The NEW Sinister Six in:

All Good Things: Part 8

Narrator: It's a showdown of evil with the Sinister Six caught in the middle! General Cutman, the psychotic robot scientist remade Red from Gary. Red wants nothing to do with the General and plans to resume the destruction of reality as soon as he can. But both are caught off guard with the arrival of Wily's most dangerous creation yet - Zero! With three super robot criminals gunning for each other can the Sinister Six survive?

Britt: Oh, Gary ... what have they done to you?

(Red smiles evilly. There's no trace of the Eskimo their friends knew so well in his face at all.)

Rich: So basically ... we're screwed.

Erik: Pretty much.

General Cutman: None of you will get out of here alive. I hope you realize that.

Zero: That's funny ... I was thinking the same thing. I think we're a lot alike. Wanna be friends?

Minion: It's a pretty tense here.

Buster Rod: I think we could have used Scorpion in this sort of situation.

Gasman: Umm ...

Super Chaos: Let me at 'im ... Let me at 'im ...

Time: I with Oil were here.

Leon: ...

Red: Let's get this over with!!

(Red blasts flames at both the Sinister Six and at General Cutman's group of minions! Both evade, but Gasman isn't fast enough.)

Gasman: GAHH!!! Oh, God, that could have killed me!

General Cutman: Sweetie! I'm gunnin' fer ya! (the General tosses his Rolling Cutter at his female counterpart.)

Britt: Right back at ya! (Britt repels the attack using her own cutter.)

Super Chaos:I'm stronger than I was before, Zero!

(Super Chaos punches a hole in the wall as he attacks Zero! Zero chuckles and chops off the hand at the wrist with his Beam Saber in response.)

Zero: Not by much, though.

(Super Chaos merely becomes liquid, hand included, and and snatches Zero in it's goo-like substance.)

Super Chaos: Says you!!

Zero: !!

(Erik rips out machinery, once again plunging the room into darkness and tosses it at Buster Rod.)

Erik: Let's do it, guys!

Buster Rod: (While destroying the machinery in midair.) It'll take more than that, buffoon!

(Buster Rod jumps high into the air and performs a jump kick on Leon!)

Leon: oof!

(Gutsman throws a punch, but Buster Rod sidesteps it and he hits Leon instead.)

Buster Rod: Watch that aim!

Red: Die, everyone!!

(Red illuminates the room with flames as he sets it ablaze! Wires burn as does all of the General 's notes.)

General Cutman: Nooooo!! My NOTES!! I'll kill you! You ingrate!

(the General ceases to care about Britt and attacks Red instead.)

Red: hah hah hah! Brotherly love!

General Cutman: (kicks Red across the room) I'll show you love! You want heart? (the General brandishes his deadly blade) I'll carve out your heart!

Red: Ugh... that shouldn't have hurt - UGH!!

(General Cutman digs into Red's chest with his blade.)


General Cutman: You ... IDIOT! You think you're hot stuff? I MADE you! I may have used Kefka to jump start your powers, but they aren't what they used to be. And I beat Kefka!

Red: Ahh ... ahh!

General Cutman: I guess it's true ... family SUCKS!

(Before the General can land the killing blow on his brother, Britt tackles him from behind!)

General Cutman: UFFF!

Britt: Don't you lay a finger on Gary!!

General Cutman: Stupid cow! Don't you get -

Britt, General Cutman: AHHH!!!!!

(The two Cuts scream as Red burns them with his fire.)

Red: Thanks for the save, hunny.

Zero: (while blasting chunks of Super Chaos away) You know, Bass was always right. All Wily makes is junk. I can't believe he actually expected me to follow his orders! I mean ... you didn't.

Super Chaos: (Shoots a laser bean at Zero from his eye) I'll ... get you...

Zero: (While deflecting his blast with his sword) So I tear his fortress and all of his tin men apart the minute I'm able to. I just hope I was able to get Wily while I set about destroying his base. And then you ... oh, it was a pleasure to kill you.

(With a swipe of his Zeta Saber, Zero deflects the ray back at Super Chaos. The giant reels back in pain!)

Super Chaos: AHH!!!

Zero: (while slicing into the giant) I'm just glad you escaped. It gave me a nice chase ... and I do love it when they run. Heh heh heh heh.

(Suddenly Zero finds he is unable to move.)

Zero: !?

Time: So you destroyed Wily's Warriors! And all the rest too! You admit it!

Zero: With pride! (Zero strains his robotic "muscles", but is frozen in place.)

Time: I won't let you go.

Super Chaos: Why thank you ... (Super Chaos pounds Zero into the ground. Time Girl follows up by shooting arrows at the fallen robot.)

Time: From what I heard, it was Scorpion who destroyed the PC teams' base. But, why would he do that!? It was you! And you've just followed us all this time! That's why you're here now. Did you hurt the Backstreet Project? And the Sleek Squad? Did you!?

(Time Girl shoots more arrows and Super Chaos pounds his fist onto the ground.)


(The two are hit with powerful energy bursts and fall to the ground. Zero falls from the ceiling.)

Zero: The who? If you mean those weaklings that were fighting each other in front of this shack, I didn't hurt them at all. I KILLED THEM!

(Zero dashes over to Time and slices her with the Saber!)

Zero: Just like I'm killing you right now!


Zero: Hah hah hah - URK!

(Zero is blasted back by multiple Hyper Bombs!)

Rich: get off her, you maniac!

Time: R-Rich ...

(Buster Rod is pummeled into a wall by Gutsman)

Buster Rod: URK!!

Erik: Gotcha! You annoying monkey!

Leon: We gotta help the others. (Blasts Minion with an Elect Beam.)

Minion: GUKK!!

Erik: No kiddin. This place is like a - UFF!!!

(Erik is hit from behind as General Cutman is tossed right into him! Red rises into the air clutching Britt's neck.)

General Cutman: (Whirls so he's on top of Erik.) DIE!!! (General Cutman repeatedly plunges his Rolling Cutter deep into Erik's chest!)

Erik: GYRK!!!

General Cutman: Die! Die! Die!!

Gasman: H-He's a psycho!

Zero: Comin' through!

(Zero leaps on top of the injured Super Chaos and jumps at Red.)

Rich: Come back here!

Zero: I'll get the big fish!

Red: !?

(Zero slices at Red! Red drops Britt and puts up a flame shield just in time to stop major damage by Zero.)

(Leon manages to catch Britt.)

Britt: *cough cough*

Leon: Britt! Are you okay.

Britt: he's ... a monster! He's ... look out!!

(Leon whirls and barely manages to dodge Minion's machine gun attack!)

Minion: For the General !

Leon: Annoying! (Leon shoots out an Elect Beam, but it's sliced in half by a Rolling Cutter!)

Leon: !!!

(The rolling cutter digs into Leon's chest as he drops Britt and falls to the ground. It's caught by the General .)

General Cutman: My lab ... my plans ... Why does everyone here have to be ... so ... damned ... UNCOOPERATIVE!?

(Zero is flung back by Red's telekinesis. Red flies towards him!)

Red: So nice to meet you! My name's Red. Future ruler of the world!

Zero: (While shooting at the oncoming Red.) I know who you are. Wily programmed it into me. Glad I get to kill you.

Red: (Shoots flames at the rod robot while take the damage he's dishing out.) Right back at ya!

(There's an explosion as the two collide! It's become a fistfight between super powers! The wall breaks open and the fight continues in the next room. This room houses, what appears to be, other General Cutman like robots.)

General Cutman: Hey! Stay outta there! That's my Scissor Army! HEY!

(the General is reminded of who he's fighting as he's hit with a high dose of electricity. Meanwhile the battle rages and Red delivers and uppercut to Zero.)

Red: What have you got on your side? Programming? I'll program the meaning of pain into you! I've got years and years of loneliness and rejection fueling my powers!

Zero: Aw, do you need yer mommy? (Zero punches Red in the gut and follows with a two-fisted pound to Red's head) All you do is whine, whine, whine. I was friggin' designed to kill you people off. I'm the damned future! THE FUTURE!

(Zero kicks Red across the room and begins to rapidly shoot the area. Robots explode and Red uses his arms and his powers to shield himself from the worst of the damage.)

Zero: Mwahah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah!!

(Zero is amazed when one of the General -copies stabs him in the back.)

Zero: Whu?

Red: These things're alive!?

(The robots able to move creep towards the two started "brothers" and draw their razor-sharp Rolling Cutters.)

Red: ...

Zero: (grins)

General Cutman: (While standing over the battered bodies of Leon and Erik) Get them my Army! Carve them into pieces! Kya hah hah hah hah!

(Erik then grabs the General by the foot.)

General Cutman: !!

Rich: Hold him still!

(Rich kicks several bombs at the General which explode on impact! the General 's blown away ... as is Erik's right arm!)

Erik: GAHH!!!

General Cutman: AIEE!!!!

Rich: (as he springs towards the General ) Get Fushi! She's been hurt bad by that Zero creep!

Leon: Gotcha.

(Zero and Red continue to hack through the Scissor Army!)

Red: 50!

Zero: Hah! 55!

Red: 55!? (Red melts over a dozen more General Cutman copies with his intense flame.) There! How much was that?

Zero: Not as much as this'll be!

(Zero pauses for just a second. And then springs upward! He hits the ceiling and then dashes down, in the middle of a crows of army drones. With lightning speed, Zero mows down soldier after soldier as Red stares in admiration. it ends with Zero carving a messy path back to Red.)

Red: Whoa!

Zero: Heh heh heh.

(Both robot's attention is drawn to the gaping hole from the other room as Super Chaos smashes his way through the foot soldiers to make his way to his prey!)

Super Chaos: ZERO! ICERMAN! I hate you both!

(Super Chaos swipes away army men as if they were nothing.)

Super Chaos: I don't care if you're Red now or what we're even fighting about... as long as I get to crush both of you with my bare hands!!

(Red and Zero exchange looks.)

Red: ...

Zero: ...

(The two point their busters at the cyclops. Take a moment's aim ... and fire their powerful weapons at the same time!)

Super Chaos:!!! GAHH!!!!!

(There's a mighty explosion as the reborn cyclops is broken apart by the force of the combined attack! For a moment the fighting stops. The Scissor Army is mostly destroyed.)

(Red and Zero look each other square in the eyes.)

Red: I like you.

Zero: Uh-hunh.

Red, Zero: I'll save you for last!