Narrator: Trapped in the past the X-Force splits up and searches for a way home but little do they realize they are in grave peril. (snickers)

Gauntlet: (jumps of the side of a building onto a rooftop) Ahhhhh!. What a night to go out and paratice stealth!(sees Ben) Whoa who’s that. (Signals the Mecha Mainiacs using the big 3 flare)

Ben: Wha ?

Gauntlet: Freeze villian!.

Ben: What did I do ?

Gauntlet: I make citizens arrest for the disappearence of the Sinister Six.

Ben: But I!Uh oh!Radar Sense tingling! (jumps)

(A Hard Knuckle misses Ben and hits Gauntlet)

Demo: Blast it ! (fires his other Knuckle)

Before the knuckle could hit Ben it becomes entrapped in a web. The X-Force has arrived.

Demo: Who are you guys ?

Rick: We are the X-Force Hardtop. Surrender now and we’ll be merciful.

Sean: We’ll sooner die than submit to your will beastie boys.

Ben: Hurry Lynx ! Slice him !!!

Lynx: Reooooow !!!

Sean: ACK ! (arms get sliced of) Mecha Mainiacs Attack !!!

The rest of the Mecha Mainiacs appear from the shadows!.

Gizmo: Let’s get them !!!

Jacob: Charge!.

Alon: Fools!(smashes Gizmo into the ground) you’re no match for us !

Anton:  (Splits and takes out Jacob, Titanium91 and CJ)

Matt: (hits Demo with Ground Hunter) that’s the last one!

Ben: I hope they learned they are no match fo the X-Force!.

Rob: We missed one! (points to Sean)

Sean: Geez! If we failed to stop you Cossacks Creations should take care of you.

Ben: Whatever. Nighty night!(punches out Sean)

Marc: Shall we heed his warning ?

Ben: They’re Robot Masters they are not a match for even one of us. Let’s go before the police arrive.

Hours later!

Newscaster: Just a few short hours ago the Mecha Mainiacs we brutally beaten and left for dead by some unknown force. Eyewitnesses say the robots responsible appeared to be animalistic in appearance. Spark Man also said their name was the X-Force... local authorities have been unsuccessful in finding them!

Kirk: This is horrible, first the Sinister Six, then the Mecha Mainiacs who knows who’s next ?

Chris: Mmmmmmph-mppppph

Kirk: Yes, I’m scared too.

Kim: What shall we do in the meantime.

Frank: Who want’s to play Street Fighter Alpha 3!.

Alex: Why not ?

Meanwhile in the alleyways!.

Marc: Coast is clear.

Matt: are you sure ?

Marc: Trust me!

Rob: I was afraid of that.

Marc: Shut up.

Rob: (cries)

Alon: Oh geez!

As the X-Force walks out!

Woman: Eeeek ! It’s the X-Force, police !!!

Ben: Everyone make a run for it !!!

As the run into a market place they see a car heading stright for them!

Randy: Halt ! (Transforms)

Josh: Or you’ll regret it.

Ben: Who the hell are you ?!?

Josh: We are the Lethal Eight, we heard what you did to the Sinister Six and the Mecha Mainiacs. We shall stop.

Ben: Ha ! How to you propose to do that ? X-Force Assemble !!!

Josh: (Blows Ben into the stratoshpere) Without you’re leader you’re nothing, Lethal Eight attack the savages!

Lynx: Nice claws, what do you use them for toothpicks!

Patrick: You shouldn’t have done that!

Lynx: What is he going to do about it ? Cry to mommy ?

Randy: No he’s going to... Watch out !

Justin: (roars)

Lynx: (jumps so Justin misses, then land with his claws in Justin’s back)

Justin: (mumbles) bastard!.

Anton: Hah ! Your no match for the X-Force admit it Cloud Man !

Josh: That’s it ! (creates a hurricane)

Rob: You had to open your freaking pie hole Anton. Flyers ! Take out Josh !!!

Matt and Marc: Roger !

Matt and Marc attempt to attack to Josh who strikes them down with a shower of lightniong bolts.

Alon: Rats !

Rick: There’s no hope !

Rob: Look ! It’s Ben.

Matt: (recovers) what !

Rob: (points to a blazing fireball) Him !

Josh: What ?!? I didn’t know you could fly.

Ben: I can do many things that you can’t even imagine ! (hits Josh)

The force of Ben’s crashing into Josh send both crashing into a series of builds til one explodes. With only Ben emerging triumphant.

X-Force: (cheers)

Gerret:  We can’t let that scare us.

Randy: Charge !!!

Ben: X-Force assemble !

Anton: Hey that’s my line !

Lethal Eight: (pull out their Stun Guns)

Anton: Not again!.(gets shocked) AIEEEEEEEEEE !!!

Randy: ACK !!! NO!. (faints)

X-Force: !

Steven: You bastards ! He’s weak to hyper-sonic vibrations!

Alon: Shut the f*** up Ice Cube (Throws a dumpster on Steven)

Steven: Ouchies!

Gerret: NOOOOOOOO !!!!

Ben: (Cracks Knuckles)

Censor: This part of the epilouge is censored for it’s incredibly insane amount of vilolence. For young web viewers shouldn!

Rob: Shut up ! (kicks Censor in the nuts)

Censor: Ow (falls on the floor) the groin!

Rob: Back to our regularly sheduled program.

Matt: That should take care of them.

Ben: I’m getting some chinese food!

Marc: Why not!

Meanwhile at Cossack’s HQ!

Chris: Mphhhhh mph!


Kirk: I’m tired of playing I want to go out.

Alex: Let’s go to that new chinese resturant. I heard the food is awesome.

Kirk: Where’s Rick and Alon ?

Kim: I recall them going on vaction!

Chris: Mphhhh Mphhh!.

Ben C: (honks the car horn) When are we going already ?!?

A few minutes later!

Ben: This looks like a good place let’s go in!

Rob: The chicken balls smell really good from here.

Marc: (slaps Rob)

Rob: (cries) Why did you do that ?

Marc: You want to eat your bretheren!

Alon: (sighes and grabs both of them)

Rick: What’s wrong with eating chicken ?

Ben: Beats me.

As the X-Force exit, then enters Cossacks Creations.

Kirk: Not bad.

Ben C: I heard it’s all you can eat in there!

As they walk inside!

Kim: Isn’t that the X-Force ?

Chris: Mphh mphhhh !!! (fires Dust Buster)

Ben: And I will have the!. OW !

Anton: Look !

Ben: Well I oughta! (stuffs Chris in an oven)

Kirk: You killed Chris

Kim: You Bastard !

Ben: (Jumps on Kirk)

Kirk: (puts up Skull Barrier and pummels Ben)

Girl: Are you mushu from Mulan ?

Ben: (eats the little girl)

Mom: Eeeek ! That monster just ate my baby !!! (waps Ben on the head with her purse)

Lynx: (slices woman’s head off) There now you owe one!

Chef 1: (watches the battle) who should we cheer for ?

Chef 2: Idiot ! He is a dragon.

Ben: (Smashes the cash register over Kim’s head)

Chefs: Go DRAGOON !

Ben: (approaches the chefs)

Chefs: (on their knees) WE’RE NOT WORTHY !

Ben: Yep you aren’t ?

Chef 1: What ?

Ben: (flames the chefs) You don’t have my beloved ginger beef!

Rob: HELP US BEN !!!

(The X-Force disappear)

Ben: What ? Nooooooooo!

Kirk: Get ready to jump them team!

(Ben disappears as CC tries to tackle him)

CC: Oh shit!. (they land in the oven along with Chris)

Meanwhile Ben land in a battle arena!

Ben: Where am I ?

???: Just relax your greatest challenge is up ahead!

Ben: What ?