The Sinister Six AU Timeline

Think of it as a news conference. Here, you can clear up any misconceptions you might have about either series.

Just keep in mind that each AU is different, and each author's storylines are seperate from each other. The RMs don't have the Veritable Weapons System in my version among other differences. With that said, I'll clear up a few questions concerning the timeline in my version with- what else- a timeline...

Early 2009- Dr Light creates the first fully functional robots with near human-like A.I.-Rock and Roll. After these two household robots complete all initial tests with flying colors, Light begins work on his commercial series robots, the prototypes of which are completed in a scant 6 months. The first commercial prototype completed is fitted with an extremely advanced A.I. chip capable of holding and learning information at a much more accelerated rate than anything seen before. Besides DLNO-003’s sometimes aggressive problem solving techniques, these six prototypes prove to be utterly amazing- far exceeding even Light’s expectations. Mass production is planned for a 2010 start.

Late 2009- As the final tests wrap up on the prototypes, the exiled scientist Dr Wily makes his presence known by stealing them for himself. Wily takes the 6 robots to his hidden lab for reprogramming, as well as copying. As soon as Light realizes his prototypes are missing, he decides to destroy the most dangerous via remote- Cutman. Having just completed his own clone of the now brain-dead logging robot, Wily decides to use his version as a stand in when he dispatches the newly dubbed Sinister Six to aid in his plans for world domination. Wily’s plans are eventually shattered, thanks to the newly built Rockman, the reformed Rock. Wily avoids being captured, and moves his remaining lab to yet another location. Meanwhile the six prototypes are recovered and rebuilt as Light cancels his mass production plans and decides one what to do with them.

Early 2010- Figuring Light had something very dangerous (and thusly useful) in the original Cutman, Wily nears re-completion of the now severely demented robot, who escapes Wily’s lab by attacking the old scientist. Cutman then disappears, his whereabouts unknown for nearly a decade. Wily, now even more maddened by what he perceives as a Light-sponsored assassination attempt, uses this as fuel to created his own batch of robots based on Light’s own designs.

Late 2010- Wily begins his second coup and is yet again soundly defeated by Rockman. Light attempts to recover the remains of the Wily Robot Masters, and only finds half of the robots left, and even those appear to be missing parts.

Mid 2011- Wily, apparently now sane again, offers to help Dr Light in his latest project- Gamma. In the meantime, eight new Robot Masters have taken up guard over the necessary energy sources needed to complete Gamma. Rockman is dispatched to retrieve the energy sources, and he soundly defeats each guardian. However, as soon as the last resource is in place, Wily steals Gamma with the intention of using it to finally conquer the Earth. Rockman once again beats Wily within Skull Fortress and adverts the danger once again. Also, Light again seeks to retrieve the fallen Robot Masters, and this time finds all 8 right where they were defeated, thus he is able to rebuild them for some sort of plan he has only begun to conceptualize.

Late 2011- The World Preservation Program, or WPP, is initiated. People all around the world are now able to purchase a unit that downloads a person’s latest activities onto a remote database. The hope of this is to help solve crimes and such in a far more efficient manner, as well as perhaps allow those long departed to provide insight on the past for future generations. It draws criticism and praise alike at first, but it soon becomes common place in nearly every North American home and more. This program gives Dr Light insight onto what to do with his current project…

Late 2012- Dr Cossack suddenly announces his bid for world domination by directly challenging Rockman with his own batch of Robot Masters. After an exhaustive battle with Cossack after defeating the Robot Masters, Rockman’s brother, Blues, interrupts the battle by reuniting Cossack with his daughter Kalinka, who was kidnapped by Wily in order to blackmail the Russian scientist into fighting Rockman for him. After Rockman defeats Wily once more, Cossack forms a deep friendship with Rockman and his creator Dr Light. The two robotic scientists begin to collaborate on Light’s future projects.

Early 2013- Dr Cossack finishes rebuilding his Robot Masters. Dr Light has long since finished rebuilding his first robots, and is nearly complete with Wily’s second set of Robot Masters (Rockman 3), the only exception being Shadowman, who seems to baffle Light at every turn. Light has also completed the four recovered Robot Masters from Wily’s first set of robots (Rockman 2), but he refuses to put these four into action without knowing the whereabouts of the other half. Cossack is hesitant about using Light’s proposed method for re-animation of the RMs.

Mid 2014- Dr Light nears completion of his secret side project, which involve the first six Robot Masters. Light installs the minds of six young men and women who died during feats of heroism with hopes that these minds would control these newly rebuilt bodies with the same sense of heroism that did them in. However, Light suddenly goes missing when Blues apparently goes rouge and attempts to take over the world for himself utilizing 8 RMs of his own. This however turns out to be yet another thinly disguised plot of Dr Wily, who is yet again beaten by Rockman, who was being guided by Dr Cossack.

Late 2014- After rigorous testing and adjustment, the Sinister Six, who insisted on using the name Wily gave them all those years ago, are given their new home base. Using a special permit from the US government, the S6 occupy a space of land that was used as a nuclear test site near Oklahoma City. Immediately thereafter, the media begins to take notice of these new heroes and the American population becomes sharply divided on these new crime deterrents. However, nobody can argue the fact that crime rates have taken a sharp fall because of their quick actions, and they quickly become fixtures of the Western world.

Early 2015- Dr Light begins his second team of Robot Masters fitted with human minds. The Mechanical Maniacs are soon finished and would occupy a vast base hidden beneath Lake Erie between the Canadian/U.S. boarder.

Mid 2015- “Economic Ruin” (I don’t give a summary here.)

Late 2015- The First Annual Robot Tournament is held, sponsored by a mysterious business foundation headed by “Mr. X”. Mr. X uses the 8 semi finalists to begin a coup, but is challenged by the ever present Rockman. Mr. X later reveals himself to be Dr Wily, and is defeated and this time captured by Rockman. Dr Wily is given multiple life sentences for his crimes against humanity, and the world breathes a collective sigh of relief as the mad scientist is finally put behind bars. The 8 semi finalists are taken in by Dr Light and rebuilt, with the intention of using them in his now dubbed “human-robotics relation program” (HARRP).

Early 2016- Dr Cossack finally finishes work on his own HARRP program, and the rebuilt “Cossack Comrades” are given a base outside of Moscow.

Early 2017- Dr Wily escapes from prison with the aid of a hidden batch of Robot Masters. As Rockman defeats the new RMs, a new robot named Forte appears to help Rockman, and then double crosses him by nearly destroying Dr Light’s lab, stealing various upgrades and parts for Rockman (among the stolen items were the newly drawn plans for a redesigned “genius chip” that Light first used in the original DLNO-003). After defeating the last of the Robot Masters, Rockman confronts Forte within Wily’s Skull Castle. Narrowly defeating the black-armored robot, Rockman moves on to defeat Wily, who once again evades capture thanks to Forte. A long rivalry begins between the two robots, with neither gaining the upper hand.

Mid 2018- Rockman investigates the sighting of a strange meteorite landing. On the island, Rockman encounters Dr Wily, who makes off with a strange energy source collected from the impact site. Rockman in turn brings a nearly wrecked robot named Duo to Dr Light’s for repair, who later helps Rockman in battle. Rockman once again defeats Wily’s forces, and encounters the mad scientist within Wily Tower. Wily escapes, however, when Rockman is attacked by the “Evil Energy” that Wily was using in all of his machines. With Duo’s help, Rockman recovers from this.

Early 2019- A new treat emerges in the form of King, a benevolent robot bent on total domination of the human species. To combat this new threat, Rockman sees no other choice but to make temporary allies with Forte, and the two begin fighting King’s Robot Masters, of which include two previously destroyed Robot Masters. King is eventually cornered by the two, and reveals his creator to be Dr Wily. King’s castle begins to crumble after his defeat, and Rockman and Forte once again part ways, each vowing to defeat the other.

Late 2019- The original DLNO-003 resurfaces, setting his sights on his own bid for world domination. Unlike Wily, however, Cutman is hell bent on killing off the entire human race and ruling a planet of robots. The S6 eventually encounter the maniacal robot as he gathers the last materials he needs to build his own army, but they are each nearly killed by orange terror, as he has spent the last ten years improving himself in each way possible. After nearly escaping a trap set by Cutman, the battered S6 return to their base, only to find it in ruins, and the one member who stayed behind, Cut-Chan, missing. Iceman, Gutsman, and Fireman- the only three left in fighting condition, embark on a suicide mission into Cutman’s base in the desert. There, Iceman once again comes face to face with his former brother- while Cut-Chan looks on- only to be beaten to a pulp. However, as Cutman prepares his deathblow, Cut-Chan uses her own shears to surprise and ultimately kill Cutman. Cutman’s vast army, which was estimated to be nearly a quarter million strong, is destroyed, and his body is restored and kept in storage in the S6’s base. His mind and memory chip is sent to Dr Light’s lab for safekeeping.

After being beaten so badly, the S6 begin to upgrade their bodies so they are never caught so off guard again…