(Soon the Six find themselves among many strange and futuristic things.)

Edward:  Where the heck are we!!

Gary:  Looks like we aren’t in Kansas anymore Toto.

Tim:  (ignoring Gary) I do not know!but it looks like were are in 21XX.  Home of the X-Force.

IRA: Sweet!  I wonder what booze products they sell in 21XX.

Tim: They may have banned drinking in 21XX.


Jason:  I wonder where Super Chaos went

Tim:  Oh!  That’s right!  We are here to stop Super Chaos from stealing that living weapon thing he was yapping about.

Scott:  And to stop him from destroying the Sky Lagoon.

(Everyone turns to Scott in disbelief)

Scott:  What?

Edward:  You!!.(can’t continue)

Jason:  I’ll finish it for you Elec.  Bomb!you said something intelligent.

Scott:  I did!?  Well what do you know!!

Tim:  I’m rather amazed myself!

(From atop of the building Super Chaos watches his archenemies on the street below)

Super Chaos:  Damn!!  They followed me!  This didn’t go as planned!  Now I better go to plan B!!

(The Six go sight seeing while looking for Super Chaos)

Tim:  Wow, Ben sure lives in a very organized world.

(They approach a bunch of humans)

Human1:  Ahhh!!!  Renegade Mavericks!! Run!!

Human2: Let’s get out of here!

Gary:  (snickers evilly and starts to chase after them but was cut off)

Tim: Gary, get back here.

Gary: Ah!.man.  You’re not fun.

Jason: Yeah Gary, now’s not the time to torment humans.

IRA: I want something to drink

Edward:  (sprays IRA with a hose)  Here, drink out of this.

IRA:  Gahhhh!!!  (His fire is put out)

IRA:  Now look what you did!

Edward: You said you were thirsty.

Tim: GUYS!  Knock off the funny business, 21XX is not the place to act funny.

Gary: The X-Force does it all the time!

(Soon the bunch were interrupted by a news broadcast showing off on a city TV)

News Reporter:  This just in!!  Some yellow robot planted a bomb device up at the Sky Lagoon, and the X-Force are no where to be seen!!   Could this spell the end of the!

Tim:  Super Chaos!  Let’s go team!   Sinister Six Reunite!!

(Nothing happens)  Tim looks around for his comrades.

IRA is looking for a drinking bar, while Eddie is flirting with a female Maverick Hunter, and Scott and Jason are having a staring contest, and Gary!.well!he is just acting weird again.

Tim:  GUYS!!!! GET OVER HERE!!!!

Scott:  I win!!  Hahahahahaha!  I beat you Scissor Head!

Jason:  Pretending you were going to throw a bomb at me is cheating Scott!!

(Jason and Scott join up with Tim)

IRA: Damn!  I didn’t see any bars.

Gary:  That grasshopper got away!!  Damn.  I wanted to make a bugscicle.

Everyone stares at Eddie who is running from the Female Maverick Hunter.

Edward:  Okay!! Let’s go already!!  Quick!!

Female Maverick Hunter:  Get back here you Maverick!!

Tim:  Sinister Six Reunite!!

(In a flash the six leave the scene leaving the girl blinded)

(The six then arrive at the Sky Lagoon)

Scott:  Woah!!  Here we are.

Tim:  Quick Scott!  Use your powers to locate the bomb!!

Scott:  Right!!

(Seconds later The six start searching Sky Lagoon for the Bomb.   A minute later everyone here’s Scott’s voice)

Scott:  I FOUND IT!!!

(Everyone runs to the kitchen to see Scott holding something)

Tim: Quick!  Disarm!..(looks at a piece of paper Scott is holding)

Scott:  I found that cupcake recipe they stool from me.  Those crooks!

Tim:  GIVE ME THAT!!  (rips the paper)

Edward: (smacks Scott upside the head) Look for the bomb before we all go up in smoke!!

Scott:  Right!  And Ouch!

(The six look all over Sky Lagoon)

(A mile away Super Chaos is at the Base)

Super Chaos: Damnit!!  Where did they hide It!!!    I know it’s around here somewhere!

(Alarms blare off as Super Chaos smashes everything in his path)

Hunter1:  Look!  It’s that Yellow thing again!  Blast it!

Super Chaos:  (laughs) Let’s find out how tough you Maverick Hunters are!

Hunter2:  We’ll get him!

(Back at the Sky Lagoon the Six finally locate the bomb!with 20 seconds left)

Tim:  Quick Scott!  Deactivate it!  Every second counts!

(With sweat driving down his head he tries to disarm the bomb)

Scott:  Darn!  This is future technology!  It’s going to take longer than I thought!

Jason: Hurry!!

(The six see the countdown)




Tim:  Come on Scott!!!  Hurry up!



Gary:  I can’t look!!  Ben will kill me if he finds out the Sky Lagoon went up in smoke

Jason:  That, and I’ll probably lose both my legs the next time he comes over!




Tim:  This is it guys

IRA: (covers his eyes)



(The six prepare for the blast but nothing happens)

The six stare at Scott who is still working with the bomb like it was still going to blow up

Tim:  Scott!!  You did it!!  You stopped the bomb!

Jason: Why are you still fiddling with it?

Scott:  I stopped the bomb when I first touched it!I was just trying to make it into a toaster oven!we’ve always needed one of those.   But this darn flabbed new technology is tougher than I thought.

(The six fall to the ground)

As for Super Chaos, he had successfully stopped the Maverick Hunters from bothering him and continued on his search for the weapon.

Super Chaos:  Smart are these guys.   They hid the weapon in a new location!but I’ll find it.   Hmmm!( looks at his watch)  That bomb should of went off by now.    If it was to fail!there is something else waiting for them.  I hope he does his job.  It will buy me enough time to find that blasted weapon and go back to the year 20XX and!

A Spider crawls out from under the floor

Super Chaos:  AHHHHHH!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!! (throws a crow bar at it)  AHHHH!!  GO AWAY!  GROSS!! UGLY THING!!!

(back at the Sky Lagoon)

Tim:  Well, our work here is done.

Jason: Wait!the news said something about a yellow robot here

Tim: Right!Super Chaos.  He must be here somewhere.

(A large flash shrouds the room and in an instant Double Appears)

IRA:  Who the heck?

Double:  Ahhh!so you must be the famous Sinister Six eh?

Tim:  Yes!who are you?

Double:  Let me introduce myself.  I am that yellow robot that was on the news.  I’m Double.

Gary:  You’re the nemesis of the X-Force!!!

Double:  You got it Eskimo!  Now I’ve been told to stop you!  By your worst enemy!!  (Laughs evilly)

Edward:  There’s one of you and six of us!

Double:  Being outnumbered has never stopped me before  I’ll!

Gary: (freezes Double)  Ahhh!shut yer trap.

Tim:  Okay, now’s our chance.  Sinister Six Reunite!!

(Back at the Base Super Chaos finally finds the living weapon, which is deactivated at the moment)

Super Chaos: Good!  Now to get out of here!!  (He starts up the Time Machine)

(In a flash The Six appear in front of Super Chaos)

Tim:  There he is!!

Super Chaos:  NOOO!!  How did you get by Double!!

Gary:  The X-Force have a new statue waiting for them when they get back.

Super Chaos:  It doesn’t matter now.  You’re still to late!   Cya you guys in about 100 years!!  Bwhahahahahahaha!!

Tim: I don’t think so!  Sinister Six Reunite!!

Jason: We do this flash move a lot in this episode don’t we?

(In a flash the Six were all over Super Chaos)

Super Chaos:  Puny Ants!!  Get off!!

(Suddenly the Time Machine engulfs all seven bodies including the new weapon back to the year 20XX)