A Ode to Cyclone Man's once proud page

Hi! and welcome to the "Ask Cyclone Man" section of Sinister Six.com. This webspace used to be my space, so the six decided to let me have my own section after I let them use the space. So enjoy my "small" section.

This is where you can ask me anything about myself, or my page, about my experience with Mega Man, Why I like Christmas, The raging lunatic next door, or anything your twisted mind can come up with. You can be humorus or serious. It doesn't matter, just keep the questions senseable. Let's see what we have.

Question #001: Hi Cyclone Man, Is it true you enjoy eating Froot Loops for breakfast? Question from Ice Man

Ummmmm.......well....WHO TOLD YOU THAT??!! Next question please?

Question #002: Cyclone Man-Are you really the master of the weather? Could you like fly out here in Israel, and maybe.....well, if it's not to much to ask... make it rain? Question from I'm_A_Jew (from chat)

For one thing, Israel is out there, and I'm here. It has to be a 10 day flight. Not that I'm up to it, I mean I am the master of the weather and all.....UGGG! I'll get back to you on that. Next question...please!

Question #003: I have just one thing to say. How come your wings are so lame looking and Shade Man's wings are so awesome! Question from Shade Man

(cracks his knuckles)Come here, I didn't hear you, could you repeat the question?

Question #004: I was just curious, have you ever considered of changing your name to Weather Man? Question from Unknown

(eyes boldge).................now I know why the person who asked that question didn't leave his name.

Question #005: Ever thought of holding Roll for randsome so you can try to **** her? Question from Bass

Ummmmmm...........Next question.... PLEASE!!

Question #006: So, why do you shoot stuff out of your arm-cannon? Question from Unknown

(laughs hysterically)What kind of question is that!? It's more why did I even set up this section. I wonder if this is the same guy who asked if I should change my name to Weather Man? SHEEEESH!

Question #007: What are your plans for your webpage? Question from Tozzman20

Well, I plan to add a lot more sections in the Mega Man database. I want to create a big Mega Man homepage. If the space starts to run out, Eye-lephant has agreed to shut down his section and move so I can make my site bigger.

Question #008: So are you and Eye-lephant seperate people? Question from Tozzman20

I get this question a lot. No, we are seperate people. We shared this webpage for sometime until he decided to move out. But he has a terrific site of his own. It's not like a split personality. Capeesh?

Question #009: Do you think you can beat Massacre Man, a Character from a future KNP Game I guest-star in with Megaman? He's a freaking Jason Vorhees of Robot Masters. Massacre Man tore Air Man a couple more Blowholes! Question from Glitch

I've been known to destroy some of Wily's most powerful Robot Masters. Air Man is a complete push over compared to my abilities. I'm sure Massacre Man could be a challange for me, but I'd probably end up the victor.

Question #010: How come you don't have much of a sence of humor? Question from U know who I am: I'm from work!

I do have a sence of humor. Sometimes people go over the line. The pranks at work people pull on me aren't that funny. Like the one time when someone poared ice down my pants and I jumped around like a loony for the rest of my shift!!

Question #011: Why didn't you answer #10's question? Huh? HUH? Question from Blitz

For one thing, question number 10 is a stupid question. Me having a sence of humor is irrelivant. But I can tell a pretty good joke. Hey, what did the fly say after hitting a windshield of a car going 60? I don't have the guts to do that again! HA! (crickets chirp). Ok........next question please. Some audience.

Question #012: Did I beat Lysekoid up in your MM street fighter? Question from Blitz

Hmmm....good question. Although you did lose the match.....OK! You stunk! PU! He KO'd you. He pulverized you. You didn't last 4 seconds in the ring. Hahahaha! Poor Metal Man. Oops. The question was "Did Blitz beat up Lysekoid." I donno. I went on a coffee break when you two fought. If you did beat up Lysekoid, you'd better watch your back for now on Blitz. Lysekoid doesn't take defeat lying down...

I'm looking for more questions, so email to me right away!!!

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Thanks for taking the time to ask me questions, even if they don't really make any sense. 1997 Email me at: mbuniverse@hotmail.com to submit questions.

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