Sinister Six Epilouge Contest

Gary: It's time for what a lot of people have patiently been waiting for. It's the first Epilouge Writing Contest for the Sinister Six. What is it you ask? Well it's kinda obvious by just the title, but for those who still don't get it. It's a contest where YOU, the visitor of this site can write your very own S6 Epilouge, and submit it through the judges (The S6 members). If your epilouge is picked, it will appear with your name listed, and be used as an official Epilouge in the S6 Continueality. So, that's a reward right there. Espically if you've dreamed of writing a masterpeice of your own!

The Rules are simple. So look below to make sure you get them.

1) People Restrictions: There are people who are excluded in this contest. Those who cannot enter an Epilouge are all Sinister Six Team Members. Our epilouges are always going on the site, so let's play fair here. And also, I'm afraid to say that Gauntlet also, may not participate in this contest. I mean come've written your fair share of S6 eps. And of course I appricate that. lol.

2) Epilouge Length The Length of the Epilouge really doesn't matter, but try not to make it 'too' short. Get a unique and twisted plot going. Use your creativity to the max. The more creative, the more intresting, the more the public wanna read will get extra points with the judges (us). So if you need some examples...look at past epilouges. Humor to some of us is also a major bonus. If it's funny, then it's S6 quality entertainment!

3) Type of Document. I don't have any of those fancy smancy word programs like Microsoft Word and what not. Please just type out the epilouge in text format. No HTML, no sprites added, just regular text. The winning epilouge will be coded by me later. It's best to submit your stories in Notepad or Wordpad since that's what I regulary use. It's easy, and quick.

4) Sprites. If you decide to use characters that I haven't used. Say...Superman or Jason Vorhees, that's perfectly fine. But be sure to send the sprites to me. Sprites cannot be 'big'. They must be a reasonable size too. Also, I don't like hunting for characters sprites much, so if you use a character that I don't have, you must send the sprite of that character if your epilouge was to be chosen.

5) Old Team or New team? If you're unfamilier with the New Team's personalities and what not, you can write an epilouge about the Old Sinister Six if you want. Either team is fine. What you can't do, is write about someone else's team and only make the S6 a cameo. You must focus completly on either S6 team and make them the stars. No iffs, ands or butts. This is a S6 epilouge contest after all!

6) Cameos. Cameos are fine. As long as they don't distract to much off the major story line. If you want to include your character, don't make him all "god-like" and he comes in and saves the S6 from danger. That right there will not get our attention. If he/she joins us in battle, or is treated as equal as such, then that's fine. But remember not to over do it with the lines. He/She can't have 10 times more lines and actions than the S6. The S6 are the stars.

7) Time Limit: The Contest will end on September 10th. After that, no more submissions will be counted into the roaster. The Judging will then commense, and after a few weeks a winner will be chosen. Keep in mind, that the due date may change at any given time. Due to the other S6's availability to judge.

8) Have fun! As the most crucial rule, you are expected to have a lot of fun with this. You're not really stuck with tight rules, you have the freedom to do pretty much what you wish. And don't be upset if your epilouge isn't chosen. It's all for fun. If your epilouge idea doesn't get picked use it for your team or something else of use! Remember. It's all in the fun! Good luck to all participants!

And Finally, you can mail all submissions here.
Or you can simply post submissions on the Sinister Six Forum under the Sinister Six Epilouge Contest Thread.

Also: Only one submission per person.

Note: For all the runner ups, I may list them as people who submitted epilouges in the actual winning epilouge. That way nobody goes home hurt. See, I'm a nice guy!