The NEW Sinister Six in:

All Good Things: Part 4

Narrator: Dauntless in their resolve, the Sinister Six begin to rifle through the wreckage of Skull Castle ...

Britt: I found another piece of Golemman!

Erik: Put it in the pile.

Gary: GAK! I found Doc Robot's head.

Erik: Pile.

(The heroes continue to search until Rich kicks rubble angrily.)

Rich: This is pointless! We've been sifting through this junk for hours now ... and we're still no closer to putting Ben back together than we were when we started!

Erik: (In a windy voice) It's important not to lose hope ...

Rich: Stop doing that! It's almost be pointless as this busy work!

Erik: Well, I don't see you adding much to this effort!

Time: Oh dear...

Oil: Erm ... how about a good joke to cheer things up around here?

All: NO!!!

???: Whoa! Look like you guys could use a hand!

Oil: Who??

Gary: Tim!

Scott: And the rest of us are here too!

Andon: Oi!

Jason: Good to see everyone again.

Erik: (in a whispery voice) It's good to see you all again...

Tim: Still doin' that, eh?

Rich: He won't stop!

Britt: How's AA, IRA?

IRA: Pretty good. Alcohol free for the past year.

Britt: I'm so glad for you!

(Time approaches Gary.)

Tim: I heard about Ben. I'm really sorry, Gary. He was a great guy.

Gary: Well ... there's still Heatman, right? If we can put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Tim: Hey, that's right!

Rich: Yeah, even though none of us knows how to do it at all.

Gary: Agh!

Britt: Come on, boys, don't fight! It's been a long day. Let's just go home.

Gary: Maybe you're right. Every bone in my body screams for sleep.

Andon: Come on, it's been so long. This mess isn't going anywhere. Let's catch up back at HQ.

Leon: (throwing down a giant rock) That sounds great!

Gary: Let's do it!

Narrator: And so, Sinister Six both old and new retire to Sinister Six base where they order pizza and beer!!


Rich: Damn straight.

Jason: But ... how?

Gary: We never did find out. That Bower's even worse in person than he is in the games! And the stench...

(Gary pinches his nose shut and makes a disgusted look on his face.)

IRA: I didn't even think he was real.

Tim: Yeah, well, Needle would point out that you learn something new every day.

Britt: *yawns* Yeah ... I wonder why she does that.

Tim: You know that's a good question. Those Mechs really stick to those lines ... you think it's a glitch in their programming?

Rich: Huh? Oh ... heh, yeah. *yawns* Well ... they are made by Wily, right? He's the crazy one.

Britt: I'm feelin' really woozy. I think maybe ... I had too much to drink.

Gary: My head's pounding ...

Erik: Guys? What's going ... on ...?

Narrator: The Sinister Six collapse as they sink into unconsciousness.


Oil: WAHHHH!! WAHHH!!!!!

Rich: ... what? ow. My head ...

Oil: GWAHH!H!! AHHH!!!

Rich: Won't somebody shut that idiot ...

Narrator: Bombman opens up his eyes to see Sinister Six headquarters engulfed in flames! Already, most of the room is torn apart and even the sarcastic Bombman shudders as he sees Oilman engulfed in the flames.

Rich: OILMAN!!!

(Rich immediately rushes to Gary's side and begins shaking him.)

Rich: Wake up! Wake up, you! WAKE UP!

(A few slaps later, Gary is roused.)

Gary: Rich? What...?

(Gary takes a look around)


Rich: We've been drugged!


Gary: (While shooting ice slashers at Oil) Wake the others up! I'll douse Oil!

Rich: (While slapping Time awake) It's the old S6! Look ... they aren't around anywhere! It has to be them!

(Oil collapses from the shock.)

Gary: OIL!!

Rich: It's ... He's an oil fire. Oh, God ... water won't put those things out...

Oil: AHHG!! AHHG!!

Gary: No! He ... he didn't deserve this!

(The Sinister Six are barely roused as the ceiling comes down on all of them. Unlike in Nth's pocket-reality laboratory, these are very solid ruins.)

(Outside, a female figure is seen laughing alongside her compatriots.)

Apple: So ... that was easy.

IRA: It's nice to see you happy, Apple.

Tim: Did we do good, Apple?

Apple: Oh, yes ... you've done very well.

(Apple watched as the Sinister Six headquarters burned in the night. The retired Sinister Six members watched with mixed feelings.)

Scott: Apple ... this is pretty freaky. Can we ... go somewhere else?

Apple: But, hun ... watching this makes me happy. Don't you want to see me happy?

Scott: Yeah, but ... this was our home and those guys inside were our friends.

Apple: But, do they really matter now, hunny?

Scott: ...

Apple: I can see how you'd be upset, but we have to stay right here. Those pesky "new" Sinister Sixlets have a nasty way of coming back when you're not looking. And I'd hate to see them come back.

Scott: ...

Tim: Come, on Scott. There's no turning back now. We have a new mission now ... and Apple's our new focus!

???: Like Hell!

(Gutsman is pummeled, seemingly out of nowhere, by a powerful Hyper Bomb!)

Tim: ACK!

Jason: What!?

Apple: Still alive!?

Time: Thanks to me and my ability to stop time!

Leon: Sinister Six ... REUNITE!

(The six raise their hands and a great light comes forth, blinding all their opponents!)

Andon: My eyes!

Apple: EEEkkk!

IRA: We have to get 'em, guys! Come - GAH!!

(IRA drops to the floor as he's hit with Ice's Ice Slasher.)

Andon: HAH! There!

(With his vision cleared, Andon noticed Leon barreling at him and fires a powerful bolt of electricity at the robot master, but Leon just absorbs it and Andon feels a sharp stab in his back.)

Andon: GAH!! What ...?

Britt: Sorry, Andon.

Andon: Oi ... not cool.

Apple: New Sixlets! Must we fight? Wouldn't you rather join me?

(Erik decks Apple.)

Erik: No good, lady. Dr. Light programmed some barriers to that little game you got goin'!

Jason: APPLE! You !

(Erik decks the angry Sixlet.)

Erik: I don't think so, buddy.

(It's a fine, battle, but since the new Sinister Six have not only the element of surprise, but also more powerful attacks and armor to use against their compatriots, the former members of the team soon lie unconscious and damaged on the ground.)

Time: I hated to do that. I was always fond of these guys.

Gary: Yeah. They were our friends and now ...

Rich: Damn that Apple!

Apple: (On the ground and damages from Gutsman's punch) I still have a couple of tricks left!

(Apple manages to toss a couple of capsules onto the ground. They open up to reveal two new ... and yet very familiar adversaries...)

Gary: Aw no ... it can't be ...


Muffin Man: Heya, guys!

(Blooper and Muffin man are enormous! And both seem intent on doing damage to our heroes...)

Gary: Blooper! Don't you recognize us?

Blooper: Blooop!

Muffin Man: Heee heee heee! It's time for my revenge!

Britt: it can't be ... It can't be ... THE MUFFIN MAN!!!

Muffin Man: Ohhh, but it can!

Rich: But, how!

Muffin Man: We were created to use against you sixlets! Me, to take advantage of Benji's weaknesses and you old friend Blooper here to destroy you from your own sentimentality.

Blooper: BLOOP!! (Blooper delivers a massive electric shock tot he team!)


Gary: GWAHH!!

Britt: Gary!!

(The Muffin Man then shoots dough at the team! It encases them inside a muffiny ball of immobilization!)

Muffin Man: It's all over!

Blooper: BLOOP!

(The blooper delivers another shock!)

Gary: GWAAHHH!!!

Britt: Gary! Hang on!

Time: What's wrong with Ice?

Erik: Electricity is Gary's weakness. While we're hurt by it too, Gary's suffering more than any of us.

Time: Oh no...

Muffin Man: Wahh hah hah hah hah!

Leon: Listen to me, Blooper ... you were our pet for a long time now ... you've been with the Six much longer than I have now ...

Blooper: Bloop ...

Leon: But if you try to hit us again, I will stop you.


Muffin Man: He's bluffin'! My muffin prison's got him whipped! Sick 'im, Bloopy-boy!

Blooper: BLOOP!!!

(The giant Blooper shoots off another powerful burst of electricity! However, Leon is ready and breaks free from his prison!)

Leon: I warned you!!

(Leon quickly raises his arm and, with palms open, he absorbs the enormous burst of lightning! In a fluid motion he brings up his other arm, takes aim, and redirects the bolt towards the Sixlet's doomed pet!)

Blooper: BLOOO!!!!!

Muffin Man: YOU HEARTLESS - !

(The Blooper if fried and falls to the ground, steam emanating from it's body.)

Muffin Man: I'll get you!

(The Muffin Man shoots more muffin goo at the team, but by now the rest of the team breaks free of his grasp.)

Rich: (While exploding himself free) This guy was made mostly to scare Ben! I'll bet you used your electricity to dry out this muffin batter, right, Leon?

Leon: Right.

Rich: Well, it's my turn to toast a bad guy! You've had it, buddy!!

(Rich kicks several bombs straight into the Muffin Man's mouth.)

Muffin Man: What? Oh, this ain't funny ...

(The Muffin man explodes as the bombs explode shortly after.)

Rich: That's one less bad dessert in the world!

Narrator: With their enemies defeated, Leon frees the rest of the six. Gary is especially shaken about the loss of their beloved pet.)

Gary: Awww, Blooper. Why'd it have to be you?

Britt: I'm so sorry, Ice.

Gary: Ben, Oil, Blooper ... and now ... this.

(Gary looks at Apple and their friends being loaded into a police car by members of the robot police force.)

Gary: Do you know what they do to robots in a "Robot Prison", Britt? It isn't humane! They only save the heads, Britt! And sometimes only the damn software!!

Britt: We'll help them, hun.

Gary: (looks over to the still burning S6 HQ. Firebots are still trying to put out the blaze. ) Look at that. I mean, I'm glad other homes weren't hurt (we did have a pretty isolated base), but ... that was my home for years and years and now it's all gone! I just can't help feeling like ... it's all going to end. Blooper didn't even survive. My own pet died too!

Britt: (while pulling Ice close) It'll be okay. As long as we have each other we can get past all this. Buildings can burn and pets can die, but we'll never be torn apart.

Narrator: Gary just looked down sadly and fought his tears.