Part 2: Seeing Red

Narrator: Previously on  Sinister Six,

Bass: Oh crap it's him...

Tim: Who?

Pyrofoxie: Me... Get out of my way Sinister Six... Justice will be done.

Andon: On who?

Scott: (Cowers)

Jonathan: I remembered I left a cake in the oven... (runs away)

Gary: coward...

Pyrofoxie: One of your enemies has taken the X-Force, help me find him or die...

Narrator: Confronting a new crimefighter who is friend or foe. Is he telling the truth about the X-Force? And what of Gary's apparent mutation into Spilt Mushroom? All will be revealled in today's episode of Sinister Six...

(Theme plays then stops)

Tim: Hey what's up with this can we get to what the reader really wants?

Narrator: Um... Sorry, I was trying to make it more interesting...

Andon: Look dudes we appreciate your efforts but the readers want the “meat” of the story... understand?

Narrator:  Uh whatever... back to our heroes...

Tim: What makes you think that you can come here and demand we hand over one of our nemeses?

Scott: Yeah we can beat the crap out of you anyway!

Tim: Scott! Shut up!

Pyrofoxie: So you have issued a challenge. So be it, I will avenge my allies!

Gary: What did he...

Pyrofoxie: (Shoots force beams out of his allies)

Six: Whoa! (shatter across the street)

Tim: Holy Hannah! Sinister Six Reunite!

(The flash blinds Pyro)

Pyrofoxie: Arrrrrrrgh! Can't... see...

(IRA and Andon fly above Pyro and let loose a barrage of fireballs and thunderbolts)

Andon: I haven't meet a living being who couldn't  stand this barrage...

IRA: (notices something) What's that?

Pyrofoxie: (flies out of the inferno and knocks IRA several kilometres away with a powerful fire blast)

IRA: Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... (CRASH!)

IRA: (Notices he has landed in a Victoria's Secret) Whoa! Did I die and go to heaven?

Jason: 0_0 Wow what a wallop! I don't think Tim could even do that!

Tim: Sinister Six ATTACK !!! (Plows at Pyro, but Pyro eventually stops Tim's charges with his laser-vision)

Pyrofoxie: (smiles) surprised aren't ye ?

Tim: No... (rips up the road underneath Pyro)

Pyrofoxie: Whoa... (falls on his back)

Scott: (throws bomb after bomb after bomb)

Pyrofoxie: (deflects them all at Dr. Wily and Bass)

Dr. Wily and Bass: (Eyes pop out of their sockets) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !

(Explosions consume the other side of the street)

Scott: He's deflecting my bombs like volleyballs...

Gary, Jason, Andon, Tim: 0_0

Jason: Scott made a metaphor?...

Pyrofoxie: Fire Twist! (Spins arounds shooting beams of fire at Scott and Jason)

Scott and Jason: Argh... (both run around ablaze)

Gary: (Sprays them both with the leftover seltzer)

Scott: That's going to leave a mark....

Tim: I've never used this move before but... (jumps in the air) GAMMA DESTROYER !!!

Andon: (Looks the other director) Look Gary dude... it's a bird...

Gary: Nah... it's a plane...

Andon and Gary: It's....

Jonathan: Your friendly neighbourhood Clown Man... (kicks Pyro out of the way)

Pyrofoxie: (gives an evil smirk)

Jonathan: Why is he giving me that...? (Looks up) Mommy...

(Jonathan gets crushed by tons of falling debris)

Jonathan: Do any of you guys have any morphine?

(Pyro use his laser vision to knock Tim into Scorpion...

Tim: Nooooooooo... (stops midway) Huh?

Scorpion: Insolent fox! You didn't anticipate the fact I have telekinesis.

Pyrofoxie: Cripes (shoots Force Beams again)(struggles)

Scorpion: (sweat rolls down his forehead) No I can't let you...

Pyrofoxie: I can!!! (releases a massive plasma discharge)

(Scorpion and Tim are thrown into Mrs. Fisher's house)

Trash Can:  (makes funny noises)

Scorpion: Ah... Shut up...

Trash Can: (Looks like it's in love with Scorpion) (Makes even funnier noises)

Scorpion: Aw   (Runs away with the Trash Can in pursuit)

Andon: (does a roundhouse kick knocking Pyro off his feet) Hey, I demand an explanation for your behaviour...

Pyrofoxie: (coughs) Andon, you're the Pacifist aren't you... (tries to punch Andon but Andon grabs his fist)

Andon: And because I am a pacifist that doesn't I am weak... (Pyro kicks Andon in the nuts) (Andon falls to the ground)

Pyrofoxie: Y'know I never liked pacifists like hippies and your type... (kicks Andon in the chest)   War is a constant in human society and you think that diplomacy will work?

Andon: (groans as Pyro puts him on his back)

Pyrofoxie: Wrong! Germany wouldn't listen during the pre-ww1 and WW2 eras so the Allies had to kick their ass, violence solves problems before precious reasoning (raises put over Andon's head) THIS ENDS NOW!!!

Andon: (eyes glow)

(Lighting strikes Pyro throwing him into City Garage)

Andon: You know I am sickened by your pathetic logic! It's people like me who are going to change the world... (strikes Pyro again and again with lightning bolts)

Pyrofoxie: Hah! It's not insignificant gnats like you...(gets hit with a massive barrage of electricity)

Andon: (Turns up the juice)

(Pyro groans in even more pain)

Gary: Hey! Andon! Simmer down now! (Freezes Andon)

Tim: What are you...

Gary: (freezes Tim) Hmmmm... looks like I can't take my chances... (freezes everyone present except for he and Pyro)

Pyrofoxie: (groans)

Gary: How nice of you to visit... Magma Dragoon.

Ben: What? How did you...

Gary: Get up...

Ben: Sure (kicks Gary in the face) Come and get me...

Gary: I didn't think it would come to this ... but since you asked for this (sweeps Pyro)

Ben: How did you? (Tires to blast Gary with his laser-vision) Rats! (Gary hits him again)

Gary: It seems those powers are gone. (kicks Ben in the face) (Locks Ben in a headlock)

Ben: (struggles) No duh... I used up my volcanic charge... (puts his hands together and slams them into Gary's gut)

Gary: Woof! That's it... (tries the old one-two on Ben then knocks him onto the ground with a sissor-kick)

Ben: Oy, I hate this form.

Gary:  (locks Ben in a headlock) Just say this magic word and you can be Magma Dragoon ...

Ben: (groans) Huh?

Gary: Shazam!

(The magical thunderbolt strikes Gary and Ben)

Ben: (turned backed into Magma Dragoon) Wha? (looks at Gary and gasps)

Gary: Surprised?

Ben: How did you?

Gary: I don't know why I'm this way but will you settle down for a minute and listen? What's wrong my adamantium-plated friend?

Ben: Um...

(Gauntlet and the Mecha Mainiacs arrive on the scene)

Gauntlet:  Hey Gary! We heard that Pyro...

Needle Gal: Where is that Pyro the Fox?

Gemini Red: What happened with the six?

Gauntlet:  And why is Magma Dragoon here?

Gary: That fox possessed my mind and forced my...

Tim's Portable T.V: News Flash! Double and Iceman Red  are attacking the Megalopolis Skyport!


Gauntlet: Calm down big guy...

T.V: Another News Flash! Doc Man and the other Sinister Six are raiding the donut factory.

Hard Chick: Wahhhhhhh! When will they ever quit?

Jacob: They don't that's the magic of these epilouges...

Gemini Blue: Yeah, Gauntlet steals the rouges galleries of other Mega Man teams...

Ben: So that's where Myron went...  ah good riddance!

Gemini Blue: Mecha Maniacs Unite! (nothing happens) Oops heh heh...

Needle Gal: RUN!!!!

(The Mecha Maniacs run off save for Gauntlet)

Gauntlet: You wasted them all I'm impressed Ben...

Gary and Ben: WHAT?

Gauntlet: I know evertything (well, almost.) But your secret's safe with me. (Throws a smoke bomb)

Gary: Why does he always do that? (cough) (cough)

Gauntlet: (runs to regroup with the Mecha Maniacs)

(smoke clears)

Ben: Does he always do that?

Gary: Only this mini-series... What about Double and Red?

Ben: I swear I'm going to paint Megaopolis red with Double's blood...

Gary: Uh, yeah right... SHAZAM! (turns back into Ice Man) So what's the plan?

Ben: You hold them off while I come in with a surprise...

Gary: 0.o

Ben: Trust me okay?

Gary: Uh, okay... (flies off)

Ben: Door... The closest Air Force Base with F-18's ...(teleporter door opens)

Narrator: Meanwhile at the Megalopolis Skyport, the Backstreet Project (whom was arriving for a concert) engages Double and Red in combat...

(Kevin and AJ get knocked back by a Dark Force blast)

Kevin: Oy! These robots are nothing like the ones we encountered...

AJ: (Fires a couple rounds) My bullets go right through him!

Double: Fools! I am a reploid!

BSP: ?

(Writer's note: The Backstreet Project is unaware of the existence of the X-Force or reploids in general because of their place in the timestream)

Red: Shuddup... (Throws a couple of Shadow Blades at Nick)

Nick: (Dodges them) Y'know Eskimo, they don't call me Ninja-Man because I can sing... (swipes at Red)

Red:  ARGHHHHH! That's smarts I'm gonna... (orb of glowing energy blasts Red right into Double)

Red and Double: Guh....

Howie: Brian?

Brian: Wasn't me... honest...

Gary: Twas' me... Long time no see Red.

Red: I was wondering when you'd show up Blue... I was here to destroy your beloved Backstreet Boys, I called upon Double to assist me in destroying everything you love...

Double: In return Red had to help me kidnap the X-Force, where I.... (A teleporter window appears infront of him)

Gary: Backstreet Boys! Duck!

BSP: (duck)

(Ben arrives flying an F-18)

Ben: Take this you BASTARD!!!

(F-18 hits Double in the chest the F-18 explodes)

Kevin: Holy Hannah!

Nick: Who was that?

Gary: Backstreet Project... May I introduce to you... The Adamantium-plated fiend Magma Dragoon...

Ben: (Jumps out to the wreckage) Toasty!

BSP: ...

Howie: Magma Dragoon?

Nick: Never heard of him...

Ben: Hrumppph... Luckily I know how every one of you perished...

BSP: 0_0

Red: (recovers) Hey! What happened to Double?

(Everyone looks, Double disappeared from the wreckage with chunks of his armor and head left over)

Red: Crap! Now I lost an ally. I have to rethink my strategy for destroying you. See you  later...

Ben and Gary: (make faces at Red)

Gary: Yeah! Go cry to mommy!

Ben: See you in a 100 years... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER...

Red: Hrrrumph! (teleports)

Gary: Kevin, Howie, AJ, Nick, Brian what are you doing here?

Nick: We were having a concert here...

Gary: Cripes! I couldn't afford the tickets...

Nick: Ahem! We were going to give you a call...

Ben: ...

Brian: Who's this fella? Is he one of  Dr. Light's new creations?

Ben: (roars) How dare you...

Gary: (Blocks Ben) Hey shouldn't we be looking for the X-Force?

Kevin: X-Force? You mean the team that helped you defeat Super Chaos in the “Ultimate Weapon” Saga?

AJ: Well our equipment was wrecked when those crazy robots destroyed the plane so I think we can help you... Backstreet Project...?

BSP: Hell yeah !

(Meanwhile in S6's neighbourhood the puddle that was once Double breaks into Dr. Wily's and Bass' ice encasing... then Super Chaos'... and then disappears)

Narrator: Will the S6 escape their icy prisons? (Thanks Gary)

Gary: Ah shaddup you crackhead...

Narrator: Hey how did you ?!? Never mind... Will the combined might of the BSP, Ice Man, and Magma Dragoon will be enough  to find the X-Force and take down Double once and for all ? Will IRA ever escape the evil prison that is Victoria's Secret?

IRA: I hope not!

Narrator: Stay tuned for the finale of Year of the Fox !

To be continued...