The Sinister Six In:

Ultra Team Up!

By Gary's Cousin Alex

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Narrator: It was an ordinary day at the Sinister Six HQ, the usual players were hanging around, and everything was uh...peachy. When all of a sudden, dramtic japanese action music started playing in the background.

Gary: Where the hell is that music coming from?

Jason: I don't know, hey Bombman are you watching UltraMan again?

Scott: Uh...No...but i hear it too! (Starts humming UltraMan theme)

Jason: Shut up Bomb! You know how I hate when you get like this!

Scott: Give me a cut of the money or you die!

Jason: What are you talking about?


Gary: Get ahold of yourself man! (slaps him twice across the face)

(Ultraman theme gradually gets louder and louder when suddenly...)

Narrator: A huge, dark, centinal like android breaks down the HQ door...

Jason: What the....BombMan was right! It's a damn centinal....

Gary: Sinister 6...wait...where are the other guys...

Scott: Oh, sorry Gary, I fogot to tell you that ElecMan had to visit his grandmother, GutMan had to get a tune-up on his stomach cavity, and FireMan is in jail for serial arson...

Gary: Oh thanks for telling me know Bombsy, you're a real pal. (mutters to self) *stupid bastard*

Jason: Uh...Fellas....the centinal...

Gary: Oh right...wait! Listen to that music! That's not a centinal! It's UltraMan!

Narrator: Yes, the one and only Ultraman was in the presence of the Sinister uh...3...

UltraMan: *Speaks in Japanese*

Scott: What'd say?

Jason: I don't know...but's UltraMan! The World's greatest robot hero!

Gary: But i though MegaMan wa*BZZZZZT* {UltraMan dissinigrates Gary)

Jason and Scott together: GARY-SON!

UltraMan: VILESTAMON SA ELESTOSAY COMSPREISHAMO! P-P-Please A-American R-Robotos, N-Now that T-the H-Humanoid is Out of the way-y-y-y J-Join Meeeeeeeeeee!

Jason: BombMan, Play dead....

Scott: YESSIROKAYSIR! {Bombman lights his mohawk and promptley explodes, killing UltraMan)

Jason: .......What.....was....the....point of.......that story.....

Scott's Head: I don't know, ask Gary.....

(Gary magicaly reapers from nowhere.)

Gary: BombMan's severed head, the answer is simple, a 13 year old wrote it!

Scott: Shit....Why are we wasting our time doing this????

Gary: IDK....I'm outta here....Cmon guys, were going to *blaehc tchzzzzzzzzzzzz*


Author's Note: Ladies and getleman, thank you for listening to my tale...Yes it sucks, but it's a funny type of suck. I'm Gary's cousin so yeah....ULTRAMAN-SON HAI!