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April 1, 2003 Print

Come see what's happening in the Sinister Six Biz! Lots of rare information about The Six, and others can be found here. Stuff that they probably don't even want you to know about. *snicker* Oh! Enjoy all the useless facts and stuff. 0_o

Power Puff Sinister Six?

The Sinister Six have decided to cross over with The Power Puff Girls for their 4th Season of glory. The true plot behind the ordeal cannot be released at this time. However, The Sinister Six have released what their new armor will look like. Power Puffed Style. Picture provided by Fushidane. Look below!

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All sources at this time are pointing to a April 1st 2003 Release.

City Garage Revealed!

At a press interview, City Garage decided to let the world know what exactly he looked like. The S6 fans were getting irriatated. "Show us a damn sprite of the guy! We want to know exactly who City Garage is!" Screamed a raging Gauntlet. Well, the crowd will be pleased to know that we snapped a pic of the guy talking to Iceman and Cutman. Click here for a close up pic of the villain. People won't be disappointed by City Garage's new look!

The Sinister Six Movie

What was a rumor is now a reality. In the year 2005, The Sinister Six will soon make the spot light. Columbia Pictures has teamed up with Capcom of America to produce what maybe the next CGI animated great! Following that of Final Fantasy: Spirits Within. The Official Source Link. Click here. The Trailer has been released in the upcoming X-Men 2 Film. "Not That Iceman, you idiot." Spoke the Director of the Mutant saga.

Centaur WOman???

For what seems like several years after Megaman 6's release, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Until Centaur Man let loose his greatist secret of all. That he is technically a she!? Tis true! If you don't belive, Then Click here! Images provided by Chiba Keba

The Ring 2

Warner Brothers have decided to continue the trend of that weird, but horrific Ring Movie. New actors signed up for the parts of the two major characters. Quickman plays a mild teenager who shows his best friend, a plump prankster (played by Iceman) that dreaded tape which was thought to have been discarded from the last movie. Viewers have to watch the ordeal again and see how the duo find out to save themselves within the seven day time limit. See the first two production Comic shots. Comic Shot 1. Comic Shot 2. Our comments? "You've got to be kidding." Images provided by Quickman.

Jacob becomes a star

Jacob just recently was revealed to be the main role in the movie Anaconda. He was told to keep it a secret, but later was found out by his bud Flameman in an interview. Jacob's only comment was. "Very funny guys..."

April Fools People! All the information above is false, and pictures and stuff were provided by friends, and fans. Actually, only one thing above is stated to be true. Can you guess which one it is? Shouldn't be to hard. Have a good April Fools all!

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