Humanoid Name: Ice Man
Humanoid Number: #005
Real Name: Gary Martin
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 145 lbs of pure Terror
Likes: Pranking, Pies, Playing in the snow, Ice Sculpting
Dislikes: People without a sense of humor, Saunas
Worst Fear: The whole world turning serious
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Goal: To share an eternal winter with everyone. Whether they like it or not.
Quote: "If you can't beat em', annoy em'!"



History: Gary was apart of the original Sinister Six, before the new members came into the picture. However, The real Gary was destroyed when he committed a heroic act of sacrificing himself to destroy his evil clone, Iceman Red. During Wily's escapade to revive the Sinister Six, Gary was cloned into a new body. Since his original personality program was completely wiped out, Wily developed a new personality for Iceman. When the New Sinister Six overthrew Dr. Wily and became heroes, Rich, Ben, Britt, Odin, and Erik fixed his personality chip into the new wise cracking Iceman. This Iceman still is not the same as the old one, and tends to act more serious than the original. The new team tried their best to copy his personality, and quoted by Erik: "It's close enough."

Gary still pranks, farts, and annoys, and that's all the Sinister Six wanted from their old ally. Even though the original Gary is dead, this Gary is still full of life and pride, and it brings good humor to the team when all looks bad. Gary still sports his trademark Mallet, and is seen whacking the hell out of anything that possesses a head on their shoulders.

Powers: Granted with the ability to freeze anything with his unique powers. His weapon, the Ice Slasher, can freeze anything to below 200 degrees. Ice Man may look childish, but is one deadly opponent. Also Ice Man can withstand very extreme sub-zero temperatures which makes him the perfect choice for navigating cold climates. Ice Man's boots is also specially designed so he can't slip on thin ice. Ice Man can do anything with the cold which also means creating hazardous blizzards and snow storms. In fact one of his favorite battle tactics is to turn floors to ice to keep his enemy off balance. The only thing Ice Man lacks is his agility. 



Gary is the only Original Member who's still on the Sinister Six.
Iceman enjoys being artistic and creative. You never know what twisted creation he'll develop next.
Gary enjoys the new team nearly as much as the old. He's happy that most of his closest friends fight along side him.



Spirted Away, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Short Circuit, Batteries Not Included, Uncle Buck, Final Destination, Godzilla, The Critter Series, Gremlins, Gremlins 2, Idle Hands, Nutty Professor 1 & 2
Games (Non-MM)
Super Smash Brothers Melee, Godzilla Destroy all Monsters Melee, Super Mario RPG, Mario Kart series, Paper Mario 1 @ 2, Clay Fighters
TV Shows/Anime
Xiaolin Showdown, Avatar: The last Air Bender, Futurama, Simpsons, Megaman (American TV Show), Ren and Stimpy, Tom and Jerry, Malcom in the Middle, Batman: The animiated series, Teen Titans.
Anything written by Bill Wallace, the Harry Potter Books, Ghost Stories books
 Pasta, Pizza, Chicken Wings, Mexican foods