Humanoid Name: Gutsman
Humanoid Number:
Real Name:
Transformers, Reading, Writing
I was asked to keep this a short bio ^^;;;
Worst Fear:
Being utterly alone, found useless to all around him
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
To find Peace



History: Erik, formerly Windman, is either a friend or an acquaintance to the others of the new Six team. This is the first time he's been on a team, having been introduced to the MM community by Iceman/Gary of the Sinister Six. He tried being on a team, but for some reason, it was a no go and so he was out in 'limbo' as it were, not doing anything much as Windman. Now, Dr. Wily has him. Wily chose Erik not for the fact he has one or two outstanding or unique skills, but rather that he is very good at several different tasks as well as holding a vast amount of seemingly useless knowledge. Being a jack-of-all-trades with a nasty brutish temper (vs. Ben's fiery explosive one) the mad doctor wanted to use his knowledge in battle and his temper to severely damage the peace loving citizens by giving him the biggest, strongest body, with upgrades no less. Wiley didn't count on his strong heart or will, and that saved the new Gutsman

Now, finding his place in the world, Erik uses his powers as the new Gutsman to fight the continuing war against the darkness.

Powers: Fireman may have the most fire power of the Six, but Guts is the strongest physically. Cloned from the original Gutsman, his body was immensely strong, now... its incredible. If he were to fight hand to hand, with no powers, he could hand the combined S6 team their own exhausts. Heavily armored, Wiley made the clone body more a war machine than a construction bot, including the ability to shift his left arm into an emense grabber arm. However, upon receiving the transmetal armor from Tim, Erik was granted peace. His form changed back to that of a construction 'bot, but now had the ability to transform into a construction vehicle.

Aside from transformation, Guts now can perform jet-jumps via vents on his back. And all of the Guts' attacks have now been powered up, including a new one that is a shockwave attack.



Gutsman has a small Autobot symbol on his upper right arm

Guts loves to write, and hopes to be published someday... if he can ever finish a story that is
Guts is constantly trying to overcome a low self esteem and a high temper 



Batman Begins, Hellboy, The Shadow, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, X-Men, X2, Spiderman, Spiderman 2, MORTAL KOMBAT (NOT Annihilation X-P), Ace Venture: Pet Detective, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Games (Non-MM)
Kingdom Hearts, SSBM, Marvel vs Capcom 2
TV Shows/Anime
Naruto, Sailor Moon (LAUGH AND DIE T_T), Ranma 1/2, Rockman.exe, Transformers: Galaxy Force (not the cheap Cybertron dub >.>), X-Men, X-Men: Evolution, Transformers G1, Beast Wars!!
FarSeer series, about intellegent Dinos on another world.
Babyback Ribs, Hero Sandwiches from a little family run shop called "Cero's Heros"