The Sinister Six In:

On the same day...

By Hunter Chameleon

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Narrator: It was a day like another in Henryís Cave. This place was designed so that every bad guy could rest without the risk of getting attacked by its nemesis.

Iceman Red: I tell you, guys. Some day, Iíll destroy them all!

MM2 Dragoon: Every team? Thatíll be quite a work. How will you proceed?

Met King: Please, guys. This place is meant to rest, not for working extra hours.

Torchman: Just shut up, you Iceman reject! If it werenít my free night, Iíd so much ...

Super Chaos: Ssshhh! Some people are trying to watch the news here!

Torchman: All right, all right. (thinking): If only I could find a way to destroy the S6ís reputation for good...

TV reporter: ... the cat is still missing. Yesterday, another attack of Rita Repulsa failed, thanks to the Power Rangers. And now, the weather for tomorrow...

Torchman: Hey! Thatís it! (leaves the bar, and mutters:) That should do it ...

***Later, in the S6ís house***

Jason: I cantí believe the Maniacs escaped again, fighting some copycats.

Tim: Well, I guess we all have things to do. Such as ... making the groceries?

(As Tim finished his sentence, every other member of the team left: Gary went to Clowmanís Circus, prepairing some pranks, Andon headed to some political congress, IRA locked himself in his room with a dozen of bottles, Jason began to watch a DVD, and Scott prepared the dinner)

Tim: Alright, alright... Sigh.

***In the store***

Tim: (doing a last check on his list). So, I got everything. Time to pay.

Seller: You sure are one good customer! Let me offer you this! (sprays Tim with sleeping gas)

Tim: Ugh ... Who ... did ... that? (faints)

(The seller removes his disguise. It is...)

Torchman: Who, except the mighty Torchman? Youíll help a lot for this one, Gutsman ... (whips out a strange device and points it at Tim)

Torchman: What was the formula again? Ah, yes. ďMake my monster grow!Ē

***Back to the S6ís house***

Jason: Man, that was one good movie! Whatís on TV now?

TV reporter: We must stop your program for a news flash. A new monster came destroying the city! Judging from his appearance, could it be Gutsman?

Guts Dozer: Gwwrrraaaaahhh! GUTS SMASH!

(At the news, every S6 member came back in the living room)

Gary: Thereís no way this is Tim!

Scott: Besides, that looks like a Wily Warriorsí ennemy.

Andon: This is a point, my bomb-throwing friend. But Tim is still missing, and he went to town. Isnít it suspicious?

Jason: I guess that we should go and try to sop that Guts-thingy.

IRA: A ... monster? *falls asleep*

Gary: Scott, itís your turn to carry IRA.

(The S6 teleport in town, and stare at the destruction caused by the Guts Dozer)

Gary: Look! He destroyed everything but the karaoke house!

Jason and Andon: This can only be Tim.

Scott: There he is! Letís stop him!

(The S6 all attack at once, but the Guts Dozerís armor is too strong! The Rolling Cutters bounce off and the Hyper Bombs are sent away in some buildings.)

IRA: He stopped ... everything?

Scott: No way!

Jason: The Maniacs just teleported here! Letís ask them to help us!

Gary: Thank God you guys are here! Tim's been turned into a monster and he's wrecking havoc in the city! None of us seem able to stop him, but with you all here, we just might be able to turn the tide!

Guts Dozer: MWAAAAHHHH!!!!!


Snakeman: HmmÖ I guess thing turned out all right.

Needlegal: Yeah and we learned something as well.

Andon: Hey! Come on and help! Tim's gone nuts!

Needlegal: We learned that even if you have a cool name, you're still the same person you always were. Rita's guys had our name, but they weren't nearly as successfull as we are.

Guts Dozer: GWAAAAHHH!!! SMASH!!!!!

IRA: You can't do the ending thing NOW! We still need help over here!

Shadowman: Hm. Wonder what can be done with all these Pokemon..... Must be some practical use for them.

Hardman: What do you think'll happen to them. Y'know ... mentally?

Shadowman: I imagine their Pokemon minds will eventually fully take over and then the process will be irreversable.

Snakeman: Hm.



Topman: Well until we win the Poke League, we areÖ The Mechanical Maniacs!

Gary: Please, guys! Thereís some real trouble here !

Shadowman: *throws a smoke-bomb*

(When the smoke dissipates, the Maniacs, strangely, are missing.)

Jason: Aw, hell.

Andon: Thereís something that occured to me. How do you think Tim turned into a monster?

Gary: He became really angry against something?

Andon: This is Gutsman, not Hulkman.

Scott: He ate something bad?

Andon: Not sure.

Jason: Magic, or something?

Gary: Judging from the way he behaves, he looks to be controlled by someone.

Jason: So, weíll go and fight that guy controlling Tim, and everything will turn back to normal!

Andon: There is a problem left, my blade-launching friend. If we all go to fight that guy, the Guts Dozer will destroy everything in his way.

Gary: So, Andon and I will track that dude and stop him, and you guys will stalk the Guts Dozer. Good luck ! *teleports with Andon*

Jason: Hey! ... All right, letís go, guys ... Guys ?

(IRA, because of alcohol, fell asleep again, and Scott is staring at a cooking shop)

Jason: Aw, nuts.

(A few minutes later, in Megalopolisí junkyard)

Gary: Youíre sure the signal came from here? Thatís not some place for a villain!

Andon: Iím really sure, Gary. And if this is the one person Iím thinking about...

(Both of them head for a small house, all built in metallic scraps and parts of old robots. Only certain peoples were needy enough to live in such a building, and it was...)

Gary: The PC Team? Since when can they do that kind of stuff, turning Tim in a monster?

Andon: We must go and see. This is the only way weíll find out, my parka-wearing friend.

(As they enter in the house, they hear some discussing, and the kind of sound effects that is found in cheap monster movies.)

Andon: So, youíve got an idea to enter this place?

Gary (dressed as a pizza deliverer): Pizza Rock here ! Your Special Met with sausages is here!

Torchman: Pizza? For me? Just come in, Iíll pay you.

(Gary rushes in the living room and aims at Torchman) Gary: Freeze!

(Andon takes profit of the diversion and ties Torchman to his seat)

Andon: You really had to say that one, Gary? Now, Torchman, explain us how you managed to control Tim.

Torchman: I guess I have no choice ... Times ago, I worked with Rita Repulsa, and she used some kind of wand to turn me in a giant monster. The previous days, I went to that country and stole an upgraded version of this wand, allowing me to control the monster.

Andon: And whatís with the TV?

Torchman: I set cameras following Gutsman, so that I can see everything heís doing.

Gary: Look, the others are getting beaten! And ... Ouch, thatís got to hurt.


IRA: Hey, itís a Guts Dozer! So, his weakness should be the Bubble Lead!

(IRA switches his weapon to Bubble Lead, and aims at Gutsman. Unfortunately, the gun was jammed, and the bubble exploded, covering IRA in aqualine lead)

IRA: Oops ... (faints)

Scott: Take that! Super Hyper Bomb!

(Before he could throw the bomb, Guts Dozer sent a dozen of Metools on Bombman, preventing Scott to move)

Bomb: Phizzzzz ... klik.

Metools and Scott: Holy...

*the big "BOMB!" onomatopeia*

(Scott is sent in upper atmosphere with the poor Metools)

Jason: (takes a Rolling Cutter in each hand): Time for some ascension!

(Thanks to his Rolling Cutters, Jason can climb up Guts Dozerís back, but ...)

Guts Dozer: Neck! Itching! Scrapping!

(Jason is sent away in a building, closely followed by his Cutters.)

Jason: (with blades an inch of his head): I ... donít think Iíll move...


Andon: And how do you stop that wand?

Torchman: No way I tell you!

(Gary shoots an Ice Slasher at Torchman)

Gary: And now?

Torchman: I wonít tell it!

(Gary scratches a blackboard with his nails)

Gary: And now?

Torchman: My ears ... I wonít tell it!

(Gary puts headphones on Torchmanís ears and plays Britney Spears)

Torchman: Please, no more! Iíll say everything but STOP IT!!!!!!

Gary: Pleased to hear this!

Torchman: ďI have headache!Ē

(As the formula was pronounced, Tim turned back to his regular form, and the cameras deactivated)

Gary: (takes the wand) Thanks a lot, dude! (teleports with Andon)

Torchman: Hey! Wait! ... Iím still tied!


(In the town...)

Tim (looking at the devasted city): Whoa ... What happened? (Spots IRA and Scott): What happened to you guys?

IRA (still covered in lead): No ... nothing, Tim.

Scott (crushed in the ground): Nothing, really. And you?

Tim: Last thing I remember, I was speaking with a seller, and ... (Coughes)

(Tim spits out a Metool)

Tim: What was that?

Jason (covered in dust, and Rolling Cutters in his hands): Iím not sure. Say, what about going back home?

Police-bot: Not before you pay for the destruction caused!

Jason: But it was the monster!

Police-bot: And the building you crashed into? And the section of road your friend destroyed with his bomb?

IRA: Er, weíre kinda broke ...

SFX sound effect: *Poof*

(Gauntlet, Gary and Andon appear)

Shadowman: Iíll pay all of this. After all, weíre your housemates, isnít it?

(As the bill is payed, the police-bot leaves the sinistered place)

Jason: Seriously, Gauntlet, you decided that on your own?

Andon (takes out some pictures of the Mechs turned in Pokťmons): Gary ... ďpersuadedĒ him. And Iím still wondering where he found so much money.

Shadowman: This was thanks to my (whips out device) COUNTERFEIT MONEY-MACHINE!

(Since everything is finished, the 6 and Gauntlet head to the Base)

Tim: Some hero I turned out to be. Being controlled by some Power Ranger device.

Andon: True. But it doesnít seem to have energy anymore, so nothing like this will happen anymore.

Gary: Actually ... Gauntlet and I analysed this, and it still can be used once. So, hereís my idea ... (whispers)

(The Sinister 6 end the discussion with large smiles)

Tim: Yeah, thatíll do it...

*** In the PC Teamís base ***

Bitman: Thanks for the mending, Wave. I donít know why, but these Maniacs attacked me!

Waveman: I heard it was some copycats, and they first thought about us. Just drink some Energon. And what do you want for a drink, Torch?

Torchman: Nothing, thanks. (thinks): I donít understand how it failed. This plan was so perfect...

(Someone knocks at the door)

Torchman: Iíll open!

(Torchman meets a giant-sized, and very angry Super Chaos)

Torchman: What the Hell?

Super Chaos: ME! SMASH! YOU!

(Super Chaos turns berserk, and destroys the base)

Super Chaos: SMASH! DESTROY!

Bitman: Help! He got me!

Super Chaos: Run away!

Torchman: This is ... But ... Iíll get you, Sinister 6! Iíll ... (gets squashed by Super Chaos)

Super Chaos: RRRAAARRGHHHHH!!!!!

(In the Sinister 6 base)

Shadowman: That was an awesome idea, Gary, using that device on your good ole buddy Super Chaos.

Gary (eating pop-corn): Thanks, Gauntlet.

Topman: I just hope you guys thought about recording this.

Jason: No worry, guys. I prepared an extra-long VHS.

Hardman (drinking a beer): Ya got covered in lead? No way!

IRA (passably drunk): I tell ya!

Scott (coming with a large plate of sausages): Who wants some snacks?

*The end* "