Sinister Six: Answers

by Rich (Bombman) Kassidy


It had been a scant 3 weeks since Dr Light had recovered his first line of Robot Masters from Dr Wily, who had been using them in his plans for world conquest. Luckily for the good doctor, his homemade hero, Rockman, hadn’t done too much damage on them, so they could be salvaged and repaired. However, upon completing their external repairs, Dr Light soon realized that he wouldn’t know what to expect when he re-awakened the once-murderous Robot Masters. He had done his best to clear away the damaged that Wily had done to them with his brainwashing program, but to completely undo that damage for sure would mean deleting their personalities but good. It was bad enough he had lost one in this process; he couldn’t bear to have it happen all over again.

Soon, however, he devised a clever plan. One that would ensure their good-nature would be intact, and also allow them to be of use to society. However, they wouldn’t just be limited to construction and excavation projects anymore. They’d be doing far more good to the world, in the same fashion as their brother Rock. Now all he needed to do was to find the proper candidates for the job.

Light soon created a program that would scan through potential candidates for the new “minds” of his Robot Masters. They would have to share many things in common: imagination, youth, some apparent tendency towards honor, and a sense of duty. But perhaps the most difficult trait would be the most morbid in nature. They all must have died at a young age. Dr Light himself had mixed feelings for this, but he knew he could just go around asking teenagers to be super heroes. Plus, the added benefit of a lack of duty to their parents would help as well, as they’d have at least some of their memory wiped clean. The plan was simple in nature, but it had a startling number of details that would need his utmost care and attention. Dr Light decided to let his super computer mull through the thousands of personal files, as he would finally take the nap his body had nagged for the past twenty hours.


Dr Light awoke nearly ten hours later to a small surprise. His computer had already pinpointed nine possible candidates for the positions. This delighted the white-haired scientist, and he immediately became fixated on finding just the right ones. Luckily for him, should he find the right one and decide to go through with it, that person’s personality file would be easily accessible, thanks to the World Preservation Program, a rather controversial program at its inception, but soon became a must for most people soon after it’s release. It was a brilliant program that would download a person’s daily thoughts throughout the night while the person slept, essentially creating a backup of the person as they slept. It was revolutionary in that it helped solve countless crimes later on, including murders and robberies. Crime solving wasn’t its only use, however. If a person were so inclined, they’d allow their “personality” to teach children in the decades to come; a sort of living history lesson.

Dr Light, however, had a different vision for these personality files. They would create possibly the world’s most elite crime prevention unit. He drew himself even closer to the computer screen that presented his available options.

First on the list was a young man named Erik. He had died two years ago in a bus accident as he used his body as a shield to allow for as many passengers to escape the bus, which had flipped over and was now in danger of crushing everyone inside. Erik, however, blocked the falling wreckage with his back, and in turn was crushed himself. His last download date was from twelve hours before the accident, so he wouldn’t have to remember that. It also stated here a strong distaste for violence, and a willingness to listen to the problems of others. He made for a strong Gutsman candidate if Light had ever seen one.

Next on the list was a young Canadian by the name of Ben. Ben, although short on temper and words, had made the ultimate sacrifice for his family, when they were trapped in their burning house. Ben had just returned from running a few errands when he came home to the blaze, and he quickly rushed inside to save his family. However, he suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation in the process, and would die three days later. The last memory download was for to days after the fire, so Light would have to do some careful editing to Ben'’ memory, so he wouldn't be haunted by the fire. Other than that, the computer listed him as a near perfect match for Fireman’s body, something Light found grimly ironic.

For the Cutman position, a young woman named Britt topped the list. She had died in a car accident just three months ago. Although she was severely wounded and losing blood, she selflessly administered first aid to the driver that caused the accident before bleeding to death herself. A heroic act if there ever was one.

Bombman’s spot was next on the screen. A mysteriously named woman, listed as simply ‘Fushidane’, had apparently been the computer’s top choice. Looking past the name issue, however, Light was impressed with what he saw namely Fushidane’s evacuation of a bank, which was being robbed by a few men armed with homemade explosives. At the cost of her own life, she had managed to save most of the bank’s employees and customers.

As for the Iceman spot, two names occupied the same spot, seemingly equal in worthiness. Dave, who had died while carting medicine to a needy hospital in the Yukon, and Gary, who had perished while on vacation. Gary had saved the lives of some misguided avalanche victims when he went out to search for them while the official search team wasn’t available. Unfortunately, he suffered a similar fate as some of the less fortunate avalanche victims, as he triggered another avalanche by accident, burying himself under hundreds of feet of snow. However, he did manage to leave a small signal for the search team to find, which led to the salvation of the remaining survivors.

Lastly, there was a young man by the name of Odin, who was the top suggestion for Elecman. After a sever windstorm in his hometown, a wandering tandem of brother and sister found themselves cornered by a downed electrical cable. Had it not been for Odin wrestling the deadly cable away from the children, they would have been killed before the authorities could even arrive on the scene. As a result, Odin died from electrical burns within minutes. His date of death was nearly four years ago, but he was one of the youngest on the list.

There were two others listed as potential backups for Bombman and Gutsman, but upon reading the computer’s suggestions, he decided to put his faith into the technology that he himself created. All that was left for him to decide on was which Iceman candidate to go for. Both were selfless individuals, but he only had but one Iceman body to which to give. Finally, he decided on age, in this case the younger Gary, as his age was closer to Iceman’s original personality than the slightly older Dave. However, he decided to download both, just in case something didn’t work out. Now all that was left to do was the memory editing, and that would take u the better part of the week. Luckily, Roll had already begun repairs on the Robot Masters, and they would probably be ready for their new “minds” as soon as he was finished “creating” them. It would be a long week, however.


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