Sinister Six: Impact

by Benjamin (Fireman) Ronning

“Pull!” Odin yelled out aiming his index finger into the air.

Holding a massive boulder over his head Erik’s hydraulics hissed as he tossed the boulder into the air. With pinpoint precision Odin fired a bolt of his thunder beam at the boulder, which was about to arc downwards to Earth. The bolt of electricity which reduced the once solid mass of shale to crumbling gravel and a cloud of rusty red dust. Roll yawned in the sheer boredom as they waited for a van to appear as per my orders.

Who am I? I’m Dr. Right creator of Rock, Roll and the entire Sinister Six.

Both Erik and Odin appeared to be pleased with themselves. Roll again yawned.

“What?” Erik asked in disbelief, “You’re going to tell me you weren’t impressed by that?”

“It’s not I haven’t seen Gutsman models throw boulders with that much ease.” Roll plainly said. She saw smirking so she decided to wipe it off his face, “And I’ve Elecman models fire thunder beams the same way. Now come on let’s stop playing around and be on the lookout.”

Poor Erik. I had the inkling he had eyes for Roll for awhile but that was hampered by Roll’s relationship with Odin. While platonic could blossom into something more, it could possibly evolve into the classic love triangle. Both sighed and continued scan the area where the small dirt road in front of them met the horizon. Something appeared on the horizon, Erik squinted his eyes (a leftover organic habit) and his optic sensors which zoomed on the dot. After a nanosecond of enhancing the image. It was the van I had spoken of.

“Finally,” He said, “They’re coming. Get into position.”

Roll nodded and clicked on her communicator.


I was in the lab altering the weapons like Odin’s Katana and Gary’s mallet when I got the call. With Odin, Erik and Gary pitching new ideas on their weapons to my attempts on branching Rightech to this world and keeping everything in working order here. It was a miracle I had time for appearing on this show.

Lifting my welding mask I walked to the holovid I placed in to lab. A three-dimensional image of Roll came up.

“The news van is within our visual range father,” She reported, “I had Rock open the access doors. But I thought I should inform you.”

I nodded and smiled, “Thank you very much Roll. I’ll get ready.”

Roll nodded back and terminated the link. I took off my welding mask and placed it on a nearby tray. Of course I couldn’t afford to be seen like this on television with my soiled lab coat with grease stains and dirty face. Especially the show I’m set to appear on.


Minutes later the news van saw Erik standing on the road signaling the driver to stop which it did. Odin and Roll walked to the driver passenger side asking as the rolled down the windows.

“May we see you identification please?”

Both reached into their pockets and shown their press passes. Odin nodded and gave the thumbs up to Erik who then moved out of the way. He then turned to the driver, “You may enter Miss…”

“Sasha Evans.” The driver replied, “This is Otto Binder my camera man. Do any of you need a ride?”

Odin shook his head, “Won’t be necessary Miss Evans. We have alternate arrangements.”

Sasha was a bit confused at first as she saw nothing but the androids and a cliff face with a secret entrance but she accepted Odin’s declination and drove into the entrance. The entrance closed soon thereafter and Roll, Erik and Odin teleported out leaving the desert in its normal desolate condition.


Sasha and Otto were the crew from Fox News, I was going to appear on the Bill O’Reilly show to discuss the affect the Sinister Six and the imported technology from our world is having on society. Ben made some sardonic remark about Bill O’Reilly being a “lying fatass” but I paid no attention to that comment as I was more than willing to tell our side of the issue.

This world is much like our own back before the Third World War, a society on the brink of a massive energy crisis that could lead to massive devastation that I experienced in my youth. I saw a chance to redeem my world’s mistakes. While I had Rightot maintain Rightech back home I had brought our technology to this world and had it patented and started this dimension’s Rightech.

With technologies like cheap and plenty energy via sustainable nuclear fusion, matter synthesis, teleportation and of course robotics… maybe this world could be spared the suffering mine endured.

Naturally there are those interests that are resistant to the changes I’m proposing. The energy sector for one specifically the petroleum companies are upset that the fusion reactors would make the internal combustion engine obsolete and matter synthesis able to produce polymers in vast amounts would deeply cut into their profits.

Out of my respect for all cultures I won’t go into the resistance I’m getting from the various faiths but it’s the same reaction I get from atheists as well: fear. It has been often the popular subject in science fiction that one day man’s inventions would enslave him and some think that will happen when the robots start rolling off the assembly line.. From personal experience I can sympathize with their feeling but I am an optimist. Hopefully this appearance on the Bill O’Reilly Show will help allay those fears.


As Sasha and Otto set up their equipment Rock, Roll, Odin and Erik walked in. Otto lifted his head and saw that the other four were missing. He turned to me.

“What happened to the other robots? I was hoping to see all of them”

“Don’t worry,” I replied, “They’re on a mission.”


Many of Japan’s factories use robot labor (albeit more primitive than ours) thus are vulnerable to seizure at Dr. Wily’s hand. With a few modifications Dr. Wily could build enough robots to overrun Japan and half of the Asian continent. So I sent the four to stop Brightman from uploading a virus that would seize the factories that would give his master a desperately foothold on this world.

Will however anticipated that they would interfere this time so he sent a contingent of Robot Masters to protect Brightman by distracting the members of the Sinister Six by leading them to the ward of Shinjuku. The attack was so sudden the citizens of Tokyo couldn’t evacuate. Fireman (or Ben as he prefers to be called) was cursing as he weaved through the panicking deluge of people.

He let out a rather… stirring war cry as he sprung into the air. Ben’s target was Blizzardman who was launching oversized and razor-sharp snowflakes on the crowd. Brutally cutting down anything within range of his visual sensors in his vortex. Without warning Ben came into his HUD.

“Die Frosty!” He yelled pointing a cannon at him.

Blizzardman calculated a matrix telling of impending both doom and let out a frightened ‘beep’ as Ben let loose a blast of firestorm. The wall of flame scalded the Robot Master temporarily overloading his positronic brain with pain effectively paralyzing him. He didn’t see Iceman burst from the crowd brandishing his mallet, he leapt up and slammed the mallet onto Blizzardman’s head effectively crushing it and leaving behind some smoke and some sparking from the broken circuit paths.

“Nice follow through Gary,” Ben complimented as he skidded to a halt.

Gary smirked, “Thanks.”

As far as I’m aware the two met online a long time ago and collaborated on several projects. It comes as no surprise to me that the Gary/Ben team was one of the most effective on the team.

Gary tipped Blizzardman over and started to scan the skiing robot to his VWS for the Blizzard Attack.

“Where’s Britt and Fushi?” Ben asked, “I thought they were behind you.”

“They were.” Gary said. But when he looked the streets were nearly deserted and both Britt and Fushi were nowhere in sight. Then suddenly there was a huge explosion coming from a half-completed skyscraper.

“Finished?” Ben asked.

Gary nodded and the pair rushed for the construction site. Ben snatched a steel rod before the raced up the stairs upon reaching the 20th floor the two found Britt facing off both Swordman and Tenguman. Britt was putting up one valiant effort but her rolling cutters bounced off both their armor. Her secondary matter synthesis unit was damaged so she couldn’t use the Yamato Spear.

“Give up woman,” Tenguman scoffed, “Wily rebuilt us with Hyper-Titanium you moron! Your little pair of safety scissors can’t hurt us and your hero Iceman isn’t here to save you helpless little wench.”

Britt growled at that remark, she lived a life of constant emotional abuse and often underestimated. She spent the duration of Tenguman’s monologue analyzing possible weak points.

“Piece of advice for next time Pinocchio!” She retorted was she threw the rolling cutter masterfully as it sheared his left elbow and curved around his back coming up the right side of his face and…

SNAP! The rolling cutter snapped shut on his nose. The hundreds of pounds of pressure cutting off his noses like a pair of hedging shears to a twig.

“Save your monologues for someone who cares.”

Tenguman screamed, he cared little of his maimed and limp left arm as Britt took the part of his chassis that he was proud of most. His nose.

“You witch!” He wailed as he prepared to charge her, “I’ll kill you for that!”

That’s when Ben and Gary burst out of the door, Swordman looked stunned as Ben tackled him. Gary jumped in front of Tenguman fired a blast of cold arctic-like wind at Tenguman covering his eyes with ice leading him to crash into a support beam. Explosions continued to shake the building.

“Oh for the love of,” Ben growled while pummeling Swordman with his fists, “Fushi and whoever the hell she’s fighting will demolish this place. With us still inside!”

“Erk!” Sword grunted, “She’s fighting Crashman.”

“Don’t you mean Clashman?” Gary remarked.

Swordman threw Ben off and uttered “Whatever.” As he faced Gary his sword glowing, “Let’s make this a fair fight.”

“Ha!” Ben scoffed firing a couple blasts of atomic fire at Swordman. Unfortunately for Benjamin, Swordman was meant to withstand high temperatures much like himself. Swordman looked at him recognizing the attack as a challenge.

“Very well,” He said plainly, “I accept your challenge Fireman. I won’t hold back.”

Swordman rushed Ben with the flame strike by separating his two body components the lower half meant to collide with Ben who leapt and dodged the attack. Then came the Flame Sword directed at him. Gary quickly moved in to fire an ice slasher at Swordman temporarily interfering with his cooling systems afford Ben a chance to attack.

With iron rod in hand Ben rushed in and thrust it into Swordman’s crystalline eyes.

“ARGH!” The robot master howled, while Ben scanned the Flame Sword into his VWS before getting struck by Swordman’s sword arm.

Swordman glared at Ben with his one functional eye, “Have you no honor… no chivalry?”

“Ha!” Ben mocked, “That takes real ball bearings for a robot master to say!”

“You’re finished,” Swordman snarled, “Flame…”

A rolling cutter arced towards his elbow joint and snapped off his sword then a rush of cold air completely froze Swordman’s systems. Ben looked up as he called upon his knew weapon a blade of pure fiery plasma.

“Game over,” He remarked as he slashed vertically between Swordman’s eyes, “Continue?”

“Nice shot,” Swordman said breathlessly as he feel into two separate pieces.

None of them as time to breathe as Tenguman completely rebooted. He roared in sheer anger and frustration.

“No one makes a fool out of Tenguman!”

“Oh we don’t have to do a thing.” Britt sneered.

“Yeah,” Gary chuckled, “You do a great job on your own.”

“Insolence!” Tenguman growled as his jetpack roared back into activity. Charging the pair yet again, “TENGU…!”

Then right above the arrogant robot master an explosion broke up the ceiling and an avalanche of rubble piled on him as Fushi and Crashman landed on top and rolled. Crashman managed to knock Fushi off but soon realized he was surrounded by the other three.

Fushi got up and Gary smirked, “Party crasher.” Getting a giggle from her.

“Give up Crashman.” Ben growled, “You’re outnumbered four to one with no hope of victory. Tell us where Brightman is right now.”

“Ha!” Crashman scoffed, “Like I would tell you anything you stupid throwbacks!”

Ben looked to Britt and Gary, “You know what to do.”

Britt nodded a threw her rolling cutter. The blades sheared off Crashman’s arms, Gary then released another blast of arctic air freezing every part of Crashman except his head. Fushi grabbed one of the arms and scanned the Crash Bomber into her VWS.

“Do I need to ask again?”

“Okay, okay!” Crashman coughed, “Brightman’s at Kawasaki headquarters in Minato.”

“Thank you for your cooperation.” Ben told him, then suddenly aiming a cannon at Crashman and charging up his atomic fire, “NOW DIE!”

The atomic fire cut loose and fast, Crashman was blown to pieces by the blast. Britt turned to the pile of rubble that imprisoned Tenguman. “What about beak-brain?”

“He’s not important anymore,” Ben growled, “Fushidane.”

She propped herself up, “Yessir!”

“See to it that Tenguman gets a pleasant surprise whenever he breaks out.”


Slowly but surely Tenguman burst from the rubble and in his typical fashion announced it, “I’m free! Now to…”

The wind was now knocked out of his sails when he saw nothing but the mutilated and dismembered bodies of Swordman and Crashman.

“Cowards,” He growled, “I’ll get them if it’s the last thing I ever do.”

Hearing a beeping he turned around to find a pile of hyper and crash bombs, by the increasing amount of beeping he knew there was no time to escape. Resigning himself to his inevitable doom he growled, “I’ll get you yet…”

Just as the bombs went off blowing Tenguman to fragments and reducing the half-completed tower to rubble.


Meanwhile in Minato the Security Guards at Kawasaki head offices pointed their clubs yelling in Japanese. Most of their words when translated to English would be the typical “Freeze!” and “Put your hands up.”

Brightman understood this and raised his arms. He smirked deviously as he said, “As you command humans.”

Then the bulb on his head flashed blinding the guards and making them even more vulnerable. With two rounds of his plasma buster the guards where now nothing more than charred heaps of flesh smoldering on the floor. Brightman casually walked to a nearby computer terminal. Able to ascertain from this terminal if he could in fact transmit the virus to Kawasaki’s factories across Japan and possibly across the world. He nodded when he got the needed confirmation and pulled out a CD, the virus on it was amazing. Even on those outmoded machines the virus was semi-sentient and obeyed only “Lord Wily”.

Brightman then paused as a random thought came into his head. The robot masters that were supposed keep the Sinister Six busy… suddenly the hive mind died out. In muted fear he calculated that there was a .356% chance that all their hive-mind units experienced simultaneous failure. But it was a certainty was that his comrades were deactivated. His anxiety circuits fared recognizing he was next.

So anxious he failed to notice a shadow behind him that launched a crash bomb. Feeling the prick of the explosive’s claws digging into his back. He turned his head slightly and BOOM! The whole office was blown to fragments. Naturally Brightman was severely damaged by the blast. His armor was torn open with the circuits, cables and other devices exposed and his bulb shattered. He struggled to even get up on his knees.

“Thethe… Six!” he sputtered.

The four of them stood in the doorway, none of them not even the usually-bloodthirsty Ben felt right about killing him. Brightman looked so pitiful in his maimed state. With the second law protocols kicked in Brightman’s head. His cannon was still functional and he could properly defend himself even if he was going to be destroyed. Thus Brightman fired a round of plasma causing the four to scatter.

Gary rolled back into firing position and unleashed the lancing ice slasher. Super-hard ice formed from the air and pierced Brightman square in the chest tearing through the cable muscles and narrowly missing his fusion reactor and out his back.

Brightman twitched as his motorized joints twitched, with his dying breath he yelled defiantly, “Hail Lord Wily!”

Then his eyelids closed never to open again.

Silence was all that was left as the four got up. Gary walked over to Brightman’s deactivated body and looked as his handiwork as Britt and Fushi gathered around him. Ben just stood there brooding as he usually does. The police weren’t that far behind them.

“Don’t move!” One of them yelled in Japanese.

It was fortunate that I installed a languages chip in their neural net. Foreseeing that the language barriers would cause confusion I thought is would be prudent that they could understand and speak the major languages like English, French, Spanish, German and of course Japanese among about a half dozen others would be prudent.

“Wait! It’s just us the Sinister Six.” Britt told them, “We came here to stop Brightman.”

One of the officers recognized them, “Oh yeah, you’re from the Rockman games I played when I was a kid.”

Not one for idle chatting Ben spoke in a grim tone, “We assume you can take it from here officers. Piece of advice for you: melt the damn body. It’s bad enough China wants to keep the carcasses they have.”

Then he teleported out cursing to himself for not vaporizing Brightman when he had the chance. Neglecting to change his language chip back to English he spat in contempt of himself. “Baka!”


If there were ever a cardinal sin to Ben it would be giving mercy to a Robot Master. Such a thing would likely be the end of him in combat. He was walking down the halls cursing like a sailor smashing the odd pane of glass. Gary sneaked up behind him and clasped his hands over Ben’s eyes.

“Guess who!”

“I’m not in the mood for this.” Ben grumbled.

Gary let go and darted in front of him and blew a raspberry, “You’re never in the mood for anything Broody-Boy. What’s up?”

“Nothing, I just should’ve just slagged Brightman when I had the chance…”

“Aww…” Gary joked, “Looks like someone does have a heart after all.”

Ben sighed as they walked into the entertainment room, naturally Odin, Erik, Rock and Roll were sitting in the room waiting for the Bill O’Reilly show. As he made it clear, Ben had nothing but contempt for Fox News.

“Good god,” He growled, “Please don’t tell me watching that shitty piece of propaganda.”

“Dr. Right is going to appear on the Bill O’Reilly show.” Roll told him sticking out her tongue at him, “If you don’t like it you can watch something else in your quarters.”

“Come on Roll,” Ben argued, “Dr. Right or no Dr. Right Fox News is nothing but Republican pandering…”

“And this coming from a zealous Canadian,” Roll scoffed then held up the remote, “I have the remote, thus I HAVE THE POWER!”

The last snippet was clearly an imitation, knowing where it came from Ben groaned, “You have been talking to Erik again haven’t you?”

Both Erik and Gary snickered as Ben just let out a defeated sigh and took his seat as Bill O’Reilly came on.


I was informed by Sasha that Mr. O’Reilly was also including a man named Gabriel Walker on the show. From what she told me he was the leader of the Human Salvation League. An inkling told me that this was not going to fare well, the name “Walker” and the initials “HSL” which brought back terrible memories. Memories of the Human Supremacy League which assisted Will in his first bid for world domination.

“Don’t worry Doctor,” Sasha assured me, “You’ll do fine. You’ll be on in T minus one minute.”


“Now the O’Reilly Factor we have two guests on the subject of the Sinister Six and the morality of robotics and artificial intelligence. Live from his laboratory is Dr. Thomas Right.”

The feed then came in and I smiled, “Good to be on your program Mr. O’Reilly.”

“You can call me Bill,” He said as he introduced his other guest, “And live from Human Salvation League in Witcha, Kansas our next guest is their leader Gabriel Walker.”

“Always a pleasure Bill.” Mr. Walker nodded.

As I saw him from the feed he was dressed in nothing but a snow-white business suit, probably to create the illusion he was a paragon of purity.

“First off, we’re headed into a technological revolution we haven’t seen since the Second World War. Dr. Right is it a possible we’ll start seeing robots doing human jobs in the near future.”

I shook my head; “There is no need to worry about robots taking over jobs in the human workplace. Your infrastructure isn’t built to support a robotic workforce. Even with my patents it would take about ten years maybe eight under optimistic estimates for those adjustments to be made.”

“But you’re saying that it’s an eventuality that robots will be taking human jobs.” Walker asserted but more likely accused.

“I never said that. Of course there will be room for human workers. Robot labor will be exceedingly expensive and they will be assigned to jobs too dangerous for human beings.”

“Tell that to the hard-working Americans who have to feed their families.” Walker rebutted with his words stinging of contempt.

O’Reilly changed the subject, “What about the social impact of artificial intelligence. As I understand Gabriel your organization is pushing for an outright ban on it.”

“That is right Bill,” Mr. Walker nodded, “As. Dr. Wily as shown us in the past nine months that robots are more likely to do more harm than good. Not only that but to play god and create artificial life is an abomination to God himself.”

“Come now,” I responded, having no desire to get into a theology debate, “This is not a debate over religion.”

Mr. Walker blatantly ignored my protest and pulled out a sheet of paper, It doesn’t stop there. You have perverted the very essence of the human soul by enslaving it to the machine for eternity. What gave you the right to determine if Patrick Mains, Brittany Roth, Gary Martin, Erik Segerstrom, Odin Lionheart and some girl named Fushidane should live or die? Answer me that Dr. Right.”

Now this really caught me off guard, primarily that somehow Mr. Walker found their human names, “How did you get that personal information?”

“I have my sources but you didn’t answer my question Doctor. What gave you that right?”

“I was trying to save their lives. Besides that point is moot, they never protested becoming robot masters after the fact. In fact they’ve never been happier considering…”

Then O’Reilly butted in with a firm, “Shut up.”

“I beg your pardon.” I asked

“You had no right to interfere in the natural life process Dr. Right,” O’Reilly lectured, “Looks more like you were trying to perform some mad experiments on them.”

Trying to take any moral high ground here would be impossible as both Mr. Walker and O’Reilly would twist my words. So I did the only thing I felt I could do and play by their rules.

“That’s ironic coming from you and Mr. Walker here Bill,” I countered, “Considering how both you and Mr. Walker last year determined this vegetative woman in Florida should live when that decision was supposed to be a private affair.”

O’Reilly scowled, “That is not the point…”

“Oh I wouldn’t be so sure of that.”

“Shut up!” O’Reilly said repeating himself.


Back in the entertainment room, Benjamin was fuming. Still in his armor a plume of fire erupted from his head scorching the ceiling. He got up and growled, “That asshole.”

Without hesitation he marched out of the room, it dawned on both Erik and Gary was their friend’s intention.

“Oh shit,” Erik groaned.

Gary smirked deviously, “Oh ho, ho. I want to see this in person.”

“Not if I stop him first.” Erik told him.

The two also left the room to follow me leaving only Rock, Roll and Odin watching. Rock turned to Odin who was at the counter putting ice in a glass.

“Aren’t you going to follow them?” Rock asked.

Odin opened the can of Coke and poured it into the glass, “Maybe later, nothing comes between me and my Coca-Cola.”


At this point in the “debate” (a term I’m using quite loosely) O’Reilly was using his patented “shut ups” before I could speak. Sasha and Otto just shook their heads at their boss. Then Ben kicked down the door in a flaming-hot rage. Sasha and Otto jumped in shock, their skin loosing all pigmentation. Ben walked in planting his face in the camera as O’Reilly was repeating…

“Shut up.” He then looked to see Ben’s face, “Who are you?”

“I am Fireman,” Ben growled, “And it will be wise to shut your f***ing mouth you goatf***er. Because I’m only going to say this once.”

I could swear in millions of homes across the United States and the world, people were so speechless you could here a pin drop in Baltimore from San Diego.

“Time and time again I have put my ass on the line to save innocent people,” He admonished, “Yet you dumbf***s always slander us as every turn. I am so f***ing tired of your adolescent whining. It really makes me wonder if you morons are worth saving.”

“Hey I…” O’Reilly protested

“I SAID SHUT THE HELL UP!” Ben roared, “If you think I would ever waste my time protecting your sorry ass… GUESS AGAIN!”

He then swung his fist as the camera and shattered it to several pieces. Gary and Erik then rushed in too late to stop the fiery-tempered warrior.

“Aw nuts,” Gary moaned, “I missed the good part.”

I got up from my seat raising my voice in both shock and exasperation, “What do you think you’re doing barging in like that? This is the worst kind of publicity we could get.”

Ben looked back and then glared into my eyes his rage having yet to wane, “I told you this was a stupid idea. FOX News was always trying to make us look bad but no one ever listens to me.”

“That’s because you never talk to anyone man,” Erik said trying to play peacemaker.

Unfortunately after the incident in Ben’s home city and rift had opened between the two. Ben snarled at him, “I didn’t ask for your input Erik. I’m out of here.”

“Wait…” Erik tried to say but it was too late Ben teleported out. He hung his head in shame and possible embarrassment; it seemed that no matter when he did he couldn’t reach his friend.

“Don’t worry Erik,” Gary assured him, “Ben can’t stay mad at you forever.”

“You kept saying that for the past month Gary,” Erik sighed, “I don’t think he’ll ever forgive me.”

I laid a hand on his shoulder, the Sinister Six have essentially become like children to me. “Don’t worry lad, it could be months but I think he’ll forgive you. Now run along I have to talk to Otto and Sasha about the camera.”

Erik nodded and with Gary by his side he lurched out of the room. He sighed again still sounding really depressed.

“What’s wrong Gutsie?” Gary asked.

“I just don’t like leaving Ben alone like this. I don’t know where he is or even where to look.” He replied.

“But I do.” Another voice answered.

It was Odin, with an empty glass in his hand. Erik and Gary looked to him; “I know where Ben goes to blow off steam when he’s angry.”

Erik’s eyes lit up, “Good tell me where and I can go…”

Odin shook his head, “Sorry but it’s something I have to do alone.”

He then placed the glass in Erik’s hands, “Can you be a pal and take this to the kitchen? You know where I’ll be Gary.”

Odin then teleported out leaving Erik growling like a starving wolf. He then turned to Gary, “Waitaminute you knew where Ben would go?”


Somehow Gabriel Walker seemed amused by Ben’s venomous barrage of expletives. Even more amused that the ill-tempered Fireman was inadvertently helping his cause.

“Fool,” He muttered under his breath as he unclipped the microphone.

The crew and his entourage in the studio started cheering, Kansas was known for its conservative (often criticized as reactionary) values with the ‘intelligent design’ debate a while back. It was the perfect place for the Human Salvation League to build a strong hold. He got up and shook hands with them as he made his way out of the studio. His assistant Samson, following him with a PDA in his hand.

“Everything went to plan sir.”

Gabriel nodded, “…and it’s only beginning Samson. My friends in the private sector managed to reverse engineer Dr. Right and Dr. Wily’s technology for the next phase of our plan.”

“What is that?” Samson asked

Leading Samson to another section of their complex which in another time was a aircraft parts factory. Much of it was private access for their most dubious endeavors. As he typed in his access codes Gabriel explained, “My men have been watching Fireman for a long time. He’s intelligent I’ll give him that but he’s a troubled young man. So much so; our psychologists believe he’s the most likely to commit murder.”

Then he stop in front of a window. Behind the glass we engineers and technicians working on a half-completed suit of armor. It was enough for Samson to recognize the design.

“You’re making your own Fireman?”

“Not quite,” Gabriel said, “To create artificial life is a sin but we can get the results we want a different way. That is actually an advanced suit of armor designed to resemble Fireman.”

Samson looked at the armor-in-progress again. He’d never seen anything like this in his life, “Could it beat him in a fight?”

“Heavens no,” Gabriel replied both words laced with venom, “We haven’t been able to totally uncover Dr. Wily’s secrets. Despite that we can expose to the public that Fireman is a cold-blooded murderer of the worst sort.”

It didn’t take a Harvard educated man like Samson to realize what Mr. Walker was talking about, “Surely you wouldn’t murder innocents to further our cause…”

“No.” Gabe coldly replied, “Fireman will.”

Aghast at what he just heard Samson silently exited the room and drew a huge breath and mentally asked himself why he join a organization that would kill innocents to tow its own line. He believed that these robots that Dr. Wily employed were demonic and the Sinister Six who were humans unfortunate to be permanently bonded to the machine for life.

“No one has the right to a take a life,” He muttered to himself, “Not even us.”