The NEW Sinister Six in:

All Good Things: Part 7

Narrator: The General goes into a fit of rage as the Backstreet Project tear through his army of sniper joes and prototype robot master copies.

General Cutman: The Backstreet Project!? The Backstreet Project!? I gather together every single villain this damned team's ever faced, imprisoned my goodie-goodie bros, even sacrificed my creation Apple, and now you're telling me someone forgot to mention that the Sinister Six had even MORE backup!?

Buster Rod: Uh, well, nobody's seen them in a long time...

General Cutman: Any more excuses from ANYONE and heads will ROLL!! Sleek Squad!

Dash: Erm ... yes, boss?

General Cutman: This is right up your alley. Break the Backstreet Project!

Dash: Yes, boss.

General Cutman: Neo!

Neo: Sir?

General Cutman: If they fail tear everyone apart!!

Neo: I like the way you think. Let's go, guys.

Fred: *gulp* Roger.

(The Sleek Squad and Neo exit to destroy the Backstreet Project.)

General Cutman: The Backstreet Project, Oilman, Time Chan, Necronomicons ... Yellow Devils calling themselves stupid names ... This entire world is insane! But I'll set everything right.

Rich: Wait a second here. Are you telling me Super Chaos is news to you?

General Cutman: Shut up! Did anyone tell you you could speak?

Rich: But Super Chaos has been around since forever! And if you've been around since before our team even formed, you should have known about the Backstreet Project.

General Cutman: ...

Rich: Isn't it odd that Dr. Light made TWO ultra-evil robots?

Minion: Er...

Buster Rod: ...

Rich: And isn't it odd that I made you up?

General Cutman: And exactly what are you saying here, Bombman?

Rich: Nth told us things weren't the way he remembered them. And you clearly don't know everything you ought to know. What I'm saying is ... you're from a different Earth! An alternate reality! Maybe you stumbled onto this place during that "Oilman and Timeman" mess or the big battle with Red ... but you clearly don't belong here.


General Cutman: Maybe you're on to something. But in the end it doesn't matter.

Gary: GAHH!!! AHH!!!

General Cutman: My reality or not, I'll MAKE this place my home! I'll reshape this insane world in my own image! I'll MAKE it make sense! Even if I have to carve it bloody to do it.

Britt: I can't believe you're some twisted alternate-reality version of me!

General Cutman: Technically, I'm some "twisted alternate - reality version" of Jason, the first clown calling himself Cutman. But don't sweat it, sweetheart! In my world, there's room for only one Cutman.

Kefka: Uhh Ohhh ... I ... I'm fading ... It can't end like this, can it?

Super Chaos: Heh heh heh, it looks like our other worldly clown is starting to fade away.

Gary: I'll rip you to shreds! When I get out of here, you're all dead!

Gasman: And it looks like Gary is becoming more and more like Red ... is this really a good ideas, General?

General Cutman: It's a terrific idea. Up the power!

Erik: We have to do something!

Britt: But what!? I can't break out of this... the bars just repel my Rolling Cutter!

Rich: And the amount of bombs I'd need to blow this open would just hurt all of us ... especially you, Erik.

Time: None of my time powers are much use here.

Leon: Well ... I *can* absorb the electricity found here, but ... If I do I'm dead meat.


Britt: (whispering) Odin! Odin!

Odin: ...

Britt: Come here!

(Through some strange impulse, Odin comes closer.)

Odin: (whispering) Exactly what do you want?

Britt: We're all going to die here, Odin. If we don't do something Red will be reborn and he'll kill us all.

Odin: The General's got it all planned out. There's no way he can lose.

Britt: The General's clearly insane! And he doesn't know Red.

Odin: I'm only interested in helping the General.

Britt: ... I know you're just a copy of our Odin. But, you have his memories. I know it was hard for you to betray us. Every time we've fought I've seen you hesitate.

Odin: ...

Britt: The Odin I remember was always about honor and protecting women. General Cutman used Gary to trick us in here. He lied to us by saying he'd cure Gary. And now he'll kill all of us - women included!

Odin: ... And what do you want me to do about it?

Britt: You still have Elecman's powers. Everyone's looking at Gary now ... while their backs are turned you can absorb the energy from these bars and break us out.

Odin: I ...

General Cutman: And ... what do you think you're doing, Odin?

Odin: I ...!

General Cutman: Odin, I think you're getting ... confused. I think it's time to kill our guests.

Odin: But they're helpless!

General Cutman: That only makes it easier then, doesn't it?

Odin: But ... Time and Cut are women!

General Cutman: I don't like dissension, Odin.

(A loud explosion is heard outside. The lights go out and General Cutman whirls to his monitors.)

General Cutman: What the devil is going on out there!?

(A loud sizzle and a crash is heard as Odin uses his Soul Reaper on the bars of the cage!)

Odin: AHHHHHH!!!!!

(Odin convulses as anti-energy rips his systems apart! Odin falls to the floor and goes into convulsions.)

Erik: he ... he saved us!

Leon: I never woulda guessed.

General Cutman: Damn you! Next time I leave in the loyalty circuits!

(The General gives Odin an evil look and all of a sudden Odin stops screaming. His convulsions cease and there's only a minor twitch.)

Britt: ... Odin?

(The General leaps into the heroes, Rolling Cutter in hand!)

General Cutman: I made him and I can UNmake him! With just a silent transmission, I can deactivate any of my robot masters! A safety precaution every mad scientist should take.

Britt: You ... You BASTARD!

(Britt tears into the General's shoulder with her own rolling cutter!)

Gasman: What ... do we do?

Super Chaos: We attack, you idiots!

(Super Chaos splits into many rocks and flies towards the Sinister Six! They, and the General scatter to avoid the monstrous robot.)

General Cutman: Careful! There's delicate equipment here!

Buster Rod: Let's go!

(Buster Rod extends his staff towards Erik, who catches the pole with ease.)

Erik: You little ... jerk!

(Erik flings the robot into the far wall! Controls spark and sizzle as Buster Rod hits the wall. The light, however, turn on once more and the robots squint for a moment at the sudden brightness.)

General Cutman: I said to Be CAREFULL!!

Gary: AIEEE!!

Britt: We have to save - GUH!!

(Britt is hit by the General's fist.)

General Cutman: Only one Cutman survives this fight, sweetie!

(Gasman engulfs Rich in his noxious fumes.)

Rich: *gakk! choke*!

Gasman: I've gained even greater control of my power! I'm no joke now!

Minion: Try this, Sixlets!

(Minion delivers a flurry at bullets at Time and Leon who have no space to maneuver. The machines behind them short out as they're riddled with bullets.)

Leon: GAH!!

Time: UKK!!

General Cutman: (while delivering a kick to Britt) You can't use that here, you idiot! Stop it! Stop it at once!

(Loud explosions are heard from outside. Screams from injured heroes or villains ... nobody could say for sure which side was winning.)

Gary: GWAHH!!!

Kefka: I ... I can't ...

(In a flash of light Kefka is transformed into a floating piece of magicite.)

General Cutman: FINALLY!!!

(The magicite then crumbles and is absorbed into Gary.

Britt: GARY!!!

Gary: ughhhh ... uhhhh!!!!

(Gary flashes bight red as he destroys all the machines at his end of the room! The Necronomicon, lying discarded on the floor, bursts into flames.)

General Cutman: I'VE DONE IT!!! HE'S BACK!!

(All fighting stops as Red now hovers in midair. City Garage trembles from his hiding place in a nearby closet.)

Red: General Cutman.

Rich: Shit.

General Cutman: Brother!

Red: ... I don't think I need more brothers.

(Red shoots fireballs at the General! Despite being stunned, General Cutman avoids them.)

General Cutman: What? No! I ... I brought you back!

Red: Yeah ... to be your puppet. What's with the kill switch in my head, General?

General Cutman: A precaution! That's all!

Red: Real brothers trust each other!

General Cutman: I ... I'm sorry.

(The door bursts open with a crash. Neo limps in looking haggard and broken.)

Neo: I ... I...

General Cutman: You! Can't you see we're having a moment over here!? Why the Hell are you beat up so badly!?

(The General stalks towards Neo.)

Neo: There's ...

General Cutman: You are supposed to be from the future. This indestructible THING! This force of nature! What the Hell -

(Neo is blown up mere feet from the General's position.)



General Cutman: What?

Red: ...

???: Sorry to break up the party. It's been real nice. Watching all of you go at each other's throats like this. Seriously, I like destruction, but this ... you guys take the cake.

Super Chaos: No ... it's ...

???: And ... hey! Is that my old buddy I see over there?

Super Chaos: AHH!!!!!! AHH!!!!!

???: Hah hah hah! It is, isn't it?

General Cutman: ... Who are you?

???: I'm the guy who killed Super Chaos.

Super Chaos: He's called Zero! He was made to kill us all!!!

Zero: You're all miserable failures. I'm the future. And I say ... none of you belong!

(Red smiles.)