The Sinister Six in:

The Tale of Two Cyclopses

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Amazingly, the good guys don't star in this adventure. This story is also based around Childred Of The Void Which was a Star Droid Team that died sometime ago. They won't appear here either. This is pretty much a saga dedicated to our arch nemeisis. Super Chaos! You go my big blob friend.

(Way far off on a remote island a meeting was taking place. A Secret Villains Society Building)

*Large knock on a table*

Galvatron: Alright...alright. This meeting is now in order!

Sigma: In recent King Dee Dee has left the Villian's Circule. Due to the fact his enemy's team bit the big one. so that leaves one seat open.

Galvatron: As offical enemy of The Mechanical Maniacs I say we use the transmitter. That's how we find out which Villians actually are left in this community. Then we'll find a suitiable replacement.

*another bang*

Arch Nemisis: I care to disagree. Let the most recent failure go out and find a replacement, like the rule says.

Galvatron: Alright...let's see who we all vote for. I vote for my plan using the trasmitter.

Sigma: I vote for the most recent failure to locate a replacement.

Arch Nemisis: I vote for my plan.

Dr. Wily: I vote for Arch's plan!

Doc Robot: I vote for Galvatron's Plan. It would be easier.

Quint: Arch's Plan.

Torchman: I'd have to say Arch's plan. It's a ritual.

Double: Arch is brilliant. And scary at the same time! *shudders*

*everyone then looks at the last remaining member at the table* *The most recent to fail*

Super Chaos: Ummmm...Galvatron's plan? *sweat drops*

Galvatron: Okay...that's *counts on his fingers* Ummm...let me think. *sits there counting his enorumus large fingers* Almost got it now...

Everyone: *groans*

Galvatron: Let's see here...1 for my plan...2 for Arch' no...*starts over* Almost got it here folks...

Arch Nemisis: OH for petes sake. It's Six and Three. I win.

Galvatron: *stands up* You'd better not be lying to me there!

Arch Nemisis: *glups and hides under the table*

Quint: He's not Galva. Chill.

Galvatron: *sits down shaking the whole room* Alright. The order is that the recent failure to stop his team has to go find us a new chairman. This Villain's table must always have ten villains. *slams hammer on table* The decision is made!

*everyone then again looks at Super Chaos*

Sigma: Super failed to defeat the Sinister Six just recently, so off you go! Find another villain to take King Dee Dee's place.

Super Chaos: Yes. To please the Villian Table, I shall do what is in the rule book. *he shifts his eye as he leaves the room*

Galvatron: Hey...what happend to my Hentai subscription?

(Arch Nemisis is no where to be seen)

*as for our yellow clad*

Super Chaos: idiots...this old Villain Society is outdated...they really need to get out more. *starts walking on this old desereted road*

*As Super Chaos searches for a replacement he stumbles across three figures*

???: Prepare for trouble

???: Make it double.

(the figures emerge)

Jesse: Jesse

James: James

Jesse: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Jesse: To denounce the evils of truth and love.

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jesse: Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now or prepare to fight.

Meowth: Meowth! That?s Right!

Super Chaos: *continues walking on his path right past them*

Jesse: Hey! How rude! Get back here you!

James: Yeah...I don't like being ignored....

Meowth: You kinda get used to it when you're with the boss.

Super Chaos: Did you guys say something?

James: You bet we did!

Jesse: We heard you need a new villian to replace! We'd love to help!

Super Chaos: You?

Meowth: Yeah! If you need a Spokes person, ya got me!

Super Chaos: Spokes Person?

Meowth: You got that Taco Bell dog, now you got me! Better than being the spokes at Meow Mix

Super Chaos: Sorry guys, but I need one replacement not three.

Jesse: He's right James, we are three! He only needs one!

Meowth: Maybe you both can cram your brains into one. It might be big enough.

*Jesse stomps on Meowth*

Jesse: That wasn't funny Meowth!

Meowth: Hey! I was just messing!

James: I am rather hungry...maybe we can join you on your search Super Chaos.

Super Chaos: Why not? I need a replacement and you guys need food. Off we go!

*they continue on the Deserted old Road singing a jaunty tune*

We're off to find a replacement,
Replacement of the Villian's Society
We need one really bad...
cause that's the way it is.
We're off to find a replacement...*song fades out*

*The four continued walking until the road entered a strange place*

Jesse: I don't like this's so creepy.

James: I don't either Jesse. Let's go back!

Meowth: Ah, stop you're wining, we've been in scarier scraps then this.

Super Chaos: The furrball is right. This isn't so bad.

*voices are heard*

Super Chaos: I'm spooked.

*Jesse and James are hanging on to each other*

Shredder: And that's it Krang! No more Turtles!

Krang: No turtles eh? What do you call that!?

*everyone looks at a baby turtle in the water*