& IN:

(In a bright flash, The Sinister Six were back in 20XX, but on a SPACE STATION!!)

Edward: We’re here!

Tim: Whoa!  What a trip

IRA: I’m feeling kinda doosy.

Gary: Point your face the other way if you’re going to hurl.

Jason:  Ewwww!

Scott:  Yeah!

Tim: OH No!!  Where did Super Chaos go now!

Gary: He has a habit of disappearing a lot.

Tim:  Grrrr!He’s got that living Machine!  Who knows what he’s going to do with it.

Gary: Maybe he’ll discover a new way to iron your underwear with it.

Edward:  SHUT UP ICE MAN!!

Scott:  Where are we anyway?

Tim:  (looks out a window aboard the sip)  We are in Space.

Gary:  Oh.  At least we aren’t in!

The Six: SPACE!!

Jason:  How the heck did we get here!

(Super Chaos comes running into the room)

Tim: There he is!!

Super Chaos:  There you little farts are.  (shoots a laser from his eye at them blowing a hole through the wall.

Jason: NOOO!  (gets sucked to the hole)

Tim:  We gotta clog the hole with something!

Gary:  Leave that to me!  (Freezes the hole)

Edward, Tim, Jason, Scott, IRA: (sighs a relief)

Super Chaos:  Perfect!  Now that you are separated, it’s time for Mortal Combat!

Gary:  Eh?  I’ve already played that ga!

(Before Gary could finish his sentence Super Chaos and Gary vanish from the scene)

Tim: GARY!!

Jason:  Where did they go!

Edward:  Well this is just great.

IRA:  And now there was Five.

???: Make that Twelve.

(The Five turn to see the X-Force!without their leader.)

Tim: X-Force!!

Marc: Hey.  We saw what happened.

Tim: Where’s Ben?

Rick:  Super Chaos too vanished with him.  We don’t know what’s going on.

Anton:  Who am I going to pick on?

Rob:  Got me.

Anton: (turns to Rob)

Matt:  (Shoots Anton with the stun gun)

Anton: How did you get! (gets shot)  ACK!!

Lynx:  There are 13 life forms on this thing!and there are twelve of us here.

Tim:  How do you know?

Lynx: (Shows a grid with 12 dots)  There is us.  (points to a dot coming at them)  I donno what that is!but it looks pissed.

Jason:  I think it’s time we worry.

Scott:  UH!HELP!.(mouth gets covered)

Tim:  Keep it quiet!  You’ll reveal our hiding spot.

Rick:  The best course of action is to,,,

Alon:  He’s going to say it.

Rick and Alon:  Split up and cover more ground.

Jason:  But isn’t that how people get killed!when they split up.

Edward:  Yeah!

Tim:  We are robots, we don’t die.

Jason:  Oh!

Tim:  We just blow up.

Jason: 0_0

(Back on Planet Earth Gary finds himself chained to a wall)

Gary: (grown)  Where am I now!

Ben: Gary!!  (Tied up on opposite side of the wall)  What the heck is going on.

Gary:  I don’t know Ben, but I don’t like it.

(A light then turns on showing a large battlefield with two sides painted on the ground.  One symbol showing the Maverick Insignia and the other showing the Sinister Six Logo.

(Super Chaos enters onto the field with a smirk on his face)

Super Chaos:  What better way to finish off the two most popular symbols in Mega Man history than with a duel with them to face each other.

Gary: What are you talking about.

Ben: Come over here and tell this to my face.

Super Chaos: (ignores Ben) I’ve studied you both for years.  You both are the most violent members of your teams.  And very powerful fighters and warriors might I add.   Probably
The most powerful I’ve ever seen.

Gary: Me?  A Powerful Warrior?  I doubt it.

Ben: Heh.  Thanks for the compliment.

Super Chaos:  You both may even be to strong for the “Ultimate Weapon” which is waiting for your friends up on the Space Station in Earth’s Orbit.

Gary: WHAT!?


Super Chaos:  Tell you what.  The winner of this death match will be rewarded with a chance to save their team.  The loser will perish and so will his companions.

Gary:  You’re Mad!

Ben:  You can’t!!

Super Chaos:  I must!  Now the battle shall begin!  (releases the two from the wall)

Ben: (ameddiatly goes after Chaos but gets knocked back)

Super Chaos:  Nah ah.  You’re opponent is over there (points to Gary).  You can’t harm me.  I have a protective barrier.

Ben: (scolds)

Gary:  I didn’t think it would have to end this way!

Ben:  I’m sorry Gary, but the Mavericks are better.  (with a tear in his eye he blasts Gary with a Magma Blast knocking Gary back to the far wall)

Super Chaos:  That’s what I want to see.

Gary: (gets up)

Ben:  What? That should have finished you off!!

Gary: You forget that I’m strong against Fire-based attacks!!  Now you’ve gone and made me mad!!  (Gary fires a blue line of Fire at Ben knocking him back)

Ben: Ouch!  That smarts!  Now I’m Pissed!!

(Super Chaos with delight watches the match)

(The two battle fiercely and forcefully with explosions and rays of magma and ice flying throughout every direction)

Gary:  Well, (Striking at Ben with a punch) I didn’t think it would come to this day.

Ben: (dodging) No offense buddy, but I gotta regroup with the others, and the only way (trips Gary) to do so, is to defeat you.

Gary: Ack!  (falls to the ground)

Ben: (lifts his foot and prepares to step on Gary’s head)  THIS ENDS NOW!!

Gary: (In mere seconds Gary gets to his feet and uppercuts Ben to the jaw)

Ben: NOOO!!  (falls backwards)

Gary: I’ve never tried this before, but here it goes.

Gary: (opens his mouth a large blast comes spewing out.   The blast hits Ben straight on freezing him instantly)

Super Chaos: Hmmm!never thought Iceman could do that.

Gary: (catches his breath)

(Ben stand motionless for a few seconds then the ice cracks)

Gary: Eh?

Ben: (breaks out of the prison which now he is engulfed in flames)  (He comes racing towards Gary in full force)

Gary: (leaps 20 feet into the air and fires several Ice Slashers down at the soaring fireball)

(They do little effect)

Ben: Now, this will be a crowd pleaser!  INFERNO!!!  (Ben morphs into a Lava sprouting blaze which catchs Gary in mid air)

Gary: ACK!!!  (Gary falls to the floor)

(While Gary lay motionless Ben powers up a Fire Blast and fires it straight at him)

Gary: Uh oh!think fast.. (gets to his feat and creates a Ice Shield)

(The Shield shatters by the blast but Gary is unharmed)

Ben and Gary prepare to charge each other before a body stands in the middle of the fight blocking them both off)


Ben: Mr. Dragoon?

Gary:  He looks just like you!!

Mr. Dragoon: Stop fighting each other!  It’s pointless.

Ben: (backs off)  But why? One of us has to win in order to get our team back.

Gary: Yeah!I’ve been meaning to teach Dragon butt over there a lesson for a long time.

Ben: Bite your lip.

Gary: (sticks his tongue out)

Mr. Dragoon: This fight is wasting up a good 10 minutes of this 30-minute episode, and there’s much more good stuff on TV right now.

Ben:  That’s right (hits his head).  I forgot to record Cossack’s Creations!!  DAMNIT!

Gary: (thinks of Dust Man exploding)  Now that is good time television.

Mr. Dragoon:  The person you want to fight is over their (points to Super Chaos)

Super Chaos:  Phit!they can’t get through my barrier.

Gary and Ben: (Shoot out a beam which form together and destroy the barrier)

Super Chaos: 0_0

Mr. Dragoon:  Good luck. (vanishes in a ball of fire)

Gary: Nice trick Ben.  Making a clone of yourself to confuse Super Chaos.

Ben:  But that’s not a! oh nevermind.

(Gary and Ben prepare to fight Chaos)

Super Chaos:  Ummm!let’s just skip the fight and talk about this shall we.

Gary and Ben: (Crack their knuckles)

Super Chaos:  Oh boy.

(This part is censored by the National Broadcast Company, we will now bring you back to our show)

Ben: (Farts on Super Chaos’s head while Gary holds him down)

Super Chaos: Okay!!  I GIVE UP!  I’LL TELL YOU WHERE THEY ARE!!!

Gary: We know where they are, we just want to get to where they are.

Super Chaos: Just go over to the chamber and teleport back up to the Space Station.  And hurry!!

Ben:  You are telling us to hurry?

Super Chaos:  The “living Machine”!it’s uncontrollable!  It placed a bomb on the blasted thing!  The others don’t know it yet!!

Gary:  On great!  Just what we need.

Ben:  I hope Scott is ready for some bomb hunting.

Gary:  Let’s go!!

(Gary and Ben teleport to the Station)

(The Duel appear at the Space Station and find alarms blaring off)

Gary: (Looks down the hall and sees Ben in the way)

Gary: Move your big fat carcass so I can see!!

Ben: (Didn’t hear Gary to well with the alarms)  WHAT!!?

Gary: Ummm!  I think Marcus was stung by a bee!!

Ben:  What the heck are you talking about!?

Gary: Nothing! Let’s just go find the others.

(Soon the bunch run into the rest of the team!.scared out of their wits)

Ben:  What the heck is the matter guys!

Gary:  Looks like you’ve seen a ghost.

Rick:  Worst than a ghost!try the devil!!

Jason: It’s running this way!  Run!!

Ben:  (Looks back and sees a green machine running after them)

Ben: That puny thing!  I’ll have that thing wasted before you! (laser gets blown clean through is armor)

Gary: Holy “BEEP”!  And I thought your armor is impenetrable!!!

Ben: (runs away)

Gary: Um!yeah!

Tim: That’s the living Machine!  It’s more powerful than anything I’ve ever seen!!  We gave it everything we had and it still lives!!

Alon: I even sat on it and look what it did to my butt.  (Bends down)

Marc: Alon!never do that again.

Rick:  We found a way out, it’s not to far.

Rob:  This place is falling apart!

Ben:  There’s a bomb planted on this thing.


Gary: We don’t have time to stop it with that thing at our heals.


(Fires a lasers at them)

Alon: (one of his arms fall off)  DAMN!!

IRA: (gets blown in the back)  OUCH!!

Tim:  Keep running we are almost there!

Scott:  I’M HITT!!!

(Falls to the ground)

Gary: (runs back to help him)  I got ya man!

Ben: Gary!! Watch Out!!

Gary: (turns around and see the machine hovering over him and Scott)


Marc: (comes flying in to try to grab the two robots but is shot down)

Marc: Ahhhhhh!!! (crashes)

Ben: Alon!  Use your Frost Tower!!


Weapon: (reflects it back to the force and hits everyone but Edward)

Edward: Yikes!  It’s up to me now.  (shivers)

(In slow motion Edward runs to the aid of Marc, Scott, and Gary)  (with amazing speed and agility he shocks the Machine disabling him for a few seconds.  Which was enough time for him to grab the three bodies out of harms way)


(With one swipe of his tail he slashed Edward’s backside.)  (Edward felt great, intense pain as he continued to run)

Tim: Everyone together!!! (A shout calls out)

(And with a fast reaction everyone but Edward flung their most powerful attack at the Machine causing the entire Space Station to Collapse on it)

(Without hesitation the whole group ran to the teleporter)

Tim: Come on all!  Let’s go!!

(Soon thirteen bodies transported off the Space Station and landed on a nearby cliff)

Rick:  We made it!!

Ben: Whew!talk about a breath taking experience.

Scott:  Oh yeah.

Gary:  Breath taking is hardly a word I would use.

(The two teams got with their respected members)

Tim: Where’s Eddie?

Gary: Oh, he’s standing right over! (no body there)

Tim: (gets worried) Umm!he’s not there.

Jason: (looks around)  Where is that guy?

Gary: (has a flash back of Edward rescuing him, Marc and Scott. )  He got slashed by that machine!!  He’s still on that Space Station!!


(That yell got the X-forces attention, and seeing Edward missing the group instantly knew what was going on)


(And just then in a bright flash and in site of 13 devastated faces, the Space Station blew)  (like a large fire work display the Station was gone)

Tim: (fell to his knees speechless and teary)

Jason: (cried in Horror) EDDIE!!!!!

Gary: (stood motionless)

Scott: (shouting) NOOOO!!

IRA: (tearfully feel to the ground)

Marc: Maybe he’ll come through the transporter, maybe he got out as soon as it blew.

(All faces turn to the transporter in hope of Edward’s appearance)


(At that instant Tim let out a cry like nothing ever heard before)


(everyone watched in horror as Tim took out his anger at the big cliff destroying it in shambles)  (everyone knew to step back from an angry strong man)


(after about 10 minutes of smashing the cliff to an obvious pile of demolished boulders Tim finally stops and lets it all out)

(The rest of the six cuddled around Tim and let out their tears as well)  (The X-Force lowered their heads in sorrow for the Six!now Five)

(later the next morning things have settled around the Sinister Six headquarters)

Tim: It was grateful for Ben and the X-Force to pay for all the arrangements. (Funeral and stuff)

Gary: Yeah!(sniff)

Jason: You know!maybe Edward is still alive somewhere!out there.

Scott: He sacrificed his life!to save us.

IRA: (nods without words)

Tim; I hope so.  He didn’t deserve to die.

(Soon Ben came through a time portal)

(Scott runs to the other room in fear)

Ben: Hey guys..I’m not going to hurt you Bomb Man)

Scott: Oh..K

Ben: I’m really sorry about what happened.  But the Machine is destroyed.

Tim: Now it’s not.  I know it’s still alive out there, and rest assured I will vow my revenge.

Ben: I understand.

IRA: At least we saved the planet.

Tim: In Edward’s honor.

Ben: (helping Tim lift his hand up) (The others follow with hands in the air)