throw their fists into the air and there's a large burst of light as their teleporters activate all at once. Their destination ... Skull Castle!

Erik: It's pretty bold to just head right into Skull Castle.

Gary: Heh ... that's why we'll just signal them from here, right on the boarder of Wily's sensors! We can contact the 'Warriors in secret!

Erik: Heh heh heh ... pretty tricky, Ice.

Gary: That's why I'm the prankster king!

Rich: Uh, guys ... I can't find the secret line. I think something's up.

Leon: Do you think Wily found out we could contact the Warriors?

Rich: Uh ... is that smoke in the distance?

Gary: ... Oh no.

Narrator: The team rushes to where Skull Castle used to be. In it's place is a ruined fortress. Fires are still burning and bits of machinery are strewn around the area.)

Gary: BEN!!!

Erik: The place is demolished.

Time: What could have done this? Didn't Wily have an entire army? Not only the 'Warriors, but the Evil Eight! And his Rescue Force! And -

Bass: Come to gloat, have you?

All: BASS!

Narrator: Bass, in a sorry state, is missing most of his body. Fluids are leaking everywhere and it's obvious he's barely clinging to consciousness.)

Bass: If you bastards came here to gloat. *koff koff* You won't find much of an audience ...


(Bass' eyes lose their glow as he deactivates from the excessive injuries.)

Erik: Bass ... who could have done this?

Gary: I ... I have no idea! None at all!