The NEW Sinister Six in:

Earth Under Fire

By Flashman3000

*We open to City Garage where the Sixlets are hanging around watching television, when suddenly a news bulliten interupts the program*

Newscaster: We interupt this program to bring you a breaking news story. Earth is currenlty under heavy fire by aliens from an unknown planet. we now go live to intern correspondent Hun-Chu Takamishi.

Hun-Chu: Thank you Won. As you already know, Earth is under attack. behind me is the reamnents of Osaka. As you can see, the carnage is horrible. Buildings have been dystroyed, citizens killed, and and entire families in tears.

*Gary quickley shuts off the television and addresses his fellow Sixlets.*

Gary: You heard Taco Mushi. The world is under attack and we have to make sure it dosn't blow up or something.

Britt: Good thinking Icey! We have to saved the planet that's under attack, before it turns into a world gone out of whack! ))

Geoff: *under his breath* God get some help for this girl...

Britt: What was that Geoffry?

Geoff: Nothing Britt. I just said Pods can be eaten by squirells. I read that in one of my flower catalogs...

Gary: Geoff, stop being such an ass and wake up Erik.

Geoff: Erik get off your lazy butt. We have to save the world again.

Erik: *Who wakes up with great intensity* Huh? What? WHO DARES DISTURB THE GREATEST MAN IN THE WORLD?!?!

Gary: Erik, if you don't get up, there won't be a world for you to be the greatest anything!


Britt: Benjamin, could you please calm Erik down. I think he needs to do his angry dance.

Ben: Alrighty, come on Erik, do the dance.

*Erik starts to skip around the room, all the while singing, "Don't worry! Be happy!" shaking the garage as he does.

Rich: How long you think he'll be doing this?

Gary: Hard to tell. He once went 13 hours without stopping. One of the neighbors even called the cops.

Erik: *Panting, having just stopped his dance* I'm *huff* done *puff* now what?

Gary: We have to start up the car. Rich, where'd you put the keys?

Rich: I forgot. I think I might have left them under my models and rock collection.

Britt: Well then, let's "rock" and roll! HA HA HA!

Geoff: *Someone please kill me*

Erik: Come on Geoff, you gotta have self confidence and love your life. At least that's what my counceler tells me.

Gary: That's right Erik! Come on evryone, let's all clap for Erik!

Britt: *she is the only one clapping* Yeah Erik! You did it!

Erik: Aww shucks, it wasn't...WAIT! WE'RE YOU JUST MAKING FUN OF ME GARY!

Gary: *in a small voice* maybe...

Erik: ERICK SMASH! *he then continues to smash Gary repeatidly*

Gary: Geoff *BOOM* and Geoff *BOOM* GET HIM OFF!

*Geoff and Rich then wrestle Erik to the ground, Britt then rushes to confort Gary*

Britt: Oh my sweet Gary! Are you ok?

Gary: Yeah, I'll be fine. Except of course for a broken rib or two.

Ben: You think Gary's hurt! I have too share a room with the guy! I have nightmares about him having nightmares!

Rich: I found the keys! They were in Erik's carborator. Now let's go!

Ben: Where we're we going again Gary?

Gary: I forget. But hey, let's go get some ice cream to celebrate!

Britt: Sell-ebrate what? We're not not having a yard sale! <(^^) (^.^)

Geoff: That's it. *points a gun to his head* *BOOM*

Hardman: Dear God I forgot. I'm a robot. I can't die. WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR?!?!

Gary: HA HA HA! You guy's are the best, now let's go get that ice cream!


*As they walk out the door, you see the aliens starting to dystroy the town, with peole evrywhere screaming.*

Narrator: And so once again, the day is sort of saved, thanks to, THE SINISTER 6!

*The end* "