Humanoid Name: Guts Man
Humanoid Number:
Real Name:
Timothy Knotts (Tim)
7'2" Inches
301 IBS
Big Boulders, Karaoke
People who whine
Worst Fear:
Highly intensive explosives
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
To smash anyone who laughs at him (Unless it's a joke made by Ice Man).
"Powerrrrrrr-- to the maximum!!"



History: Adeptly named the leader of the Sinister Six because of his loyalty and responsibility. His reputation of being a big stupid idiot is all false since he's not stupid at all. In fact it seems he's the most intellectual member of the group. Though he can be a tad sensitive. Being the team leader, Tim feels that the younger members need someone to look up to, and the others put their trust in his judgment and leadership. Though he can be easily annoyed, which leads to losing his temper. Tim also enjoys singing Karaoke. Though Gutsman is fairly intelligent...he still hates logical reasoning.

Powers: Gifted with superhuman strength, Guts Man is the strongest man and robot on Earth. He can lift an entire house with little difficulty. Let alone 2 tons worth of rock. Though he lacks projectile attacks, he's still the perfect host when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He's highly trained in weaponry like sword-fighting and star throwing. Guts Man also enjoys using his surroundings as weapons: Cars, boulders, anything he can lift and throw...which makes up for lack or projectiles.



Guts Man has the reputation of being a big dumb idiot. Though the cartoon Guts Man is, Tim is really the most intelligent of the team. Next to Andon.
Guts Man hopes to sing Karaoke as a profession someday.
Guts Man is also the serious one of the group. He makes sure the rest of the six are in line.
Tim developed the famous term Sinister Six Reunite to get his team members attention.