The Sinister Six In:


By Frozen Darknes

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Dr. Light: *pouring liquids into test tubes*

Andon: Hey, doc! What's up?

Dr. Light: Oh, I'm just-

Gary: Ooh, what's this? *breaks something* What does this button do?

Dr. Light: *slow motion* NOOOOOOOOO!

Gary: *presses button*


Tim: *gets up, fuming* Gary, I swear I am going to... Wait.. *looks at himself* AAAAAARRRRGH!!! MY JAW IS SQUARE!!!!

IRA and Scott: ROFLMAO!!!!

Jason: Wait a minute: *looks at himself and screams*

Dr. Light: GARY YOU MORON!!! *throttles Gary* You just pressed my phaser machine button!!!!

Gary: What?

Dr. Light: You pressed this button, and it turned you into navis!

IRA: No wonder I can't drink anymore....

Dr. Light: Oh, and by the way, your netops are now looking for you... *gigglesnort*

Scott: Haha, I don't have a netop! I'm freeeeeeeeee!!! *runs and falls into a hole*

Andon: *sigh* Well, at least we don't have to fight...

Tim: I have an idea!

Jason: I'm listening!

Tim: And I just lost it.

Scott: Well, how about we split up and meet in three hours after meeting our netops? Then we will think of a plan to restore us to our normal forms. We will have to get a lot of blueprints and parts.

Everone else (minus IRA): *jaws drop*

Scott: What?

Gary: You just said something smart!

Scott: I did?

Tim: Well, let's go!

*everyone warps away*

Later that day...

IRA: *sits down*

Voice: I've been looking for you everywhere...

IRA: Oh god, if I could pee myself, I'd do it now. *turns around to see Hinoken (FireMan's netop)*

Hinoken: Where've you been?

IRA: Hiding. And I shall continue hiding, because you look weird. *runs*

Hinoken: *grumblemutter* I'll get to him later...

IRA: *breathing heavily* That guy was freako...

Hinoken: I can hear you!

IRA: *censored*!!! I think I'll run now! *runs faster*

Hinoken: Aw, come on! We could play bridge or something!

IRA: I can't play bridge without any *censored* hands!!!

Hinoken: Damn, someone's picked up on swearing...

IRA: I blame you!

Hinoken: O RLY?

Keiji Inafune: Hey hey, time out!

IRA and Hinoken: Keiji Inafune?!

Keiji: Yup. I have something to tell you both. *turns to Hinoken* The phrase "O RLY" and the O RLY owl are copyright from some weird person who was bored and had nothing to do. So you are breaking their copyright by using copyright infrigement. And you, *turns to IRA* You have used the word *censored* twice, and that means that children around you could have picked it up and they are probably now saying it to their parents. People can't believe what you've just done.

IRA: *crying* If you had given FireMan at least one hand...

Hinoken: *turns around, arms crossed, sighing* You just wasted a whole bunch of lines.

Keiji: Well, excuuuuuse me!


*a crapload of people crowd around Hinoken, Keiji, and IRA*

IRA: Oh yeah, I'm gonna make some moolah...


IRA: Oh, *censored*, I gotta run! *grabs all the zenny and runs*

Wanna know what happens next? Then wait, and another story will be up!