The Characters in the Sinister Six Trilogy

Gary: Welcome one and all to the Characters Page. This page will list all the important characters that have appeared in the Sinister Six Epilouges. Keep in mind, that I won't list 'everyone'. There's people that really don't play a role to much in the series. Like the Lord of The Rings cross over and what not. Those listed here are the ones that I feel are important to the series, and will be continued to be used over time. Or not. Whatever. Anyways, here's the list. Keep in mind it's not completed yet due to the number of characters.

Note: There are some spoilers below, so be warned.


With the events of Iceman vs Red, the old S6 disbanded, and were eventually replaced with this new team. The old Sinister Six Retired and thus begun a new team. The Current Roaster on the New team is as follows: Britt, Erik, Gary, Ben, Rich, and Leon. This team now protects Megaopolis from danger. The only member who was aboard the old team is Gary. For more detailed bios of this team Click here.


BACKSTREET PROJECT: A Super hero band made up of Nick, Kevin, A.J, Brian, and Howie. The crew fight their own battles in another world against the dreaded Sinistra. At one point did they cross paths with the Old Sinister Six and teamed up to stop Dr. Wily and Bass from stealing the 6th amulet. They teamed up again later during Year Of The Fox. It's unknown if both teams still chat with each other, or if they'll ever cross paths again.

CLOWNMAN: A good friend of The Old Sinister Six, espcially Gary (Iceman). Clownman lived in his lonely Circus, and enjoyed company as much as any robot. Whenever he felt lonely, he would visit the Sinister Six Headquarters. He was brave, and honerable, but had the nasty habit of showing up to late to the battle. He would often appear as a guest star in many roles. Like the Saturday Night Live stories. It's unknown of his whereabouts now, as it's rumored he had left the Megaman Community altogether.

COSSACK'S COMRADES: Another team that are close allies to the New Sinister Six. These guys carry on the torch of the old Megaman 4 Team, The Cossack's Creation's. The team now consists of Anime Master (Drillman), Sam (Pharaohman), Zapper (Toad Girl), Chibi Keba (Bright Babe), Geoff (Diveman), Err (Skullman), Rick (Ringman), and Sean (Dustman). They are also accompanied by Dr. Cossack, Kalanka, and Jay and Silent Bob. The team shows up with the New Sinister Six on several occasions. Go here for more information!

DR. LIGHT: Brillaint robotinist and scientist, Dr. Xavior Light was the founder of most robots. His genious is well known across the planet. After Dr. Wily's betrayled, he had built Megaman to defend the world against his evil ways. Now he lives with his creation and Roll in his own seluded laboratory. His family seek retirement as most of the Megaman Teams are now defending the world from evil. Course when repairs need to be remade, he's usually called upon.

MECHANICAL MANIACS: The one and only Megaman 3 Team! Lead by the mysterious Gauntlet. The Mechs are good friends of the Sinister Six. New and Old. The team has gone through many adventures and many team members in the past. The current roaster of the Mechs thus far is: Gauntlet (Shadowman), Jonathon (Magnetman), Hadrian (Hardman), Spinning Demon (Topman), Raijin (Snakeman), Classi-Cal (Spark-Chan), KittyKat (Needle Gal), and Lennon (Geminiman). For Mechs information visit Their site here!. Unfortunatly for The Sinister Six, Gauntlet finds a way to thrash in on the adventures sometimes, but he always means well.

MEGA MAN: A true hero at heart. Megaman has been built by Dr. Light as a lab assistant until Dr. Wily turned evil. He then was rebuilt to fight against Wily's army of robots. For a long while that's exactly what he did. Later on Dr. Wily's Robot Masters left him and created their own teams. Megaman thought it would be best to retire as a hero and let the teams do the work for him. So, he, his sister Roll, his canine companion Rush and Dr. Light retired and stayed peacefully in their home. On occasion (which hasn't happend yet), Megaman would leave home to help the teams fight serious threats.

OILMAN AND TIME GIRL: Brother and Sister who appeared to help the New Sinister Six. Unfortunatly they seem to enjoy appearing in the Sinister Six Adventures and try to become members of the team. Created by the devious company Capcom, they tried to force the two siblings into the Megaman 1 Timeline. The Sinister Six though, don't appricate them trying to barge in, but do enjoy the help at times. It's rumored that Time Girl is actually Fushidane, who did appear as Bomb Chick on the New S6 team sometime ago.

OLD SINISTER SIX: The team that started it all. They formed a team first before any other Robot Masters. The old team consisted of Tim, Jason, IRA, Scott, Gary, and Edward. Later on though, Edward was replaced by Andon who stayed on the team longer. The old S6 left a mark in the community, and their story will always be known as a legend. They kept the torch running through Season 3, and are usually a bit more famous than their newer counterparts. For more detailed bios of this team Click here.

WILY'S WARRIORS: The official Megaman 2 Team. There really is no leader, but it probably is run by Starnik (Quickman). The other members consist of Shadow Blade (Bubbleman), Koala (Woodman), Pharon (Airman), Rainer (Crashman), Toasta Prime (Flashman), Metalman, Ben (Heatman), and The team Mascot Murray. The team goes on their own spiffy adventures, and they tend to show up at the S6's doorstep. Unfortunatly after sometime, Wily's Warriors had broken up and most of the members left the team to persue their own needs. You can visit them by going Here!

X-FORCE: The first team to form in the 21XX time era, and became known as the most feared team ever. Lead by the blood thirsty Magma Dragoon. They are known for their awesome raw power techniques. Of course while saving the world, they sometimes destroy it in the process. The X-Force are very close friends to The Old Sinister Six, and had several cross overs before they were eliminated by Iceman Red. The latest roaster consisted of Ben (Magma Dragoon), Classi (Web Spider), Gary (Split Mushroom), Rob (Slash Beast), Alon (Frost Walrus), Trevor (Jet Stingray), Tobias (Storm Owl), and Andrew (Cyber Peacock). For More info Go here!


APPLE: The Origin of this female robot is unknown as she appeared out of no where during the New S6's adventures. She makes herself known by making all men fall under her spell. She's a very agile, deadly foe who will use her army of hypnotized men to do her bidding. During one escapade, she was able to get The Sinister Six under her spell. All except for Britt, who unleashed the power of women on Apple and defeated her. Apple to this day still tries to overcome her enemies with her beauty.

BASS: Dr. Wily's right hand man. The brawn of Wily's brains. Bass is always over-confident in his abilities, and he thinks he's Dr. Wily's most powerful creation. Bass loves causing trouble for Dr. Light's crew. And unfortunatly The Sinister Six are usually on his hit list. Bass has shown up multiple times to try to overcome The S6, but finds himself overpowered. He enjoys teaming up against our heroes, and is always at Dr. Wily's command.

BUSTER ROD G.: An Opportunatist without equal. Buster Rod G, was once a member of a group in the Wily Wars Saga. He left after being defeated by Megaman. He usually seeks power, money, and fortune. He has incredible magic abilities, but sometimes his clumsyness will usually mess up his spells. He enjoys rough housing with the Old Sinister Six and gives them a hard time. After the Iceman vs Red incident, it is unknown of his current status at this time.

CITY GARAGE: Known to the Villians society as a joke, City Garage doesn't get much recognition. Course his small slew of attacks are usually easily overcome by our heroes. City Garage currently is a Janitor who hates all robots. A robot took his job after all. Although he presents a cool, calm personality, it's rumored that he has power waiting to be unleashed, and is currently binding his time until the right opportunity arizes. It's also rumored that he's Fushidane's brother.

DOC ROBOT: A villain who has the powers of all the Megaman 2 Robots. He's quite a adversary when it comes to fire power. His first form is usually found in the Mechanical Maniacs adventures, and sometimes he comes to annoy The Sinister Six. His 2nd form he takes the roll of a scientist who invents and creates his own machines. He's a very troublesome adversary when you underestimate him.

DR. WILY: Arch Rival of Dr. Light.. Dr. Albert Wily is a evil scientist bent on global domination. He used to be Dr. Light's assistant, but later got jealous of Light's work and became disloyal. He reprogrammed The original S6 to obey him, and his plans eventually got hauled by Megaman. Dr. Wily has a history of constantly trying to take over the world, but his plans always failed. Later most of his creations turned good and formed their own Megaman Teams has homeage of the S6. Now Dr. Wily and his right hand man Bass are always trying to cause chaos on their former Robot Masters.

GENERAL CUTMAN: A very vile character who was apparantly another creation that Dr. Light had abandoned. General Cutman hates all humans and continues his plans for whiping them all out with his army of super powered Sniper Joes and Robot Masters. General Cutman plans to create his own version of Robot Masters to do his bidding, and is also rumored trying to revive that of Iceman Red. At the moment he is dormant and is waiting for the right moment to finally take action. He should be feared, cause he has the brains of a mechanical genious.

ICEMAN RED: The most powerful villain the Old Sinister Six had ever faced. Iceman Red was the cause of the destruction of the 21XX Timeline where the X-Force lived. He was also the reason why the entire planet had gone into darkness and chaos. Iceman Red is apparantly the first Iceman born, even before Gary himself. There were many flaws on this robot and Dr. Light pretty much abandoned the project. This angered Iceman Red and soon found how he can grow in power by eating peoples souls. Iceman Red's reign of terror lasted for a while until the events of Iceman vs Red.

INSIDIOUS SIX: A team of copycats. They came before the Tech Tyrants, and were soley based on copying that of the Sinister Six. They fought crime until they came face to face with the old S6 team, and engaged them in a battle. With their more advanced fighting techniques, they defeated the old Sinister Six with ease. Later though, the Old team fought back using brain power, and it prevailed in the end. After the fight, Iceman Red came into the picture and banished the Insidious Six into his own dimention. There he could toy with them for eternity. It's unknown what happend to them after Red was destroyed.

LIFE VIRUS: A twisted mutation of a robot, created by the devious Dr. Wily. The purpose of this monstrosity was to give all exisiting robots a virus. This virus turned them into their EXE counterparts, and were all under the command of the Life Virus itself. The Life Virus however had its own intensions and turned on Dr. Wily. It infected many robots, including Bass, The Mechanical Maniacs, Wily's Warriors, Forte-Chan, and even The Old Sinister Six themselves. Jason was the only one left to foil Life Virus' plans, and eventually destroyed the monster. It's rumored that the Life Virus still lives today, and awaits its next chance at infecting the robot race.

MINION: Super Chaos' number one lackey. He's head of all Sniper Joes. He is usually up to no good and enjoys getting into mischeif. Minion isn't really totally evil. He just enjoys being noticed. For a while Minion had vanished without a trace, but rumor states that he now is working under the influence of General Cutman.

ODIN: Odin was once a member of The New Sinister Six team, but was revealed later as a spy sent by the new and improved Scorpion. Odin was a valued member at the time, and he actually enjoyed working with the Six. By the time he revealed he was working for Scorpion, he turned very sour and very nasty. Odin fought the Sinister Six during Scorpion's plans, but after his defeat at the end of Season 4, he seemed to have vanished without a trace. Will he return? Only he knows.

PULZAR: The beast made up of evil energy. Pulzar originated from outerspace, and crash landed in Megaopolis on a meteorite. The original form of the beast was indeed that of a large insect beetle, who could eat energy in all forms. The monster was controlled by Iceman Red to attack The Old Sinister Six. He gave them a lot of trouble until he finally was brought down by eating negative energy. It was thought that the monster was finally destroyed, but he was brought back and upgraded by Scorpion later in Season 4. After Scorpion's defeat, Pulzar hasn't been seen again.

SCORPION: Before he came into the picture Scorpion was a doomsday weapon in the 21XX timeline. Super Chaos went to retrieve him as a sure fire way to eliminate both The old Sinister Six and The X-Force. The plan had almost worked, until Super Chaos had realized just how powerful Scorpion was. Scorpion also had killed Edward and vanished for a long period of time, later becoming a nasty villain. Scorpion was a Physic and could move things about on his own. He could also fire lasers of various sizes. When the New S6 formed, he gained a more powerful armor, and became even stronger than before.

SLEEK SQUAD: A group of computer nerds, who couldn't seem to catch a break from the outside world. During a freak accident, they were granted with robotic powers, and got their own armor. Now they use this power to get revenge on those who laughed and teased them. Unfortunatly they also use this power to perform crimes. The leader is Fred (Stretchman) who can stretch his limbs. Peter (Graniteman) is made of solid concrete and has a tough appearance. Lance (Flareman) is the group pyro, while Dash (Dashman) is known for his blazing speed. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Not only do they have the brawn, but the brains to back up the squad. They've given The New Sinister Six many headaches.

SUPER CHAOS: The main adversary to The Sinister Six. Super Chaos is a powerful foe who can seemingly learn new abilities as times goes on. He's not the strongest villian on the roaster, but is the most well known, due to always trying to humilate the Sinister Six. Super Chaos isn't to bright, but has created clever schemes, and sometimes is brain washed to do someone elses dirty work. Super Chaos has developed a raw personality that no team can ever forget. For a more complete bio of him Click here.

THUNDERMAN: The Original Elecman on the Old Sinister Six, Eddie was always a humerous character who liked to pest people about his good looks. He eventually met his end during the Season 1 Final and was killed by Scorpion. He seemingly disappeared until he was was revealed in Iceman vs Red as the dreaded Thunderman. There he revealed that he hated his team for leaving him on the Space Station. Of course what he said wasn't true, but no matter how hard his team tried, they couldn't win him back. After the events of Iceman vs Red, it's unknown of his return.

TORCHMAN: Annoying both our heroes and The Mechanical Maniacs Torchman has been around for a long time. He is part of a rip-off team called The Sinister Six where they claim they are the one true Megaman 3 team. For a while Torchman seperates from his team and annoys everyone he can find. Claiming that his powerful Torch Arm will due them in. Usually his plans fail. He apparantly died in the Mechs Timeline, but came back later even more annoying.


BIZARRO SHADOWMAN: First appeared as a clone of Gauntlet (Shadowman) in the Mechanical Maniacs Stories. He has gone through some changes in the past, including turning into a borg, and a transformer! Bizarro did appear once in a Sinister Six Story, and really hasn't been seen around after that. He's one of the big villians for the Mechs.

BLOOPER: Originally from Super Mario Brothers, and born in the underwater level 2-2. Bubbleman eventually let Gary adopt him as a pet. The relationship however didn't last long, as after the 8-bit Blues incident, Blooper had left without a trace. He cameoed once later during another Old Sinister Six Story, only to once agaid fade into nothingness. The world anticipates its return, but will it return?

COP BOTS: The law in Megaopolis. And trying to stop all those Super Villains isn't a cake walk for these law inforcers. Cop Bots are usually canon fodder for the good guys. They usually end up in the scrap heap, but they have the aid of heroes like The Sinister Six, The Mechanical Maniacs, Wily's Warriors and Cossack's Comrades to back them up. Sometimes the Cop Bots provide a bit of humor in a tough situation.

DASTARDLY TRIO: A three-some group of idiotic friends who go on real life adventures that usually pits them in their own climatic battles. The crew consists of Gary (Iceman), Ken (Flameman), and Jacob (Snakeman). Jacob seems to the the unlucky one as Unfortunatly his friends drive him crazy. Like going on road trips, and surviving the ordeal, or collecting animals only to watch his die instead. And of course hallucinating his friends, when he's only trying to get away. The Dastardly Trio never really get into crime fighting, but are usually seen trying to survive everyday life.

Kefka: An alien being from another universe. Kefka enjoys collecting souls for his so called 'collection'. He'll collect just about anything. He once even attacked The X-Force where he was soon defeated and humilated. Kefka hasn't shown up very much in the S6 timeline, but has made cameos in The X-Force and The Mechanical Maniacs series.

MR. DRAGOON: Magma Dragoon's brother. Mr. Dragoon appears mostly in the X-Force Timeline, but has been known to appear in the Sinister Six Trilogy at times. The complete opposite of Ben, Mr. Dragoon is actually a big coward, who hates violence. The two of them really can't stand each other.

MUFFINMAN: A pure holographic image of Ben's (Fireman's) imagination. Only Ben can see this apparation, and unfortuanatly when he sees this horrific image, it usually causes Ben to go through his episodes of insanity and destruction. A lot of things can usually cause this thing to manifest. The Muffinman himself is very vile and evil, and constantly torments poor Ben to death. Only when something drastic happens, would the Muffinman fade away, only to comeback later, even more scary.

RIDLEY: More of pest than anything else. Ridley appeared during the Old Sinister Six adventures and made himself the honorary seventh member of the team. This didn't appeal to the team well, so they always sent him on very dangerous solo adventures, hoping he'd never make it back. But Ridley was not to be forgotten, as he always returned. He made one final appearance in Iceman vs Red, and hasn't been seen hanging around after that.

XELLOSS: A creature from another universe. Xelloss usually hangs around The Mechanical Maniacs and enjoys annoying them and causing them grief. Very rarly has this monster crossed paths with our heroes.

More Will be added as characters are introduced!