The NEW Sinister Six in:

All Good Things: Part 5

Narrator: As the six and Apple are being taken away, Erik is saying some words with Tim through the bars of the Robot Riot Wagon...

Erik: So, you have something to say?

Tim: That's right. We have to get the that's responsible for hurting Apple!

Erik: Listen ... you guys are under a spell ...

Tim: Shut up! I hate you for hurting Apple, but all this ... I can't help but think this is a setup for the mastermind behind all this.

Erik: Mastermind?

Tim: Yeah. He's been behind quite a few of the attacks on you guys. He created The Muffin Man thing and modified Blooper to take advantage of all the crap that's been going down lately. Then he sent Apple to get us and have us all attack you and burn down your base! All this has been the work of one guy all along!

Erik: And ... who's that?

Tim: It's General Cutman!!

Erik: !!!???

Narrator: In a short while Tim, Apple, and the rest of the old Six members are taken away to the robot prison.

Narrator: The following day, after they have been repaired in the Mechanical Maniacs' base - the Ark - the five and Time Girl meet together to discuss the next move ...

Time: Is it alright if we use this base?

Gary: Gauntlet won't mind. Besides, turnabout is fair play.

Rich: So, some loser stole my "General Cutman" idea, right?

Erik: That's right.

Rich: And this is the guy that set it up so that our house burned down? And that our old friends are in jail?

Erik: Yep.

Rich: Well, I say it's payback time!

Time: Yeah! We need to avenge Oil!

Gary: You don't think Tim might have been lying, do you? After all, even if she's knocked out, the people under Apple's influence stay that way for a while, don't they?

Erik: Yeah, but Tim seemed pretty mad that they were set up. I don't think he's lying.

Gary: So ... where do we find this "General?"

Narrator: The Six teleport straight to the outside of General Cutman's base ... a small factory in Yumland! There, they see that they are expected...

Rich: Well, I'll be...

General Cutman: Hey, guys. I assume you're here because one of your old buddies or Apple told you about me. (General Cutman grins evilly).

Rich: You! How can you even exist!? I made you up!

General Cutman: I have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe it's a coincidence? You know I like to make up my own robot masters too.

(General Cutman snaps his fingers and instantly a group of robots appear.)

Lance: Hey, guys.

Fred: Looks like we teamed up with a winner!

Britt: ugh. It's those Sleek Squad losers again!

Peter: HEY!

Dash: Watch who you're calling losers!

Rich: But you didn't make these guys up!

General Cutman: Oh, but I did. I used that police robot to do my dirty work. I modified the gun it shot to create these people. My first human robot masters!

Lance: It's good to be the first!

Britt: If you think this'll stop us you gotta be kiddin' me!

Gary: Yeah, we've beaten these losers dozens of times before!

Peter: Hey!

General Cutman: Oh, but they aren't all I have.

(Two more people teleport in.)

Gary: What!?

Scorpion: Hello, Sinister Six. So, you've replaced Ben already?

Odin: They're good at replacing people.

Scorpion: I'll say.

Erik: What the Hell is this!? Why aren't you dead!?

Odin: We could ask you the same thing.

Scorpion: We teleported right before Ben and Neo blew themselves up.

Odin: That's right.

General Cutman: And, if you're still thinking of fighting me... I have two more people I'd like you to meet.

(With a snap of his fingers, the general summons two more unexpected guests.)

The Six: WHAT!?

Super Chaos: Hello, Sixlets! It's been a while. Aren't you glad to see I'm still alive? And what about Neo?

Neo: Heh heh heh ... go ahead. TRY to resist.

Gary: You ... how ...?

General Cutman: Guess what I've got? It's a small book and it gave you some trouble in the past...

Erik: The Necronomicon.

General Cutman: Exactly. With that and my genius I've rebuilt Super Chaos. And, using what I could find of Ben, I remade Neo as the new Fireman!

Neo: And I gotta tell ya ... it feels *so* good!

General Cutman: So, please ... please resist.

Gary: Alright, guys... Get ready to ... RESIST!

(The heroes spring into action!)

General Cutman: Go get 'em!

(Neo instantly shoots a powerful Fire Storm attack at Rich and knocks him back. )

Rich: GAH!! That seriously hurt!

Neo: (while dashing towards Rich) Of course! I'm made of both Magma Dragoon AND Fireman parts!

(Neo pummels Bomb into the ground.)

Neo: NOTHING can hurt me!

(Fred gets a hold of Leon and, like a snake, slowly begins crushing the life from out of him...)

Fred: Against my rubber body, you're electric attacks are useless!

Leon: Urgh ... Don't worry about me.

Odin: Let him go, Fred.

Fred: ???

Leon: Wha?

Odin: I want to fight this loser ... one on one!

Fred: Uh, but I can really just kill him here...

Odin: Just do it!

(Gary dodges another of Super Chaos' eye beams!)

Gary: You might be more powerful, but you still have the same lousy aim.

Super Chaos: DAMN YOU! (Super Chaos launches, like a snake, at the icy robot master!)

Gary: WOAH!!

(Gary deftly avoids his oldest foe as the new forms makes Super Chaos more agile than before!)

Super Chaos: You can't avoid me forever, Iceman!

Gary: So, then I just gotta ... FIGHT YOU!

(Gary smacks his mallet into Super Chaos' exposed eye! Super Chaos reels back in pain!)

Super Chaos: EAHH!!!

Gary: And how about ... this!

(Gary quickly summons clouds into the sky and launches a snowfall attack on the monstrous Super Chaos!)

Super Chaos: GWAHH!!

Gary: And - GAHH!!

(Gary is hit from behind by Scorpion!)

Scorpion: Mwa hah hah hah!

Gary: What kind of attack is ... GAHH!!!

(Gary convulses in pain.)

Scorpion: It's my new weapon. Cybervenom! A poison which slowly kills robot masters. Hah hah hah!

(Britt dodges flames as quick as she can and launches three rolling cutters at Lance!)

Britt: Stop it already! Do you wanna get killed!?

(Lance avoids the boomerang-like weapon.)

Lance: With lame moves like that, you'll never hurt me! While I can always hurt you.

(Another blast from the attack sends Britt to her knees.)

Lance: Say goodbye, Gracie!

(Erik uppercuts Peter into the wall of the General's base.)

Peter: GAH!!

Erik: And this ... is for ME!!

(With a final punch Peter is knocked out!)

Erik: Who 's next!?

(Erik is pounded down into the floor!)

Dash: I am!

Erik: Eh? How did..?

(Dash rams into Erik at Super Speed and delivers a hundred punches in as many seconds.)

Dash: Inertia and super speed, baby!

Erik: ERK! Hey, that's pretty annoying!

Dash: (while continuing to punch Erik) Getting sore yet?

Erik: (pounds Dash on the head. Hard.) No. Quit it.

Dash: Ow ... oooo ... lights out...

(Dash falls onto the floor.)

(Odin continues to absorb Leon's attacks with his Soul Reaper.)

Odin: It's useless! It's not too late to give up.

Leon: I'll get you ... just gotta keep ... pouring it on...

Odin: Hah hah hah! All you've been doing so far is making my attacks more powerful. Take ... THIS!!

(Odin shoots off a blast of energy from his sword. Leon tries to absorb the blast, but it only hurts him even more!)

Leon: GWAHH!!!

Odin: Hah hah hah! "Bad energy"! That's how Pulzar was beaten and now ... you too!

Leon: Aw ... crap.

(Leon falls down, unconscious.)

General Cutman: Alright, everyone ... QUIT IT!!

(The fights stop and everyone's eyes are on the General.)

General Cutman: Sinister Six and ... other person.

Time: *twitch*

General Cutman: If you don't give up now, Gary will die from Scorpion's Cypervenom.

Erik: WHAT!?

Britt: Gary!!

(The heroes who are able rush to Gay's side and see that he's too weak to move.)

Time: What'd they do to you?

Erik: Speak to me, Gary.

General Cutman: My plans involve a living Iceman, but I'll gladly work with a dead one. If you give up now ... Gary lives to see tomorrow!

Super Chaos: Heh heh heh.

Neo: Nice going, General.

Scorpion: (to himself) General? I'm the one who did the work!

Rich: ... He got us!

Britt: And you promise to cure him.

General Cutman: Of course! We are brothers after all.


Erik: All right, General. You win.