Sinister Six Re-Engineered

Rich: I have a new story to tell...

I have taken everything I have written and essentially thrown it out the window and started with a clean slate. The result is this; Sinister Six: Re- Engineered. Originally a story separate from anything Rockman, I decided to wrap the S6 characters around it to see what I got.

What I got...was pretty frickin' interesting.

But it's more than that. It's a story of cyberpunk goodness with the Rockman universe as a mere backdrop. This is the story of what a single man given the right tools and materials to single-handedly advance modern science by decades, perhaps hundreds of years. We stand on the threshold of such wonderful advancements in technology, yet they may lead to unwanted and unforeseen side effects. This is the telling of one set of those side effects.

Be forewarned: the S6 depicted in this is nothing like the funny band of misfits you'd find in the epilogues, nor are they the cohesive unit you'd find in my AU work. They're...well, I'll let you read on and find out. The first chapter or so will probably move a bit slower than what veterans of my writing are used to, but try to love it anyways.

Note: These works are still under construction, so be patient!

Read, Relax, and Enjoy!

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Re-Engineered Artwork Based off the Story!

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