Super Chaos: Who the hell are you ? I never anticipated another team *groans*

Ben: We're the X-Force one eye ! I'm Magma Dragoon the hottest maverick...

Alon: Frost Walrus, I'll freeze ya into submission !

Rob: Cyber Peacock, the cyber psycho...

Anton: More like the cyber wussy...

Rob: Shut up...

Lynx: You ruined the introduction...

Matt: Yeah thanks a whole lot...

Rob: *cries* you guys are always after me...

Marc: What a baby.

Super Chaos: This is amusing. I have some friends that might be interested in you...

*A white flash surrounds the X-Force*

Meanwhile the Sinister Six are watching some crazy infomerical...

Edward: Ugh...nothing is good on tonight...

Tim: Then don't watch anything at all....

Scott: Let's blow stuff up !

Gary: Oh that reminded me that cupcake you ate will explode in...

Jason: Run for the couch...

Gary: 5

The six run behind the couch...

Gary: 4...3...2

Scott: Damn you Gary...

Gary: One...what the heck !!!

*the X-Force lands on top of Scott*

Scott: POFF !

Alon: Did you feel something ?

Rick: nope.

Matt: Nuh-uh

Marc: Who are those guys ?

Six: ...

Tim: Ben, I reconize, but who are those other bots ?

IRA: Just a bunch of stupid animals...

Gary: I wouldn't say that...

IRA: And why not ?

Jason: Look in front of you...

Ben: Stupid Animals eh ? *throws IRA through the window*

Tim: That's it Ben I'm sick of you and your abusing us !

Ben: What are you going to do about it ?

Tim: Sinister Six Reunite !

Ben and the force put on their sunglasses

Jason: Curses ! They know that trick.

Rick: We've studied you for years we know every one of your tricks.

Scott: *coughes* Even my cupcake recipe ?

Alon: Man, those are good cupcakes....


Marc: Let's take this outside... *blows everyone into the street*

IRA: *recovers from his daze* What happened ?!? *sees the S6 and X-Force fighting* I need to get into the action... FIRE STORM !!!

Alon: *gets hit by the Fire Storm*

Anton: HA HA...*gets shocked by Edward* ahhhhhhhh.....

Rob: *cries* we're losing men....

Gary: Shut up ya big baby ! *kicks Rob in the nads*

Rob: *cries* Ow, My groin.....

Ben: *Pounces on IRA* Fool now you shall face my wrath....

Alon and Gary face off against each other like the  Ice Demons that they are

Alon: So, you think you’re the master freezer shorty!

Gary: Boy!you sure are big!

Alon: ICE WAVE!!

Gary jumps on Alons back

Gary: Look at me!  I’m king of the Ice Berg!

Alon: Hey!  Get off of there!

Rick shoots Gary off of Alon

Gary: wha ?

Rick: *Grabs  Gary by the colar* I know what your weakness is shorty!

Gary: Ack!!  No fair touching above the chest plate!


Gary gets shocked and falls to the ground

Edward: HEY!  Only I can do that to Iceman!  *throws a rock at Rick*

The rock bounces off of Rick

Rick:  That sure did a lot of damage *snickers*

Tim throws a even bigger rock at Rick and Rick gets knocked back

Rick:  Now, that’s a rock!!  ACK!!

The battle continued raging on as Super Chaos watchs over the distance.



Scott:  HYPER BOMB!!

Soon Ben and Gary saw The big yellow lug not to far off in the distance and tried to stop the fight.

Ben:  Hey guys!!

Gary:  GUYS!

No response from the fighting robots and mavericks

Ben and Gary:  GUYYYYYSSSS!!!

Everyone then stopped except Anton who is punching and kicking nothing but thin air.

Ben:  *shoots Anton with his Stun Gun*

Anton:  ACK!

Lynx:  *holding up Jason by his blade*  What?  What’s the matter?

IRA: *lifting his foot off Matt*  What happened?

Scott: *puts down Edward from the wall*  Eh?

Edward:  You’re on my side you big idiot!

Scott:  Oops!

Ben and Gary point to Super Chaos who is still sitting on the roof of a bulilding eating potato chips and drinking cola.  Super Chaos finnally sees the fighting as stopped

Super Chaos:  *puts away the food*  Umm! *wipes his face*  *puts on his deadly voice*  You guys done fighting yet?

Gary:  Wait a minute!  You don’t have a mouth!  How can you eat!?

Ben: Yeah!  You’re just a big yellow blob!

Alon: *poking Anton with a stick who is still laying on the ground*  Yeah!

Super Chaos:  Fools!  You don’t know the true power of Super Chaos!

Matt:  One of your powers is you can eat?  Big deal

Marc:  Anyone can eat ya big idiot

Gary:  Nobody can eat like Scott over!.

Edward:  *shocks Gary* I knew you were going to pop that joke.

Gary:  Ouchies!

Super Chaos: *grunts*

Tim:  *looks at the X-force and at the Sinister Six* Hmmm!maybe if we team up we can send Super Chaos to the scrap heap.

Ben:  Not a bad idea Tim, but there’s one problem.  I don’t team up with other teams.

Gary:  You teamed up with me to blow up the white house!

Ben: *covers Gary’s mouth*  Be quiet you!!!

Tim:  So it was you who did that!!!

Ben:  No!it was my evil twin brother!Iceman must be mistaken.

Gary: *bites Ben’s hand*

Ben:  OWWWWW!!

Marc: I always wanted to do that.

Alon: *continues to poke Anton with a stick* Me too

Ben: *turns to the rest of the X-Force*  Be quiet ruffians.

Super Chaos: Are you guys finished yet?

The Six and X-Force then get battle ready.

Edward:  Yes we are!!  We are ready to take you out!

Super Chaos:  Fools!  Do you really think you can stop me!  With this here Time Machnine!, I will get the living weapon !  I’ll be Invincible!

Ben:  That thing caused us to many headaches.

Gary:  So that’s how you got here!

Ben: *nods*

Super Chaos:  *starts the machine*  That’s the whole plot. To trap The X-Force in 20XX so I won’t have any interfearnce in 21XX to get the weapon I need to destroy this world!!  And you guys aren’t invited to come back!!

Ben:  You Jerk!!

Lynx:  NOOO!

Super Chaos:  Now to go back to the year 21XX and destroy the Sky Lagoon while I’m at it!!

Rob: Not my collection of carefully picked Pokemon cards!  And my limited Additon James Bond figurine!!!

Ben: Will you shut up about that stupid figure!!

Rob:  But!I  love it like it was my own mother!

Super Chaos:  Enough!!  When I come back I’ll be the most famous villian ever for destroying both The Sinister Six and The X-Force!  MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

The laughing starts to fade as Super Chaos slowy vanishes into the time warp he activated from the Time Machine

Tim: No you don’t!!  Sinister Six reunite!!

With a bright flash the Six instantly teleport to Super Chaos and they to get trapped into the Vortex as well.  Soon all Seven bodies vanish without a trace leaving the X-Force behind in the year 20XX.