The Sinister Six:


Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Nobody is perfect, and that includes us, The Sinister Six. Come on in and see all the goofups we have made over the years of Epilouge stardum. They've occured since Season 1 and up to date now. There's even some goofups of Epilouges that haven't even been put up yet. So read on and enjoy...and try not to think any less of our acting skills...hehehe..
Andon: Also a small update. Cut out scenes will also be included here as well. This is the place to find just about anything that wasn't actually viewed during the Epilouges!


This Scene has been taken from 8-Bit Blues

Gary: Sure if you want. Come on out Bloopy!

Blooper: BLOOPAAA!

Tim ,Andon, Scott, Jason, and IRA: ...............

Gary: Shadow Blade let me keep him. Ever since I visited his under water oasis, his pet Blooper has followed me ever since, now we are best buddies, isn't that right Bloopy! (nuzzles him)

Blooper: (takes a leak on Iceman)

Gary: Blech!! *whipes his face*

Everyone: *laughs*

Tim: Hahaha! I think that's funnier than the actual take!

Gary: Well, I don't! CUT!!

This scene has been taken from "Buster Rod G arrives" (Not released yet)

Narrator: The Sinister Six get a call and from Sinister Six HQ and here about a new adversary attacking the Treasurer. This doesn't sound good, and off we go!

Tim: Alright guys, let's get ready for a frontal attack at the front door of the Treasurer. Fireman, which badguys is it this time?

IRA: That's the odd thing man...I don't recognize his signal. It think it's a newbie.

Gary: Newbie eh...this sounds exciting. Finally a new villain to beat the crap out of.

Scott: Whooohooo!!

Tim: Don't get to cocky there guys, this new guy may be a tough cookie.

Scott: COOKIE!!

Cookie Monster: COOKIE!

(everyone on the set jumps)

Andon: Cookie Monster Dude!? How did you get here?

Tim: CUT!!

This scene has been taken from "The April Fools Special"

Chibi Keba: We are dropping like pancakes from the ceiling.

Santa: Not true. Our plan is sure to work little girl. I'm sure of it.

Chiba Keba: Santa...did you fart? Man, you really are an old stinker...*covers her nose*.

Santa: Actually, I really did fart. *looks embarrased*

Everyone: Ewww...

Director: Someone get the air freshener.

This scene has been taken from "The Halloween Special"

Super Chaos: WHAT!? You guys again!? This is getting old!!

Andon: Old? You’re the one that’s getting’ old my big yellow blob friend. You keep causing trouble, therefor, you keep doing the same thing over and over…

Tim: Well put Andon, now let’s stop Chaos.

Super Chaos: I have nothing better to do anyway. (shoots a laser at them)

Tim: (dodges and smashes a boulder over Chaos’s head)

(The Super Chaos Double breaks down and falls over)

Jason: *laughs* I told you the robot double would break!

Tim: *looks down at it* Oops...may want to get Chaos off his coffie break...

This scene has been taken from "The Halloween Special"

(as for the costume party)

Announcer: And the winner of the costume contest is….

John: I bet it’s me!!

Ego: Yeah right. Not in that goofy get up.

Rick: At least mine is the most original. I’m not a Robot Master!!

John: I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it again. ALL YOU DID WAS PUT THAT MASK OVER YOUR HEAD!!!

(Soon a giant explosion occurs on the far wall, and in stumbles four figures)

Announcer: And the winner is…..Edward’s Ghost!!


Announcer: What...

(laughing can be heard)

Andon: You said your line a tad bit to early.

Director: *sighs* CUT!

This Scene has been taken from "Road Trip" (not released yet)

Jonathan: You think you can beat me? (scoffs)

Gary: You darn tootin' Chris Klein!

Jonathan: My name is Jonathan Cross...remember?

Gary: Uhhh...oops..

Jonathan: *laughs* sence we are editing this out anyway, I'll say my line from Rollerball. *mimics his line* "Yeah, No more Hotdog, Cowboy, Dogshit."

Gary: *laughs* That line kills me everytime!

This Scene has been taken from "The Twilight Zone Story"

Scott: 0_0 You don't know who they this is ed up!

Tim:Heh. There it is again. I Don’t know either. Never heard of ‘em.

Scott: (rolls his eyes) Buffoons.

Super Chaos: If you all would stop your yapping then maybe we can get out of this mess.

(Soon a figure comes out from the darkness)

?????: So, you must be the Sinister Six?

Tim: We are. Who are you.

Tim's Mother: Hiya Tim! *grabs his cheeks* Oh, you look so cute in that costume!

Tim: No Mom! Not now! Not in the middle of a scene!

(The other Six start giggling)

Tim's Mother: Don't raise your voice young man. Why didn't you invite me to the practice..*starts scolding*

Director: CUT!!

Gary: Wait...let's record this...*gets cut off*

This Scene has been taken from "The Backstreet Project Crossover"

Kevin: No one in peticular. We run on a democracy.

Tim: I see. Should we stop our friends from dismantling each other?

(The battle continues on)

Howie: (makes a clone of Andon appear)

Andon: Another fake. (tries to blast Howie, but gets hit by his own reflection) ACK!! Clever tactic!

Howie: (grins)

(Jason gets the cutting edge as he pins Nick down on the ground with his scissors)

Nick: *laughs* You have mustard on your bottom lip Jason.

Jason: *licks it off* Better?

Nick: Yup, but now we have to do this scene over again.

Jason: Damnit...Remind me not to have a snack right before a scene.

This Scene has been taken from the "Sinister Six Switcheroo"

Gary, Tim, Andon, Jason: TORCHMAN!?!?

Scott: Yep. His blasts didn't feel nearly as bad as the ol' firestorm!

Jason: Then it was never IRA at all. Torch must have captured him right from the beginning!

Andon: Well, that's all well and good. But if that's Torch, then who's ....?

(Andon pulls away Torch's mask revealing...)

Tim's Mom: Heya Timmy!

Tim: Mom! How did you...

(everyone starts laughing)

Tim's Mom: I'm glad I can make it to this one. Wanted to see how my Timmy's doing.

Tim: Mom, can I talk to you outside..

This Scene was taken from "Sinister Six on Megaman Trivia"

Jason: Oops. Did I do that?
IRA: You can impersonate Steve Urkel. You know that Jason!
Gary: Speaking of impersonations, I can do one. *tightens his hood to tight*

IRA: You are supposed to mimic Kenny man...

Gary: *trying to unzip the hood* Can' tight...

Director: CUT!

(Gary falls on the floor unconscience)

This Scene was taken from "Sinister Six on Megaman Trivia"

Bass: Feel my wrath!!!

(The entire studio blows up and all that is left standing is Bass and Tim)

Tim: Wow! Thanks Bass, now we can cancel the rest of this stupid show! You really saved my life!
Bass: Wait...where's my stunt double...I don't want to get hit by that truck again...

Director: He's on Coffee Break, continue the scene.

Bass: WHAT!? AGAIN! Why is he always on coffee break everytime something dangerous happens to me!! It's not fair...I won't do the scene...

(Bass then gets run over by a truck and Fire Man, Elec Man, Bomb Man, and Cut Man get out of it)

Director: Just edit this out later.

This Scene has been taken from "My What Weird powers you Have"

Andon: Oi my boulder throwing friend, I won't throw a punch unless...

(Buster Rod G. gets up)

Jason: Unless Buster Rod G. Got up?

Buster Rod G.: Fools! You should of finished me off when you had the you'll pay! *casts a spell upon the Six*

(Horror music)

Tim: Uh oh...

*Purple mist surrounds the Six*

Scott: Mmmmm...tastes like Grape Koolaid.

Jason: SCOTT!

Scott: Well, it does!

Buster Rod G.: *sighs*So much for my secret Spell ingrident...

This Scene was taken from "The Christmas Special"

All: You didn't lock Santa up in our closet did you?
Gary: Ummm...I'll go see...*gasps*.
Jason: I want to know what goes on in that Eskmio's head.
Tim: I'd rather not know what goes on in Ice Man's head.
Edward: Yeah me either, or we'd have to take shifts at night when we sleep...
Scott: Can I take the first shift?

(Everyone ignores Scott's stupid remark as they see Gary run down stairs with Tim's Mom)

Tim: Oh no...not again...

Tim's Mom: Whoa...that closet was too crowded. *Waves to Tim* Hiya Timmy! My baby!

Tim: You checked the "wrong" closet Gary...

Jason: Never knew someone to lock his own mother in a closet...

This Scene was taken from "The Christmas Special"

Edward: Thanks. It's better than nothing I guess...
Santa: For Tim, here's your Garth Brooks CD. Though a fat women sat on it on the way here...
Tim: Ummm...that's okay, I can do something about that smell...Ummm...Thanks Santa.. *walks away*
Santa: Jason... *gives him a package*

Jason: Wait a minute...this isn't...

Santa: It's a copy of the script. Now you can learn your lines and stop goofing up everytime.

Jason: *laughs embarrasingly* This isn't going to be on the outtakes is it?

This scene has been taken from "Flight 181"

Flight Attendant: Please calm down sir. You were probably seeing things.

Jacob: Yeah...I guess so. *looks back outside and it's clear* I guess I let my imagination get the best of me.

(The Attendant leaves)

Devon: You going to be alright?

Jacob: Yeah...*whipes the sweat from his head* I'll be fine. *looks out the window*

Gary: *whacking the wing with a even bigger hammer*

(The entire wing falls off)

Ken: Nice going Ice Doofus, where are we going to get another Plane Wing Prop?

Gary: Heh...Guess I whacked it a bit to hard.

Jacob: I donno which is more annoying. Hanging with you guys on the set, or in real life!

This scene has been taken from "The April Fools Epilouge"

Gary: OUCHA! Jeeese Laweeese. Enough is enough!

Jonathan: *keeps pressing the button while laughing*


Jonathan: *continues pressing the button while laughing*

Gary: GIVE ME THAT!! *takes the button and trys to break it over his knee*.

Jonathan: Owwww...that's gotta hurt...*looks away*

Gary: *leaning down in pain* I thought this thing was made....out ...of wood...*groans*

This Scene was taken from "The Lost Episode"

Paul: *wakes up* Ohhhh...there goes our chances at stardom...

Hannah: Not exactly Paul...we may not be hero material...

Rachael: But have you noticed we have some good rhtym going here?

Jo: She's right...

Bradley: We can start our own catering service!

Paul: *smacks Bradley over the head* Wrong line doofus!

Bradley:*voice changes* Man...that was wack! Not kewl dawg, not kewl.

This Scene was taken from "8-bit Blues"

Bass: What the heck was that!?

Jonathan: Take a wild guess! (throws more electric shocks at the two only to have them reflected off)

Bass: You really don't think you stand a chance against the both of us...espcially in that form do you!?

Jonathan: I can certainly die trying! (uses his arms and covers Bass)

With a good attempt at shocking Bass, Bass simply untangled the arms around him and threw Clown to the back wall.

Super Chaos: Got to admire his bravery.

At that moment Gauntlet tackles a nearby Trashcan close to Bass.

Bass: Ummm...that wasn't me...

Gauntlet: *looks at Bass* Well...bloody hell. I could of sworn... *looks at the painting of Bass on the Trashcan.

Gauntlet: GARY!!!

Gary: *from across the set* I didn't do it!!

This Scene was taken from "At the Megaman Convention"

The others laugh before entering the Auditorium where they soon take their seats toward the middle.

Groovy Kat: *steps on something* Oops, I think I stepped on something. *looks down*

Xardion: It's me you idiot! Watch where you walk!

Groovy Kat: Oops, I'm sorry Xardion. I didn't see you there, here let me help you up on the seat so...

Xardion: I don't need your help! *tries to bite his hand*

Cyclone Man: Wow, somebody sure woke up on...*trips over Xardion* Ouch!!

Xardion: Hey! I was only right here! I'm not that "hard" to miss.

(everyone starts laughing)

Groovy Kat: I donno Xardion...some people...*trips over him* Ouch! I could of sworn you were...

Xardion: *sighs* I'll be in wardrobe...

This scene was taken from "Six meet Nsync"

(Soon the rest of the six are standing out on stage with *Nsync's microphones and instruments.)

Edward: Well, here we are. With over 12,000 people watching us. *looks at audience*

IRA: *pics up a mic* How do you use these things?
Gary: Hey Scott, your mic looks like an icecream cone.
Scott: Oh no, I'm not falling for this gig again. Get my stunt double in here!

Edward: What's the matter...afraid of a little shock?

Scott: Let's see how you like it sparky! *shoves the mic up Edward's ass*

Edward: *gets electricuted* Owww...owww..owww..

Gary: *is on the floor laughing*

This Scene was taken from "Andon's Solo Epilouge" (Not released yet)

(It's 10:30, Near an old house, several figures run from a masked fiend)

Cindy: Ugggg...this is getting so old.

Brenda:'re the one that got use into this in the first place!

Shorty: *laughs all goofy* Check it out dawg, a narrow alley we can run into.

Bobby: Are you an idiot! That's where he'll catch us!

Ghost Faced Guy: *continues running after them with his knife*

Cindy: *Screams like a Girl*

Brenda: *Screams like a Girl*

Bobby: *Screams like a Girl*

Andon: *Screams like a girl*

(Everyone looks at Andon)

Andon: Sorry, couldn't resist.

Ghost Face Guy: Can I kill him now?

This Scene was taken from "Lord Of The Beers"

Gimli: I'm not an Orge! I'm a Dwarf, and you'll soon find out the difference! *slashes one of IRA's arm cannon's off*

Jason: Hey! *gets shot with an arrow* Ouch!

Legolas: *pulls another one* I have plenty more where that came from.

Strider: By the order of Gondor I'll vanquish you! *slashes at Andon*

Andon: Ack dude! I won't fight you!

Gandalf: *sighs*

Legolas: *shoots an arrow but hits the director*

Tim: Oops...need to practice your aim a bit more.

Legolas: Oops...*looks embarraseed*

Jason: Ohhh...does this mean I can direct?!

Everyone: NOOOO!!

This Scene was taken from "Sinister Six.EXE" (Not Released Yet)

Jason: *slips and falls on his butt in the kitchen* Ack! *crash*

Tim: *comes running in* What happend?!

Jason: Some one put to much floor wax on the floor!

Jason and Tim: GARY!!

Gary: *in the next room* I didn't do It!

Tim: *sighs and helps him up* We'll clean this up in the second, anyways look at this. *hands him the newspaper*

Jason: *reading* "Man slept with his dog...claiming it was his long lost wife?"

Tim: this! *points*

Jason: *reading* "Hello Timmy! It's your Mother"...

Tim: WHAT!? Not again! *takes the paper and rips it up*

Jason: She sure does like to harrass you, doesn't she? *laughs along with everyone else on the set*

More Outtakes will be coming soon!


The scene marked between the lines was taken out from Sinister Six.EXE

Planetman.EXE: I was Astroman on the Tech Tyrants... but look at me now!

(rumbling can be heard)

Sharkman.EXE: What's That?

Coloredman.EXE: It sounds like a....

Everyone: A CAVE IN!! *rocks fall on top of the Viruses and Jason makes his escape*

Jason: That should hold them off for now...*runs down a long passage to The Life Virus*


(Jason makes his way down the long hallway until a large mace attacks him)

Jason: What the heck!? *the mace just misses him by inches*

Knightman.EXE: You shall not pass!

Jason: That was close! Knightman!

Knightman.EXE: I'll slay you, Life Virus shall be prowd.

Jason: We'll see about that! *squirts the gun of booze at Knightman*

Knightman.EXE: *blocks the blasts with his alcohol proff shield* Mwhahahaha! That all you got! *Knightman prepairs to swing his mace*.

Jason: Crap! I'm out of ammo...I only have one booze stained weapon left! And it's for Life Virus!

Knightman.EXE: *swipes at Jason with his mace*

Jason: *quickly dodges as the chains attached to the mace swirls back to Knightman*

Jason: *cackles* That gives me an idea...

Knightman.EXE: You shall die now!! *swings his Mace around and flings it at Jason yet again*

Jason: *uses his speed to confuse Knightman as he continusly swings his Mase around in circles trying to crush him*

Knightman.EXE: *gets tangled up in his own chain* How the heck!?

Jason: You are now useless to attack Knightman! *runs past him and continues further down the passage*

Knightman.EXE: NOOOOOO!!!!

NOTE: This scene was taken out to shorten the Epilouge.


Bass.EXE: Cutman is on his way to our lair! We have no subjects guarding the passage!

Life Virus: Very well. Let him come. I'll take care of this myself then. I have a little surprise for our guest.

(The door breaks down)

Jason: Okay! Let's end this....*gasps* The Life Virus!

More Deleted Scenes will be coming soon!