The NEW Sinister Six in:

All Good Things: Part 9

Narrator: The fight winds to a close! Who will live? Who will die? All questions are answered and the survivors are revealed.

(Buster Rod wakes up from unconsciousness and surveys the rubble surrounding him.)

Buster Rod: What in ...

(Buster Rod sees a madly grinning Red flying low, straight at him and realizes he shouldn't have bothered to get up.)

Buster Rod: Oh sh-

(Buster Rod is split in half ad Red blows into the next room!)

Red: Mwa hah hah hah hah!

(Rich punches the General in the gut and follows up by a quick spin-kick to the back of the General 's head.)

Rich: Yer done, you nut case!

(Rich slathers on explosive jelly onto his hands and grabs the General 's head. The dazed foe doesn't react in time and the resulting explosion damages both he and Rich!)

Rich: GAHH!! I'll make sure you're done for.

General Cutman: Uff ... hrrkk!

(the General Spits out lubricant.)

General Cutman: Hurrr ... I ... ain't done.

(General Cutman reaches for his Rolling cutter, but it's blown away by one of Bomb's Hyper Bombs.)

General Cutman: Gyahh!

Rich: Oh no you don't! I'm finishing you off myself. (Bombman produces another, bigger, bomb and sets it beside General Cutman.)

General Cutman: I won't - (General Cutman tries to spring away, but Bombman jumps on top of him, preventing escape.)

Rich: No way! I'm taking you down ... whether you like it or not!

General Cutman: You oaf!! You'll die too!

Rich: Heh heh heh...

General Cutman: If that's how it is ...

(The bomb goes off in a powerful explosion! Parts of Rich and the General go everywhere!)

Britt: What??

Leon: RICH!!!

Minion: General!!

Gasman: Alright, that's it! I'm outta here!

(Minion shoots the legs out from under Gasman)

Gasman: GAHH!!!

Minion: You would leave, wouldn't you? You coward! You're a disgrace!

Gasman: But it's nuts here!

Minion: We all might die here, but you - GURK!!

(Minion looks down in surprise as he sees the tip of a Zeta Saber sticking out of his chest.)

Zero: Sorry to interrupt.

(Zero slashes upwards and completely destroys Minion!)

Zero: Ha hahhah hah hah hah!

Gasman: Good God!

Zero: And now it's your turn!!

(But Zero stops short as alarms go off throughout the building.)

Zero: What!?

Gasman: It's ... it's the self destruct! the General must have set it off!

Leon: What!?

Zero: Hah hah hah hah! Great! You'll all die right here!

(Red crashes through the wall and hovers in midair!)

Red: Hah hah hah!

Leon: GARY!!

Red: Not anyone.

(Red grabs Leon through telekinesis and lefts him upwards.)

Red: The name's RED.

Leon: Gary ... look around you... everyone's dead or dying.

Red: Ain't it grand?

Leon: Gary ... Even Odin sacrificed himself to save us. You can't say that means nothing you you.

Red: (while burning a hole in Leon's stomach) It doesn't.

Zero: heh heh heh.

Leon: GWAHH!!!

Red: You aren't even my brother. You're just some lame stand in. Three times over in fact!

(Red tosses fireballs at Leon's legs and blows them apart at the knees.)

Leon: EAHH!!

Red: Pathetic. Some bounty hunter.

(Red drops Leon unceremoniously onto the ground.)

Red: I'll burn this place to a cinder.

Britt: WAIT!!

Red: No good!

Britt: Don't you remember at all?

Red: You're all going ...

(Red struggles to fire the shot. His arm is outstretch and wavering. Flames trickle out of it.)

Zero: What's wrong?

Red: I ... don't know!

Zero: Hurry up and finish 'em off before the self-destruct does!

Britt: Gary ... look around you. Everyone's dead or in pieces.

(Red looks around nervously.)

Red: So what!?

Leon: You ... you gotta care, Gary.

Red: Shut up! I'm not that guy!

Britt: Everyone else is down, Gary. It's up to you now.

Red: I don't care.

Zero: Red, I'm going to do you a favor.

(Zero shoots Britt in the chest. Her internal organs splatter out as Zero's shot rips though her fragile casing.)

Britt: !!!


(Red immediately turns around and shoots a burst of flame so powerful it knocks the startled Zero off his feet and straight into the walls. Red lands with a boom right in front of the red robot.)

Red: What? Was? That?

(Red coolant leaks from zero's mouth.)

Zero: AKK! W-why'd you d-do that? She was confusing you ... I ...

(Red picks up Zero).

Zero: I'm the damned future. I can't ...

Red: Looks to me like you can.

(Flames surround the pair of robot and Red blows Zero up into a million pieces!)

Leon: GARY!!!

(As the smoke clears ... a familiar face is seen covered in shock and horror.)

Gary: I ... I can't believe I ... BRITT!

(Gary rushes over to the fallen team member and crouches down.)

Gary: Aw ... Britt ... Leon ... Aw no.

Leon: Listen ... we're robots ... we can.. .

Gary: Aw, man ... I can't believe I did that ... all of this ...

Leon: Gary, you gotta listen to me! This place is going to explode!

Gary: It's going to...?

Narrator: Iceman regains his senses too late! A series of pre-planned explosives rock the building and soon the main explosion goes off! It could be seen from miles around. General Cutman's final trap goes off and everyone is blown to bits!