The NEW Sinister Six in:

All Good Things: Part 6

Narrator: The interior of General Cutman's base is a mess of salvaged technology. It looked like the General spent his time stealing whatever advanced technology he could fine and then he'd dismantle it and reconfigure it all for his own use. The lights were dim with sporadic power outages. There was an audible, but unsteady hum generated by the florescent bulbs. It seems that the General didn't consider safe lights a concern. The myriad of controls were manned by several old friends ... Minion, City Garage, Buster Rod G, and Gasman.

Time, Bomb, Cut, Elec, and Guts were placed in a cell. The bars looked normal, but Leon confirmed they were flowing with deadly anti-electricity. The kind of thing that could fry Pulzar's circuits ... and his own. Gary was placed on a metal slab connected to a similar cage, only with a glass exterior. This cage held another ... "old fiend."

Rich: Kefka!

Kefka: Oh ho ... look who else was captured.

Britt: What's going on here, General?

General Cutman: Soon, sweety, soon.

(The General worked at the controls more. He seemed to be adjusting power gages.)

Britt: Fix Gary Now! You promised!

General Cutman: Don't worry. He'll be fixed. "I promise!" Heh heh heh.

City Garage: The power outputs look good, General.

Minion: Everything's set on my end, General!

Buster Rod: Kefka's power is still checked, General.

Scorpion: What's this, General Cutman? Why aren't the six dead yet? What are we waiting for??

General Cutman: For everything in my plan to work, of course.

Scorpion: Your plan? I thought it was "first the Sinister Six and then the world." What other plan can there be?

Super Chaos: heh heh heh...

General Cutman: Oh, Scorpion. I'm so disappointed in you. You used to be such a big thinker. That's why I joined forced with you.

Lance: Looks like he's gonna get it now.

Scorpion: Silence!

General Cutman: Don't you see? Even if we beat the Sinister Six there'll always be some other team in our way. But there's an old saying ... "if you can't beat 'em ... join 'em!"

Scorpion: ...

General Cutman: I'm not interested in the obvious sort of world conquest someone like you thinks about. No, I'm interested in truly shaping the world! People already see the Sinister Six as heroes ... and why not just let them keep on thinking that? Only, this time around ... the Sinister Six will be working with me!

Scorpion: With us!

General Cutman: "Us"? Oh, there might have been an "us" early on in this, but it became clear pretty soon that you just weren't up to my level of thinking.

Scorpion: "Your level of thinking"!? I've heard enough! No two-bit robotic copy can talk that way to me! Sleek Squad! Give me his head!


Peter: Heh heh heh.

Scorpion: Sleek Squad?

General Cutman: I'm sorry, but none of my robot masters will hurt me.

Scorpion: Your robot masters!?

General Cutman: I arranged for the "accident" that gave the Sleek Squad their powers to happen. After they learned that, they were pretty grateful. They're my first human Robot Masters!

Fred: It's good to be the first.

Scorpion: Neo! Aid me! With your power I can -

Neo: No way, loser! General Cutman rebuilt me. He gave me a place in the world. I'll be taking my dad's place in the new Sinister Six.

Scorpion: Then ... Odin.

Kefka: Fwa hah hah hah hah! Even in my prison I can appreciate this!

Scorpion: Odin!

Odin: Scorpion ... who do you think the General replaced first among the six?

The Six: !!!

Gary: Wait ... you mean?

(Odin slices at Scorpion! Scorpion evades.)

Scorpion: Traitor! You'll *GAHH!!*

(Scorpion comes tumbling down as a rolling Cutter stabs him in the back, slicing off his tail in the process.)

General Cutman: When I bring you back, I'll be making you smarter.

Scorpion: Odinnnn!!

Odin: Goodbye, "pal".

(Odin uses his Soul Reaper to remove Scorpion's head from his shoulders.)

Rich: What did he mean by that, General?

General Cutman: What he meant is that he was the first among you no-good "brothers" of mine to die and then be remade in my own image! Shortly after he became Elecman, in fact. All this time, he's actually been working for me!

Britt: But ... he said he was working for Scorpion!

Odin: Scorpion approached me a few weeks after General Cutman remade me. While infiltrating the six was a priority it was decided that using Scorpion's connections to the various villains would prove even more fruitful. After all ... they're a lot more suspicious than you guys.

Kefka: Fwa hah hah hah hah! That's actually pretty funny! I may be dead soon, but I can still appreciate a good joke!

General Cutman: And now ... it's time for "Iceman" to get better. Or more accurately ... my brother Iceman Red!

The Six: !!!

General Cutman: (Opens the Necronomicon and recites it's deadly words) Klataa ... Verataaa ... Niktu! Spirits of the dead! Enter this vessel!

Gary: GWAHHHH!!!

Britt: Gary!

Erik: You bastard! What do you think you're doing!?

General Cutman: Now, begin the transfer of energy! Siphon off Kefka's power into my brother!

(cables glow as Kefka's power is transferred into Iceman!)

Gary: Gahh! Akk! What ... do you think you're doing!?

General Cutman: Keeee heee hee heee! Red wasn't the only one of Dr. Light's robots to turn out bad. I was the first! Dr. Light feared my power and drove me out, but I survived. I thought I was alone for a long time ... until I heard about my dear brother Red...

General Cutman: Red's like me! Another of Light's creations that got tossed aside. Another of Light's creations that's superior to the rest of these miserable robotic failures that inhabit this sorry excuse for a planet!

Gary: But ... *nng* ... I'm not Red! AHH!! There's not even a screw left of Red! He's gone!

General Cutman: True enough. But ... there's still something of Red left in the world. And that's you, brother dear. You're Red's other half. I think just having you is enough to anchor Red's spirit. And thanks to the Necronomicon, that's exactly what I'm able to do! And thanks to Kefka's power...

Kefka: You're welcome by the way.

General Cutman: i can bring my brother Red back with a small measure of his trademark, godlike power! Keee heee hee hee hee!

Super Chaos: Oh, it's good to be on the winning side for once...

Minion: Sir! Perimeter alarms are going off!

General Cutman: What!?

Minion: We have intruders!

General Cutman: What!? Who!? Wily's forces are gone! The Mechs are a world away with Megaman! The old S6 are in robot jail! My plan's airtight! Who the Hell is left!? WHO!?

City Garage: Turning on surveillance monitors ... We have video and audio!

Nick: Alright, Backstreet Project! This is it! Our friends are in there and it's up to us to save the day!

General Cutman: ...