The NEW Sinister Six in:

All Good Things: Epilogue

Narrator: It's two week later. The Mechanical maniacs have returned from their adventure with Megaman. And now, Shadowman goes to see some very injured friends staying at his base...)

Shadowman: You guys look like Hell.

Rich: You know it does take a while to recover form something like that. Being blown into several pieces isn't fun!

Erik: Yeah, man.

Shadowman: Easy, guys! Call off the dogs.

Leon: Just where the Hell were you all that time!?

Shadowman: Wily was causing some trouble. We had to fight him.

Rich: How very convenient for you.

Shadowman: I heard Ice was pretty roughed up. How's he -

(Shadowman is hit with a pie in the face.)

Gary: Nya nyah!

Shadowman: Doing fine I see.

Gary: Hah hah - GAHH!!

(Gary clutches his side. Britt rushes to his aid.)

Britt: You gotta be careful.

Gary: Ughh. Yeah. Ow.

Shadowman: You're lucky you're hurt Ice. Otherwise that'd be a Shadow Blade to the brain!

Britt: You big bully!

Shadowman: How in the world did you guys escape that explosion? You seemed screwed!

Erik: At the last moment Time activated her power. It was long enough for Gary to use what was left of his Red powers to form a shield around us. It didn't stop all the damage, but ... we're alive.

Leon: The little guy saved us again. But, he's still suffering damage because of the cybervenom and being inhabited by Red. Light says he has to take it easy.

Rich: Yeah, we're all safe. No thanks to you.

Shadowman: Aw, hey. I may not have been able to show myself, but I did send in the Backstreet Project, right?

Leon: Yeah ... it's just too bad Zero slaughtered them all ...


Shadowman: Erm, well ... we have another visitor here.

Ben: heya, guys.

All: BEN!!

Gary: You're a sight for sore eyes!

Ben: Heh heh, you too, old buddy.

Erik: We tried to put you back together again.

Ben: I know you did. Luckily Wily was able to find enough of my parts to rebuild me.

Shadowman: Hh. I wonder if we should go in and stop him from rebuilding too much. The Warriors are fine, but I wouldn't mind seeing the last of the Evil Eight and his Rescue Force.

Gary: If that's what you wanna do, then go for it. Me, I'm too exhausted to fight.

Ben: I heard you guys went through some rough times. I just can't believe it... Neo ... and the other me! Just ... gone!

Britt: I know.

Erik: We lost a lot of good friends ... and even some enemies too!

Shadowman: Apple's still in custody. They found enough of Buster Rod to prosecute too. But everyone else is just ... way too far gone.

Gary: They never found City Garage's body though.

Erik: I think he high-tailed it out of there.

Rich: Smartest thing he ever did.

All: Hah hah hah!

Gary: Owchies. It hurts to laugh.

Shadowman: Well, here's something to brighten your day: The old S6 has finally been released!

Gary: Really!?

Shadowman: yep. Light has a lot of pull. And they were clearly under Apple's power.

Rich: That's awesome news!

Shadowman: Unfortunately, they've been locked into their human modes. And their power chips have been removed. Their hero days are done.

Erik: They deserve a break.

Rich: We all do.

Gary: They retired a while back. Maybe this way people will leave 'em alone.

Leon: With all of our villains gone, I think we're going to Tahiti for a while.

Rich: The world doesn't need us anymore.

Erik: We turned out to be big heroes! Beating Zero AND General Cutman!

Gary: And don't forget Red!

Rich: Scorpion's gone too.

Leon: it looks like we're finally household names!

Gary: Hey, I could use a soda. I'll be right back. Can I get anything for anyone?

Britt: Orange soda for me.

Shadowman: I'm good.

Gary: Anyone else?

(Everyone shakes their heads and Gary gets up and leaves the room).

Rich: And I could use more pizza. (Rich gets up and heads to the table nearby.)

Erik: How about it, Ben? Gonna join up with us?

Ben: Maybe. This place could use a REAL Ben around.

Rich: It's too bad Time's retired. she was pretty handy.

Britt: Without Oil she's -

(The six hear a crash followed by a loud thud.)


Britt: Gary?


In memory of
Gary "Iceman" Martin.
9/17/1979- 9/27/2006
Annoying prankster ... friend.