The NEW Sinister Six in:

All Good Things: Prologue

Andon: Oi and Oi! The classic Elecman here to introduce the very last Sinister Six epilogue adventure! It's been a wild ride, but everything does have to come to a close sometime, doesn't it? The time has come for ... the very last Sinister Six adventure.

This epilogue goes out to Gary Martin and all his hard work. You rock, dude!

Narrator: Super Chaos runs down the dark streets of Megalopolis. His loud footsteps echo in the empty streets. His mechanical heart is racing. Were he human he would sweat.

This is Super Chaos' last day on Earth.

???: You can't escape, Chaos.

Super Chaos: No .... NO! It can't end like this. I won't let it!

(Super Chaos emits a high-energy eye-beam at his mystery attacker)

???: Too slow! Too Slow!

(The mystery attacker slices a gaping wound through the Sinister Six's adversary. Super Chaos screams in pain.)

Super Chaos: AIIEEEE!

(Super Chaos staggers backwards, but quickly regains his composure.)

Super Chaos: This isn't over yet! Don't you know? I'm the scourge of all Wily's guardians!

(Super Chaos spits into several small balls which come flying at the mystery attacker!)

???: Yeah, I heard about that. And I don't care! Nothing you can do can ever stop me! Not a thing!

(Powerful blasts from the mystery attacker send the pieces of Super Chaos flying tot he opposite end of the street! Super Chaos reforms into a floating ball.)

Super Chaos: Eat the Chaos beam!

(Super Chaos takes aim at the attacker and fires a stream of energy! It tears a hole into the street, but the attacker evades and fires more shots at the giant. Super Chaos once more splits into several small balls and, in a serpent-like line, barrels towards the mystery man. Deftly the man dodges and fires more shots into the giants form. Super Chaos grunts in pain.)

Super Chaos: (Impossible! I can't be hurt in this form... I can't!)

(Super Chaos reforms and tosses giant, square blocks at the attacker.)

???: Gimme a break already.

(The attacker takes aim and, in a few short blasts, destroys the blocks as they head towards him!)

Super Chaos: I'm not done yet! I'm not done!

(The mystery attacker takes aim for Super Chaos' eye ... and fires a mighty blast. The force of the explosion is enough to shatter the old robot's circuitry.)

Super Chaos: GAH!!!


(Super Chaos lies twitching before the feet of the mystery attacker. Only now does he recognize the man who's been stalking him.)

???: Not so high and mighty now are you ... comrade?

Super Chaos: You? But ... why would you...?

(The giant's fate is sealed at the end of a gun barrel.)